A birthday giveaway… or two!

It's a big day at our house.  My dear husband turned the big 4-0 today. :) 

Here is the card Colin made.  He loves to stamp and then color in the holes on the letters and trace the lines…  (Yes, he did stamp that – he is a stampin' pro.)

021709 Colin Stamping

And here is what I made for Ken as a gift from me.  I originally had planned to get a nice hammock for our backyard, so we could dream of doing THIS.  But then he talked about wanting a nice new watch.  Then I thought a night away out of town would be fun.  So, I decided to give him a stack of money and let him pick which of the three things he wants.  I went to the bank and asked for a bunch of ones.  (That stack of money looks like a lot but it isn't at all – they are all ones. :)  Then I cut thin paper strips and wrapped the dollars together.  The clipart on the top are from Microsoft Clipart.  (I just remembered that from my old PC days in college.)  And here it is…

021709 Ken Gift

Oh… and he picked the hammock.  I am glad he did. 🙂

Here is the card I did.  Wanted to do something different and funky, with a photo included…

021709 Ken Birthday

So… what about TWO giveaways?  Just leave a comment here telling me your best birthday memory.  On Thursday at 11:59pmEDT, I will pick TWO winners.  One will win the Stampin' Up Scallop Circle Punch and the other will win the Stampin' Up Scallop Border Punch.  You know how much I love these – been saving these extras for a fun giveaway. 🙂


OK… The Bachelor.  Where to begin?  I have to share something a funny gal named Kristi commented.  This made me crack up – the whole "sticker" thing.  Ha!  Here is her comment…

I am wondering what sort of creative editing has been done with the whole Deanna thing. They've got her saying "I made a mistake…you haven't proposed yet," to make it look like she's there to ask him back, when she could really be saying: "I made a mistake when i used stickers on my early layouts. If you love her so much, I am wondering why you haven't proposed yet." They always edit it to make us so suspenseful.

That cracked me up. :)  Anyway, I think it will be Melissa, too.  But I seem to always get them wrong! 

Off to relax.  Night.

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549 thoughts on “A birthday giveaway… or two!”

  1. You’re so generous! I’d LOVE either one…I hope your husband had a great birthday. I live pretty close to Stamp Your Art Out, and hope to take one of your classes soon…

    I remember when I turned 22, my husband (then boyfriend) came with me to dinner at my parent’s house…first time they met each other. I was so happy and later that evening he surprised me with a Minka fountain pen. 10 years later I still have it, use it and love it…more because of the memories than anything else!

    Here’s the layout I did about it:

  2. Hi there! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these SU punches 🙂 My best birthday memory has to be my 15th; I had “begged” my mom for months for a vanity set (table, mirror, chair), and she continually said “no, not now.” I guess I wore her down because what was waiting for me on the morning of my birthday? A beautiful vanity set! Have a great day!

  3. It is so hard to choose! On my 16th birthday my parents surprised me with a car! I had no idea! That’s a pretty amazing birthday.

    Thank you so much for this chance to win. I have been drooling over the scallop edge punch for a long time!

  4. Ooh… those punches. Love them! My husband threw me a surprise party once for my birthday and had so many people there– even my grandparents!

  5. My birthday is on Halloween, so we used to always go to my Grandma’s house to take the kids trick-or-treating or help pass out candy. One year my mom had cut out letters to spell out “Happy Birthday Shannon!” and taped them to the wall at the top of the stairs. It was a Surprise Party!! I loved it!

  6. I was born on Thanksgiving, so every 6 or 7 years it falls on the holiday again. On my 6th birthday all our extended family (from out of town) came to our house for Thanksgiving, plus it was my birthday again. So when they brought out the cake and sang to me I felt very special and lucky. Great memory!

  7. What a great gift! Super CUTE. So many memories to choose from – my 18th was a surprise party. I had absolutely no idea, and apparently the look on my face was PRICELESS!

  8. Love your birthday idea! I will rememberthat one for sure. My best birthday memory is how last year my hubby bought me a card from each of my kids. For the younger two he traced their hands and wrote their names on the inside. very sweet!

  9. My favorite birthday memories were the one where I had my birthday/bonfire at my grandpa’s pond. We would have relay race and play paper chase with my friends in the woods. Those days were fun 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I so l-u-r-v-e birthdays, so happy birthday to KEN. My best memory? I have so many but this one is it – my children being 11,9 & 6 they pooled their money and took themselves to the jewellery store to buy a charm for my gold bracelet – they bought a Madonna, and took great delight in explaining to me that they bought it because it was a picture of a Mum. I still smile at that memory every day when I see my bracelet on my arm – their first gift without adult intervention or financial support and the Madonna thing- not realizing its religious origins (we are not Catholic).Just they wanted to get something for their MUM. Thanks for letting me reminisce here. PS love that border punch to bits!

