A birthday giveaway… or two!

It's a big day at our house.  My dear husband turned the big 4-0 today. :) 

Here is the card Colin made.  He loves to stamp and then color in the holes on the letters and trace the lines…  (Yes, he did stamp that – he is a stampin' pro.)

021709 Colin Stamping

And here is what I made for Ken as a gift from me.  I originally had planned to get a nice hammock for our backyard, so we could dream of doing THIS.  But then he talked about wanting a nice new watch.  Then I thought a night away out of town would be fun.  So, I decided to give him a stack of money and let him pick which of the three things he wants.  I went to the bank and asked for a bunch of ones.  (That stack of money looks like a lot but it isn't at all – they are all ones. :)  Then I cut thin paper strips and wrapped the dollars together.  The clipart on the top are from Microsoft Clipart.  (I just remembered that from my old PC days in college.)  And here it is…

021709 Ken Gift

Oh… and he picked the hammock.  I am glad he did. 🙂

Here is the card I did.  Wanted to do something different and funky, with a photo included…

021709 Ken Birthday

So… what about TWO giveaways?  Just leave a comment here telling me your best birthday memory.  On Thursday at 11:59pmEDT, I will pick TWO winners.  One will win the Stampin' Up Scallop Circle Punch and the other will win the Stampin' Up Scallop Border Punch.  You know how much I love these – been saving these extras for a fun giveaway. 🙂


OK… The Bachelor.  Where to begin?  I have to share something a funny gal named Kristi commented.  This made me crack up – the whole "sticker" thing.  Ha!  Here is her comment…

I am wondering what sort of creative editing has been done with the whole Deanna thing. They've got her saying "I made a mistake…you haven't proposed yet," to make it look like she's there to ask him back, when she could really be saying: "I made a mistake when i used stickers on my early layouts. If you love her so much, I am wondering why you haven't proposed yet." They always edit it to make us so suspenseful.

That cracked me up. :)  Anyway, I think it will be Melissa, too.  But I seem to always get them wrong! 

Off to relax.  Night.

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549 thoughts on “A birthday giveaway… or two!”

  1. Happy 40th Ken! Love the idea of letting him have his ‘choice’ of gift! My best birthday memory would have to be when my husband surprised me with tickets to the off-broadway show of Mamma Mia!

  2. First of all thaks for the scallops give-away.
    My 16th B-day was the best and I alway wil remember becase that was the las B-day I spent with my father, it was like we already knew was to pass-away.

  3. My family has never been big on remembering my birthday. However, when I was in college my dad was passing through a few days before my bd & came by to take me out to lunch. I wasn’t there:( but he left me a $20 to take a friend to lunch. Burgerville was the only fast food around and we ate ourselves sick! It was awesome!! Thanks Daddy 🙂

  4. My very best birthday memories is having my two-week old babygirl out of hospital on my birthday 14 ( is it really that long ago?) years ago. My best birthday presents are little letters and drawings from my kids.

  5. My best birthday memory is from last year. My husband (who didn’t know his way around the kitchen)cooked a surprise dinner. I hade been sent off shopping in the morning with gift vouchers (including one for a craft shop – this was the one I spent first!)and when I came back a full roast dinner was in the oven. My two boys made my favorite desert – hot brownies with vanilla ice cream. It was all so delicious and now my husband and boys are taking to venturing near the cooker a bit more – so that’s an added bonus!

  6. Happy Birthday KEN!!! My best birthday memory is when I was 8 and really wanted a basket for my bike. Well I got a stack of presents, and it wasn’t til my family gently pointed it out, that I realised the presents were being held in … a basket for my bike… I remain a little slow on the uptake to this day ! Hope you had a grea day as a family – the hammock was an ACE choice !!

  7. My best birthday memory would have to be when my sister, who was home from college, planned a surprise birthday party for me and my friends when I was in high school. I had no idea and was totally surprised!

  8. 40..what a fun birthday and my fondest memories which everyone helped me celebrate everyday for 1 week by lots of fun surprises, riding in my building in a wheelchair by our Chief Credit Officer (totally out of charachter but he insisted). Thanks for a great blog and sharing your talents with us!

  9. my very bestest birthday was my 38th.
    my kiddos baked me a cake and we had our very own little birthday party. i REALLY dislike celebrating, but that was the best!

  10. Happy Birthday to Ken! One of my best birthday memories was when I turned 21. I was living with my parents and working for the same bank (diff location) as my mom. She came by that morning after I got in to work and dropped off a huge balloon bouquet anchored by a bottle of rum and then ordered pizza for everyone for lunch. So fun!

  11. My best birthday memory was when my hubby surprised me with a weekend away to Chicago to see Phantom of the Opera! We stayed at an awesome hotel and ate out at wonderful restaurants. It was so much fun!

