A random-post for this Sunday…

Sorry for the delay on posts.  The weekend is going to fast – how does that happen?  And what I thought was just allergies resulted in 4 hours at Urgent Care today for me.  Sinus infection.  On some serious pain meds, so thankfully I worked on this post last night!

Totally random stuff today.  First…

We have winners!  Jennie M gets the scallop border punch and Jessica gets the scallop circle punch.  I will email you. 🙂

Next random thing: Let's have a cool links…

  • Nichol is amazing.  I just adore THESE cards.  Perfect in every way.
  • Here is another one of my favorite all-time scrapbookers: Mary Macaskill.  This girl has SO much talent.  Her pages are so clean… keeping the focus on the photos.  And her family is adorable.  HERE is her blog.
  • Lisa McGarvey has some amazing talent.  THIS page just makes me smile so big… and makes me want a baby girl!
  • HERE is a blog you must bookmark.  Jennifer is active over at the Hero blog, and her creations always make my jaw drop.
  • I also really like Sugar Buffet's stuff HERE.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

Another one: Did you know CK has a blog now?  Check it out HERE.

OK… time to share.

Just one I made with Hero Arts' new loooong notecards and some other Hero goodies along with some from Stampin' Up. 

022209 SU

022209 SU

Hero Arts stamp (background), clear embossing powder, felt flowers, long notecard and gemstones
Stampin' Up patterned paper, greeting and die cut scallop circle
Versamark Ink
Other: handmade paper (red)

Changing gears…

Who is on Facebook?  I have many friends bugging me to be on Facebook.  I have procrastinated on it – just seems like it is just another thing to keep up with.  Tell me what you love about it… I would really like to hear.

Have a good day!

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56 thoughts on “A random-post for this Sunday…”

  1. I just started a facebook page. Mainly because my best friend is deployed in Iraq and I know she tries to update her facebook page as much as possible. Now I can keep up wuth her a little better. In the process I found a friend who moved away when we were in the 8th grade. It was neat to reconnect with her. So there are two positives. On the downside, it does take a little time and when you have a blog too, well it takes up more time. I check my page every other day, but I don’t add pics or info, like I do on my blog.. Not enough time.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you have been so ill, even normal sinus pain is horrific 🙁

    I love Facebook, it is a really easy way to keep in touch with old school friends and catch up on photos of their lives now, love it!

    Really love that card, the clear embossing is gorgeous x

  3. Love your work.

    I’m on Facebook but prefer Twitter for quick updates. Cathy Zielski, Stacy Julian and Allison Strine are there. Twitter is very easy to use unlike Facebook which I find to be intimidating.

    To get you started here are
    twitter.com / allisonstrine
    twitter.com / czdesign
    twitter.com / stacyjulian

    There is a utility called tinyurl dot com that “shrinks” a long url into something shorter which allow you to link to web pages, etc. Many peeps use Twitter to link to their blogs or etsy shop.

  4. Oh dear on being sick!! I hope the meds help and you get better quickly. 🙂

    Thanks for the ‘shares.’ Jen on the HA flickr group really is something else, isn’t she? And Suger Buffet’s work is gorgeous too.

    I’m on facebook!! I mainly joined so that I could try and track down friends from high school. We moved to another city when I had only 1 year left to go and always wondered what high school friends were up to. The last friend I really wanted to hunt down found me just a couple of weeks ago. So great to catch up! Facebook is great too if you don’t have someone’s email address. You can send them a message on facebook…
    It can be slightly addicting at first, thinking of people to look for – but it does slow down after the 1st week or so. 😉

    Anyways, take care of yourself. Hugs.

  5. I always love it when you share some of the blogs, etc that you visit! I know have a few more links added to my favorites!!! As for Facebook..yes, i am there…it happened after my 20th class reunion last summer & we all decided there had to be a way to stay connected! It works great…but it is just one more thing…

  6. I am on Facebook, but I don’t use it much. Frankly I don’t quite see the addiction to it. Blogs are a different story!! But I only signed on to it so that I could see some friends pics they are posting of their families. I have not put pictures of my own on there and do not plan to. I just see it as one more thing and I prefer email or if someone leaves me a post on my blog. I wouldn’t get hung up on joining Facebook if I were you, but it is of course your decision!