  11. My 30th birthday was a surprise party from my wonderful husband, Clay! He made a huge scrapbook page filled with photos of me throughout my years growing up, college days, and our years together! Was a complete surprise…still don’t know how he pulled it all off without me finding out! 🙂

  12. My best birthday memory is probably of my 24th birthday. My boyfriend and I just moved into our new house and I was able to have my a few close friends and all my family over for a bbq! I haven’t had a family birthday bbq since I was a little girl.
    Hammocks are the best when you don’t get motion sickness! Thanks for generous giveaways!!

  13. Happy birthday to your DH! Sounds like you were really creative – what a lot of fun :)! My favourite birthday memory happens every year! The kids all bustle around “secretly” making me tea which they serve me in bed – tons of whispering until the big moment when they heave the tray towards the bedroom and come in singing Happy Birthday! I wish it could happen every year forever!

  14. My best birthday would have to be a few years ago. Family and friends would call periodically to wish me a happy birthday. I would just walk into the other room to avoid him overhearing any well wishes. My dh has a tendency to forget my birthday. We went to my sisters for dinner and my niece had asked my sister if she could give me my birthday present. The look on my dh face was the best present ever. He looked at my sister with these huge eyes and dropped mouth soon to follow with the question (in a whisper) “Its her birthday today”? Oh I so love him!!

  15. For my fourtieth birthday (ahem…a few years ago) a dear friend threw a surprise party with all the dreary trimmings. It was so wonderful having all my friends and family help me celebrate!

  16. My best birthday was a Rainbow Brite slumber party when I was in third grade. I remember this birthday more than any other. I also remember my mom fixing awesome treat bags. They were each a different color of the rainbow and had the best party favors inside. My babysitter at the time also played a huge part in this party….I will never forget it!

  17. I love birthdays, but my favorite was probably when my dh planned a surprise party for me at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. Our twins were only a few months old, so I was pretty out-of-it because of sleep deprivation, so I had no idea.

  18. Happy Birthday Ken!!!!
    My most memorable birthday was in 1993! I was in my 2nd year of college and my birthday was during finals week. Since I wasn’t able to be home with my family for my birthday, my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) made me a birthday cake AND decorated it himself! I found out later he had called his Mom to figure out how to tell if the cake was done or not.
    Thanks for the chance to win! Great punches!

  19. Orange Jello with carrots and pineapple. My birthday is in early August so no elementary school parties with friends and cupcakes… but my mom always had my friend Lisa over and her mom, Pat made orange jello with grated carrots and pineapple. A 5 year old delicacy… Lisa died a few years ago as a young woman … only 38 and I let her mom know that I cherished our memories as girls and the jello too. Thanks for asking.

  20. Birthdays had always been a little quirky for me because my birthday is the day after my brother’s. He was born the day before I turned one. What a birthday present.
    Anyway, rather than tell you about my best birthday I want to tell you about my first birthday married. It was a strange one because I was just leaving 21, I would not be with my orignal family but with my new husband and his family that we were visiting during school break. It also happened to be Labor Day which only happens once a blue moon. Anyway,I just knew that it was going to be a surpise Bday planned because they were like that and I waited all day and half into the night. I began to get worried and I crawled into my husband’s lap and asked him what the plan was. The look on his face was priceless and the love was so expressive when he told me how sorry he was, He had forgotten. I can’t say that my feelings were so hot then but when I look back at that day and of all the 30 some years that we’ve been married that is the one I remember. Was truly one when
    I remember the love.

  21. I spent my 30 birthday (1.5 years ago) at a Keith Urban concert. Went to the city with a friend for the weekend, shopping, eating, no hubby, no kids. And did I mention KEITH URBAN!!

  22. Fav birthday gift memory…A large green pencil pouch, with a zipper!, from my Aunt filled with brand new pencils. I think I was 5, entering first grade. I was on cloud nine with it for the whole year and years to come!!!

  23. love Colin’s card!! And yours too 🙂 My youngest was born the day after my 32nd birthday…making me the exact age my mom was when she had me. It’s all very cosmic, so that bday was pretty cool.

  24. Fun topic. I read it earlier today and have enjoyed thinking of the memory throughout the day. Since it sill makes me smile, I thought I’d share. My first year of college, my family took the day off work to drive 4.5 hours to surprise me. They’d decorated my apt. and we celebrated my b-day for a few hours that evening. Then they drove back home the 4.5 hours late that night to make it back for work the next day. They’re fabulous. It was an incredible surprise. Thanks for reminding me about it today.

