A random-post for this Sunday…

Sorry for the delay on posts.  The weekend is going to fast – how does that happen?  And what I thought was just allergies resulted in 4 hours at Urgent Care today for me.  Sinus infection.  On some serious pain meds, so thankfully I worked on this post last night!

Totally random stuff today.  First…

We have winners!  Jennie M gets the scallop border punch and Jessica gets the scallop circle punch.  I will email you. 🙂

Next random thing: Let's have a cool links…

  • Nichol is amazing.  I just adore THESE cards.  Perfect in every way.
  • Here is another one of my favorite all-time scrapbookers: Mary Macaskill.  This girl has SO much talent.  Her pages are so clean… keeping the focus on the photos.  And her family is adorable.  HERE is her blog.
  • Lisa McGarvey has some amazing talent.  THIS page just makes me smile so big… and makes me want a baby girl!
  • HERE is a blog you must bookmark.  Jennifer is active over at the Hero blog, and her creations always make my jaw drop.
  • I also really like Sugar Buffet's stuff HERE.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

Another one: Did you know CK has a blog now?  Check it out HERE.

OK… time to share.

Just one I made with Hero Arts' new loooong notecards and some other Hero goodies along with some from Stampin' Up. 

022209 SU

022209 SU

Hero Arts stamp (background), clear embossing powder, felt flowers, long notecard and gemstones
Stampin' Up patterned paper, greeting and die cut scallop circle
Versamark Ink
Other: handmade paper (red)

Changing gears…

Who is on Facebook?  I have many friends bugging me to be on Facebook.  I have procrastinated on it – just seems like it is just another thing to keep up with.  Tell me what you love about it… I would really like to hear.

Have a good day!

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56 thoughts on “A random-post for this Sunday…”

  1. Facebook is just like high school It’s all bragging (I’m so excited I’m getting a new car)or complaining (I’m so busy with my busy life).
    If you are from a small town then EVERYBODY that has ever lived in, passed through, or heard of your town wants to be your friend. As if small town wasn’t gossip central to start with. If you have more than 25 or even 50 friends then your doing it for a popularity contest. And you can never truly update your status or post things without a)people judging you or b)you feel you don’t want to post something becuase you don’t know what your non-friends will think.
    It can be a huge time sucker. I can’t stand people ‘buying’ or sending me a flower or a drink or whatever. Why not call or get together for some real communication time?
    But with all that complaining I have had 2 great experiences and that is I found 2 friends from elelmentary school that I really wanted to connect with.

  2. i just recently joined facebook and i don’t see the point. a few people from grade school and high school found me but i am not sure i want to get in touch with them. i also don’t want to find people from my past. i know it sounds horrible but if i haven’t kept in touch with them for 20 years there is a reason.

    it is another thing to keep up with. i am still giving it a try but don’t think it is for me.

  3. Beautiful cards. I have a DD that loves puzzles and I started to put all the pieces in a big ziplock bag and it really has helped. We just put the ziplock in the box so we still have the picture. Hope this helps.

  4. I’m sorry, but I’m with you on Facebook. My bro & friends are bugging me to get on, but I already have a couple of online addictions and I draw the line at 3!! I would NEVER get my bottom out of this computer chair, ever, and I’m *supposed* to be a stamper!!!

  5. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    I do like using FaceBook. My friends were getting into MySpace and it seemed so offensive to me most of the time. I got a request for FaceBook and put it off for a long time and then caved a few months ago. I LOVE it! It is very safe & CLEAN and I have reconnected with people I have not seen in 20+ years! It’s really cool! Yes, it CAN be time consuming if you let it. I try not to get involved in the games & apps. as those could keep you busy for such a long time. Try it! You can always delete your account if you don’t like it.

    Love your work!!

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