  7. I share your pain! Lots of nose blowing going on at our house – we ALL have a nasty upper respiratory infection. Doctor visit tomorrow. Hope you get to feeling better – it is NO fun being sick! Thanks for sharing links to these very talented ladies!

  8. I love Facebook! I have been able to reconnect with friends from my past that I would have no idea how to find. I have my blog posted on there for those friends to view and my etsy shop. I really love it!

  9. I also love Facebook.. I can keep up with my girls, 28 and 35, and all of their friends which makes me happy. Also, I can keep track of friends al over the country which also makes me very happy…careful though, it’s addicting! 🙂

  10. I’ve had a Facebook account for months. Thought it was kinda dumb. Then the past few dasy I went back and started playing. Now I am addicted. It is so fun to see how many people are there, and you can easily see their updates all in one spot. It’s just a good cetral spot for everything!

  11. I hope you feel better!! 🙂
    I am on Facebook, but honestly I like Myspace *much* better. I love Myspace because it’s a quick way to keep connected to friends and family when I can’t always call…and you can keep your profile private if you like to keep stalkers away 🙂

  12. I hope you feel better *very* soon. Love Facebook because since I’ve been on it (about 2 months) I have reconnected with SO many people I never thought I would hear from or talk to again in my life! Old friends and people you went to school with come out of the woodwork!! It’s so much fun. I’m also on Twitter and have a blog, plus I also twitter and blog for my etsy shop–I have a hard time keeping it all updated but I try.

  13. Facebook is SUPER fun 🙂 Love it 🙂 It’s crazy how people from your past keep turning up! And thanks for all the links. I hope you feel better soon!

  14. ah, facebook.
    I do not “keep up” with facebook.. when I want to play, I play, but I never feel guilty about not answering things on fb. I get emails only about the important things (like emails) and follow up with them, but the rest is just for fun.
    It has been a fun way to reconnect with friends I had lost touch with… it is nice to be able to send quick notes to each other, or to the whole high school class (all at once). 🙂

  15. love when you share fun links! and i love the new looong card … the embossing is gorgeous!

    i’m on facebook. it’s a great way to connect with friends and family very easily … and keep up with what everyone is doing. and it really can suck you in when you first join. but it does slow down later!

  16. Facebook is quite a fun thing! Not only do you get to connect with so many people around the world and from your past, but there’s lots of options to post links to your favorite products or sites, upload your photos and share them [either with everyone or a select few] and have links to your blog and etsy shops. It’s a great thing, I know that I certainly enjoy it!

    I love the new long cards, I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

    And thanks so much for the amazing links to other great blogs. I already have them saved with my del.icio.us and can’t wait to settle in to scope them out!

    Hope that you feel better soon!

  17. EEK! Sinus infections are no fun, glad to hear they gave you some good meds.

    Checking out your links now, and beautiful card.

    I’m on facebook and no longer use my myspace page. It rocks, but is another time sucker! lol

  18. well you hit the nail on the head when you said “just one more thing to keep up with” lol! i really really like it! but just eats more time which i have little of. and if YOU get on there, and get addicted like i am, then i won’t get to see your new cards and such. LOL! i am so selfish! hehee

  19. Sorry to hear you are sick – hope you feel better soon. I have recently joined Facebook and honestly I either don’t see the point or I am doing it wrong. You have such a busy life – don’t bother.

  20. I’m sorry to hear you are sick…get better soon! Sinus infections are not fun…one with experience here! 🙂 Try doing sinus rinses…they really work! I usually do those to ward off the infections.

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog…I was super excited when I clicked on it & wa-la…there it was!!! To be mentioned on your blog & by you is definitely an honor…thanks, Jennifer!

    I am on Facebook…I love being able to upload photos for friends & family to see + I can chat with my sister with instant messaging. I think it will really come in handy when it is time for my class reunion…wish I had it when I was coordinating the last one! 🙂

  21. i am on facebook but I really don’t understand the “YOU HAVE to be on FACEBOOK” thing. I find it confusing and overwhelming. I rarely go on there…but I do like to keep up with my son who is on there to see what’s going on with him and his friends.