    Happy birthday to Ken!

  25. OK…so I posted my comment in the wrong spot. I posted it last night but at the very bottom of your page, which was like the 2/9 post. Hopefully I can still be included in the chance to win the scallop punches. There is also another post on the 2/9 “comments” link about b-days.

    Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad that I found your blog! You are my all time favorite scrapbooker, so I love seeing new ideas all of the time. For my favorite birthday memory, I will pick my last b-day {I turned 31}. It’s my favorite because I was pregnant with my daughter Mallory and so excited about it. 🙂

  26. My best birthday memory is when a bunch of girlfriends got together to throw me a surprise, 30th birthday pyjama party, complete with pedicures!! Great ideas for the card and the cash!

  27. well, i’m only 11, but my best birthday memory wold probably be when my mom got me a cuttlebug. I love it and I baically use it for every project. She is so nice.

  28. I’ve been waiting for this giveaway. I’ve been after this sort of punch as they haven’t come into NZ yet!!! My best birthday was when Nige and I flew in a small plane over Lake Taupo NZ.

  29. Happy Birthday Ken!! We have the same birthday, but I’m a little older than 40.

    My fav birthday was when I turned 7. When I got home from school, by BFF was already there – she got let out of school early to surprise me. I remember wondering why I wasn’t the one let out early, since it was my birthday. My present that year was a Big Bed with dresser and desk. I still have that set of furniture, now in the guest room.

    Fun, fun memories. Thanks!

  30. My favorite birthday was when I was given a surprise party for my 21st – I had no idea. Relatives had flown in from all over.

    That was quite a while ago now but its still a happy memory!!

  31. Love your blog! My favorite birthday memory was my 15th birthday when my girlfriends threw me a suprise party and got the boy I had a crush on to come. Haha, it was definatly awkward at the time, but so sweet!

  32. Love your birthday gift and card – very clever.

    My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 40 and my dad turned 70 (celebrated together even though a few months apart) and our whole family went on a very fun dinner train trip through Seattle.

  33. I’d have to say my best birthday memory was when I turned 29. My boyfriend of 13 yrs and I flew to Maui, a couple of days before my bday, to visit his sister. Right after we landed in Kahului, he and I picked up lunch from Da Kitchen and drove to Ho’Okipa to watch the surfers. My husband took me by surprise and proposed to me!

  34. Last year I turned 50. My husband gave me a diamond bracelet to remind of this very special birthday! I wonder what he’s got planned for this year, a new lawn mower :O

    Happy Birthday Ken!

  35. What a cute gift for your hubby, love it! Best birthday…I’m not a terribly big on celebrating my own birthday, so memories are scarce. haha. BUT, when I started out my pharm rotations, I had a horrible day on my birthday, gave a presentation that I thought really stunk and felt so defeated. I was in tears. My husband (then boyfriend) brought me a dozen peach roses (my fav), and after letting me cry on his shoulder, we sat down to eat the lovely dinner he arranged. Afterwards, he gave me a puzzle in a bag, I think 100 pieces. (I love doing puzzles, and it was a bonus challenge of doing it without a box to go by!) The puzzle was a photo of us in San Diego, in which he added the verse from Jeremiah 29:11 in the sky, and when I was ready, gave me the last piece that completed the proposal question (and then proposed).

    Btw, please don’t include me in the giveaway, I already have those items. 🙂

    Oh! And I looove the hammock! I went on a medical missions trip to the Delta jungle region in 2001, and the local missionaries there gave me one of their hammocks locally made. It’s nothing like the ones here, it’s seriously like an adult-size sling, it’s awesome! But no place to hang it. 🙁 — yet. 😉 thanks for reading…

  36. My best birthday was the day I turned 58 on a Saturday. The day before was my last day of work after 37 years…I retired. That birthday gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and when. No more hair appointments after work…I could now go at Noon and even have time to stay and have a pedicure. I got into card making when I retired too.

  37. My husband threw a surprise birthday party for me at my friends house. My family and good friends were all there. They had put together a wonderful video of my life, which I will always treasure. It was a complete surprise that they had planned for months. I turned 50 and it was hard but all the love I recieved made it my favorite birthday ever!

  38. When I was turning 12 my mom got me a book called Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski(sp). I loved that book, it was a perfect read and that was pretty much my life until H.S., I loved to read. I got this little satin purse and a comb (if you remember this … Having the big combs in your back pocket. I got a cool shirt as well, I remember the weather was nice and warm, it was just a perfect day. I remember feeling really loved. Just a nice day!!

    Of course like everyone else I would love to win, just have to see:) Thanks for the chance to win!! Hope you had a nice evening relaxing!!

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