  12. Happy birthday to Ken!

    My best birthday memory was my 18th birthday. My friends threw a surprise birthday celebration for me at school. 18 guys danced with me and gave me a red rose each. 18 girlfriends talked about their best memories with me. It was a blast and I will never forget it!

    Thank you for the chance to win those punches!

  13. My best birthday memory is not really mine. When I was a kid my sister got a bike for her birthday and so did I. WOW not even my birthday but I get a bike no less. I think my folks felt guilty because my birthday is 2 days after Christmas and always anticlimactic.

  14. My best birthday is always the next. Having lost so many dear people in my life to cancer, I have to focus on the right now. However I am so thankful for my years and continue to learn patience, faith, and tolerance and to “not sweat the small stuff” from the past. Hooray for today!

  15. Now that my kids are bigger, I love their notes and cards that their dad helps them make. I actually enjoy my kids’ birthdays more…so magical when they’re little!

  16. Best birthday memory for me is turning 30. I had my first child three weeks before and was just so content. I held him and snuggled all day long…there’s nothing like it in the world…

  17. There are a LOT of memories to choose from, so I will pick the most recent! My DH took me to a bed & breakfast in Amish country and we had a little cottage all to ourselves. It was so realxing and a much needed escape from the day to day chaos of our lives!

  18. I posted earlier but forgot to answer your questions, oops! My best birthday memory is from university…my roomates kidnapped me from my nightclass, blindfoled me, and took me to a karaoke bar where more of my friends were waiting. A good time was had by all 😉

  19. My birthday is alway right around Thanksgiving. On the year I turned 40 my family all came from out of state for the holiday. My birthday that year was on the Saturday and everyone said Happy Birthday and left-all at different times throughout the day. As we were getting ready for dinner, a good friend of ours called and insisted that we come over to their house for a drink. When we arrived, my family was all there as well as friends to surprise me with a party. It was a great night!

  20. My best birthday memory would have to be when baby #1 arrived four years ago! It was just so much LoVE that day. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Birthday Ken!

  21. I think my best birthday was this last one in July. My hunny arranged for my mom to watch our 4 boys and we went out to dinner and a movie. It was great.
    I have always thought a hammock would be alot of fun. Hope you guys enjoy it.
    Have a great day.
    Nicole M.

  22. My favorite birthday was when I was 12 (or 11…) and I had a Hollywood themed party. All my girlfriends came dressed up like celebrities (me too!) and I got to wear make up (not just lip gloss) for the first time. My dad let us use wine glasses for our sparkling cider and we had lots of Hollywood-type food, like finger sandwiches, canapes, etc. It was awesome, and my friends really liked it.
    I think it’s my favorite memory because my dad, who raised me and my brother by himself, tried so hard to figure out what I wanted, and even looked at magazines and stuff to suggest ideas to me. I’m really lucky.

  23. Scallops and borders and punches, oh my! Thanks for a chance to win two of the things on my “wish it was my birthday” list.
    My best recent birthday memory was a trip I took to Miami with my best friend when we turned 40 (three days apart). We don’t live in the same state, so not only was it fun to catch up with her, it was really sweet of my husband and daughter to share me.
    Happy Birthday to Ken – 40 is the new 25!

  24. My most memorable, although not a totally happpy one, is my 30th. It was on a Wed and I spent the day scrappin’ with a friend to keep my mind off other things. I was preganant with our 2nd child, and on that Monday received an US report stating something could be wrong with his heart. The following Friday, we had an echo which showed everything was just fine. That was the best present I could have ever received!!

  25. Wow! I love that scallop punch, how awesome! I love the birthday cards and gift you made, very cool!

    I love all my birthdays and I have one again in 2 weeks yay! Last year my partner suprised me with a Tiffany necklace that I had been eyeing up, I never dreamed he would remember it let alone buy it 🙂

  26. My favorite birthday memory was my 10th birthday. It was the only year I had a “friend party” (usually it was family only), and my mom took four of my friends and me out to dinner and then brought us back to our home where she had made a small cake for each of us to decorate as we liked. It was so much fun to see how different they all turned out, and I loved how much thought and preparation my mom put into the entire day. I still have pictures!

  27. My best memory is my 23rd birthday. My sister, her boyfriend, and I all drove to Minneapolis together where we met my then boyfriend (now fiance) at his parents’ house. His parents gave us four tickets to the Minnesota Twins game on my birthday, which also happened to be the night they were giving away bobbleheads of my favorite player, Michael Cuddyer. Then, in the fifth inning, I saw my “Happy 23rd Birthday, Lynsey Hager!” on the jumbotron.

  28. My best birthday memory….Hmmm…. There are two. My first one would be when I was 15 and my friends threw me a surprise birthday party. Another time would be in college when a guy I liked asked me out on my birthday and I was just THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF.

  29. My favorite birthday memory is my husband’s 32nd birthday. We had been having fertility issues for 3 1/2 years and amazingly found out that I was finally pregnant on his birthday. I kept it a secret all day and wrapped up the pregnancy test as one of his gifts. We both cried when he opened it. It was great!