    I have so much online that I have to do…to me it’s just one more thing and I don’t have time for one more thing;)

  22. I love being able to “chat” live with people all over the world, and have rediscovered people I knew from primary school, people I worked with over 20 years ago etc.

  23. Thanks for all the great links! I love keeping my inspiration fresh by visiting new blogs, and your card is so fun!

    Although I have a FaceBook account, I haven’t done much with it. Between MySpace and blogging, who has the time anymore?!

  24. Hope you feel better soon, sinus pain is horrible. I have avoided facebook like the plague,lol. I have friends nagging at me to go on but I just feel I already spend enough time on the computer as it is and my family photos and what I’ve been up to are mostly on my blog anyway.
    Love the card,
    Feel better.

  25. Oh no…run! Facebook will take over your life. LOL…Just kidding, kind of. I have blogged less since joining facebook. It seems I communicate with everyone through facebook. I’ve connected with folks I’ve not seen or talked to in years. I’ve even been able to chat with folks. It’s loads of fun. Hope you get better soon!

  26. Sorry to hear of the sinus infection. No fun! 🙁

    The card’s a beauty!

    I’m in FB. I like it because I can see what my friends are up to if they update their status. Some update too much for my taste… like I really don’t need to know their minute to minute happenings from their phone, iykwm. When I do go on there, I always end up spending more time than I wanted to. lol!

  27. Such a pretty card! Hope you feel better soon too.

    I’m on Facebook too. It’s great to catch up with friends and finding long lost ones too. It’s lots of fun (and yes, you do tend to spend more time on there than you had originally planned).

  28. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Jennifer. I have so far resisted Facebook. My husband has an account so I occasionally look at it to see what people are up too, but I try really hard not to get sucked into it. For me, it too quickly becomes a temptation to be nosey (why do I need to see a conversation going on between ‘friends’ if I’m not a part of it?) Also I’ve found that I can end up spending far too much time on it, when I should be using my time more profitably. That’s just me, though. I know plenty of folks who find it really helpful to keep up with friends and family. In case you’re interested, there are some quite helpful thoughts on Facebook from a Christian perspective on this blog http://shepherding.typepad.com/my_weblog/facebook/

  29. I am on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I like it and don’t find it to demanding. I hope you feel better soon.

  30. I like FB.. It is addicting though. I have reconnected with old friends from college and other places that I had lost touch with. It can take up as much time as you let it. But I love it..

    Feel better soon.. Try gargelling with Listerine.. It helps.. I too have allergies and it has helped a bunch.. My husband has done it for years and hardly ever gets sick.

  31. i have facebook!!! i love it i have alot of old friends from highs school on here and some family most of my family are on myspace which i have also. i like facebook cuz its nice and clean and you can talk to anybody and you can join a group you like whoever post on there. its fun i found some scrapbookers on there and chat about scrapbokks pages and cards too. its fun you should get one i’ll even add ya lol.

  32. I have Facebook, and it’s amazing. Trying to get addresses for wedding invitations is about a million times simpler. I can message multiple people at once to ask for their address, create a group they can use to coordinate transportation if needed, and put up a wedding page with registry and ceremony information. It’s awesome.

  33. Great card! I am on FB and it is yet another way to whisk away valuable time! LOL! It is nice to communicate quickly and easily, though! Fun at times, even! LOL!

  34. Hope you feel better soon. I just signed up for Facebook last week and its a little overwhelming. It has been nice to talk to friends I’d lost touch with though. Everyone seems more willing to keep in touch through FB than through email–a definite plus!

  35. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    I’m not on Facebook, but there has been some controversy about it the last couple weeks (you’ve probably seen it). They changed their Terms of Agreement and claimed that everything you put on Facebook, they own. Now they’re coming out and saying that’s not quite the case. You may want to read the articles below before you decide.



  36. jennifer! i am so happy that you enjoy my work! shocked even! honored! that is so nice and sweet of you to link it here. i was wondering why there was a spike in traffic haha. thank you, you’re a real gem!

    facebook is harmless btw, just a great way to reconnect with people! just try not to go overboard with the applications and it’s easy peasy. 🙂

  37. hi jennifer,
    I wanted to share something I have discovered to help keep sinus infections/allergy attacks at bay. It’s called a neti pot. I know sounds weird. You can get them at any local drug store, grocery store etc. They run about $6-$8. You can buy one that looks a bit like a mini tea pot or one that is a bottle with a squirt top. They come with packets of a specialized saline solution in powder form that you mix with warm water. I have stopped several sinus infections when using this at the very beginning of symptoms. I have a cousin who suffers from terrible allergies and she uses it everyday, she has had no allergy symptoms since. I know I would always prefer to use something natural versus getting sick and then having to take antibiotics. I just wanted to share this with you as I’ve noticed since reading your blog that you really suffer from sinus infections. Have a blessed day…oh, and facebook yes, I’m on it, but I certainly don’t let it rule my life. It has reconnected me to some friends from the past. I probably check it twice a week for about 5 minutes just to check up on those I’ve been thinking about. Try it out it’s really pretty easy.

  38. Awesome card! Love the long length!

    Ah Facebook–it sucks a person in!! I was skeptical at first but now I love it! I’ve reconnected with friends from elementary school that I haven’t spoken to in YEARS!! You will not regret it if you join!

  39. Feel better soon!

    I just joined Facebook about a month and a half ago and its been fun. I am all caught up with my highschool boyfriend. It is great to see what he has been up to for 10+ years (his family, too!!). I don’t hang out there too much, but I check it out when I get a notice that someone contacted me.

  40. I recently joined Facebook mostly to stay in touch with my nephews that are in college. It’s great to see what they’re up to and post on their “wall”. You should give it a try.

  41. Thanks for the awesome links! I always look forward to them!

    I’m on Facebook, but don’t spend much time there. What I like about it is it is a good way to find old friends and feel like you’re more a part of each others’ lives. And it is an easy way to share pictures and see my friends’/family’s pictures.

  42. FB is just time-consuming. I think it is great if you are trying to reconnect with older connections and friends otherwise I just tex or use a telephone to keep in touch. I put on every privacy application through the site – so I am not bothered by crazy, inane updates. Lastly, I use FB for scrapbooking. A lot of vendor sites/blogs post their updates, coupons and how-to videos – – but they are usually the same things found on their blogs or flikr feeds. So – it is just redundant.

  43. I only got on b/c some friends from camp were on. I didn’t like high school and don’t care to have them on as well as my local freinds who I can see any day of the week. I limit them by creating a group and that gives them specific access. All they see is that I a F/B user. THey can’t see my comments or photos or anything else. I have also told local friends that I appreciate them asking me to ‘friend them’ but taht I don’t do it for locals since I can see them any day I want. (and the ones who asked why i didn’t approve their request aren’t my friends, so why would i want to?) I think peopel jsut friend eveyrone they can b/c they want the number of friends to be as high as they can go!)

    My DH un-friended someone (the person you are un-friending does NOT get a notice) b/c the guy was obnoxious.

    Its alot of fun, and really great for those who are far away.

  44. Hope you are feeling better.

    I’ve been on facebook for a while but didn’t really use it until the last 2 months or so since so many scrapbookers and businesses are using it. I’m not addicted but it’s an easy way to send a mass what are you doing to all your friends. It does spread like wildfire.

  45. I’m on Facebook. I was nagged to jump aboard and I’m glad I did. It’s SO easy to keep in touch with people and I’ve reconnected with friends I hadn’t spoken to in years. I do have my security set very high though so I don’t get a bunch of crazies. LOL! I hope you do sign up! 🙂 LOVE that card! Hope you get to feeling better, my friend! Hugs!

  46. Hey girl, Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling better 🙁

    Thanks for the shout-out! You rock! I am just posting a card using some of the new Hero Arts stamps (tried and failed to get it done for the Friendship challenge), so you’ll have to check it out when you get a chance!

    As for FB, I only just joined. I wasn’t too excited about “meeting” people from my past because I guess I think there’s a reason we lost touch…people change, life changes, etc (it sounds bad, but I don’t mean it that way)…but I do like to be able to keep in touch with current friends and scrappies. You’re right though – it’s one more thing to keep up with though, but I find you can spend as much or as little time on it as you want to. Hope that helps 🙂

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