  30. Happy Birthday Ken!

    My fondest b-day memory to date was the surprise 30th birthday party that my husband threw for me. He planned a whole big event, including a surprise visit from my parents, dinner with family and my closest friends and then a get together with a bunch of my oldest friends at a great Irish bar. It was a super night!

  31. hMMM…THAT’S A TOUGHIE! I have a few…i always loved going to the saints roller rink with my friends and another fav. was Chi Chi’s (was a local restaurant here…but is no more)
    and the alst fav would have been when i got a dog for my bday (and she’s still alive and well today…16 yrs old and going strong)
    happy bday to your hubby

  32. Every year around my birthday my mom comes over to babysit and my husband and I go out for a nice dinner, which is always fabulous and a real treat. Gotta love Mom!

  33. FABULOUS idea & creative wrapping of the money! It’s so relatively simple and classy looking…. I love it 🙂 Sometimes our men are so hard to buy for…. I might just have to borrow your idea for dh’s bday in April 🙂

    Super cute that Colin colored a card for daddy, too 🙂

    I love your artwork, keep on inspiring us!

    Inky Smiles,
    Erin G.

  34. I forgot to tell u about my best birthday memory…

    I think it has to be my 30th birthday. I was incredibly upset about it. We’d tried for many years to have a child and it just never happened and turning 30 was not going to happen unless I had “somethign to show for all those years”….

    Anyway… dh kicked me out of the house and sent me to get a pedicure and go out to lunch with some friends. When I came home heh had decorated the house with streamers and ballooons and was in the kitchen cleaning up from the prep work…. (I came home earlier than planned.) He had invited my friends over for a surprise party! It was such a sweet thing that he did for me to cheer me up. I have to say that I have the best husband in the whole world 🙂

  35. Happy Birthday Ken! Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating his birthday. My favorite memory is going to Navy Pier and taking a boat ride with my family and friends. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I love them both! I would particularly like to win Stampin’ Up Scallop Border Punch. I don’t have any border punches in my collection. thanks once again for the chance.


  36. I love the idea for DH’s birthday pressie! Esp giving him a wedge of 1’s! Think I would have chosen the hamock too!!!

  37. Thank you Jennifer for all the great videos and your blog I so enjoy watching and reading all of them.
    My best birthday was in march of 2008 I got to celebrate one year of being healthy after going through chemotherapy , My family held a great birthday party for me and invited all my friends to help me celebrate. It was a birhtday I will never forget


  39. I love that idea for the money gift. tfs
    As for my fave birthday memory, it would have to be my 7th one where my mom really outdid herself with my party. I loved that all my family and friends where there and I got to blow out candles from a big (at that time to me) cake!

  40. My best birthday memory…. getting a black “foofoo” umbrella that was so unlike me it was laughable!!! Remnicient of the Great Gatsby days! That was at least 5 years ago! Wonder what happened to that umbrella??

    Happy birthday Ken!

  41. happy birthday to your ken!
    My best birthday memory was when I turned 18 and my boyfriend threw a surprise birthday party for me~ Great music, food and wonderful rfiends. I bawled like a baby!!!
    How cool was that!>?!?lol

  42. Happy birthday to your husband 🙂

    I have a memory from my 22 b-day. I had a new boyfried who had a rock band. I didn’t meet the other members yet and then they had a show on my birthday. we got them together and I saw that this tough rock guys had decorated the whole stage with greetings for me…(and they didn’t even know me yet, as I mentioned…).
    They said that I deserve it for making their friend so happy…
    I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

    (hmm..that turned out a long comment…)

  43. I think it would have to be my husband surprising me with the day off work, lunch and a shopping trip! I spent the day with him doing one of my favorite things, shopping!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. My favourite birthday was one on holiday, we had a wonderful day diving in the Indian Ocean, I saw the most wonderful pair of clown fish and then when we got back to the hotel and went to dinner, there was a lovely cake and the waiters had decorated our table specially and then to top it all when we went to our room, our bed was decorated in flowers and happy birthday spelt along the bottom in leaves. My husband really excelled himself that year and the hotel staff were absolutely amazing.

  45. Hello Jennifer,

    My best birthday memory to date has got to be my 39th(last year). My sister and i went to CKU-Provo over my birthday weekend. This was extra special because it was the first time just her and i went away together in all of our adult lives!! She lives 1400 miles away and I only get to see her every other summer. We had so much fun, excitement, scrappin, and sister bonding time, all in one big cku package. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! The best part was that she sent me the most wonderful card about how grateful she was to “hang” with her older sister(yes, i cried). We have so much in common now that we both love paper-crafting, and i am so grateful for her. I am blessed beyond measure:) thank you

  46. My fav. birthday memory was actually my son’s first b-day. It was such a milestone for him and for us and I couldn’t believe that I was a mother of a one year old.
    It will forever be etched in my heart.

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