Cork board layout

Well, a trip wouldn't be complete for me without catching a cold on the plane.  I am a zombie tonight, so this will be a quick post.  🙂

This is actually an old layout from a project that never happened.  It is a 12×12 cork board layout that I have hanging up.  It is about .5" thick.  I got it a Office Depot – makes for a fun project! These photos are REALLLLLLLLLY bad – sorry – but it should give you an idea of it.  The journal strips are the white pieces running between the photos.  And the trim that peeks out of the sides is actually attached to the back of the layout.  The hearts are Autumn Leaves images stamped on thin cork.  LOVE the look of stamping on cork.  Do you all have a favorite surface to stamp on besides paper?



Thanks for all the nice comments about my vacation.  Yes, it was relaxing.  But I always come home sad… until we plan our next trip.  (Should have that done by the end of the week… hee.)  And Colin is dying to go back.  (In fact, he is right now dancing to "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem" on a Kenny Chesney concert video. :)  I had a lot of questions about where we stayed, etc.  I will share links when I share photos.  But in the meantime, my brother (who went with us) got this cool shot.  He was sitting on a rock up really high and captured me photographing Ken and Colin on a lower rock.  Fun.  This was taken with the Canon PowerShot that Nichol and Loni told me about.  I LOVE it.  If you need a little camera for your purse that does good video, too, this is the one.  (That Costco link is a great deal, BTW.)


Speaking of photos, I am in need of a realllllly good birthday photo.  If anyone has a GREAT digital one that focuses on a person, I would love to see it.  I just need it for a Hero Arts sample.  I would be happy to send you goodies in exchange.  Thanks! (ETA – I received several I can use already.  THANK YOU!  I will ask again in the future – this was fun!)

OK… time for some mindless talk.  Tell me: Which girl do you like best for Bachelor Jason?  I am falling for Stephanie.  What do you think? I love when that girl got sent home and said, "I don't get it.  I am SUPER attractive."  HA!  Or the girl that said, "I am pretty and smart.  But that isn't enough. I have to try to be natural, too."  Oh my…

And Lipstick Jungle.  BOO!  Is this show officially gone?  Shoot!  I loved it. 

Ah… mindless TV.  Gotta love it. 🙂

Also, be sure to check out my post from yesterday.  You can still leave a comment to try and win a giveaway.  But also there are some great links in the comments.  Worth checking out!

Hugs hugs hugs.

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43 thoughts on “Cork board layout”

  1. that cork project is amazing! i have tons of framed 12×12 cork boards around my house … should do something like this with one (i admit that most of them are just framed cork, nothing on them yet!). and that beach looks gorgeous … that would be hard to leave!

    i’m still hearing rumors about “lipstick jungle” … i’ve heard that it may not be gone for good, but might come back. crossing my fingers … that was one of my favorite shows!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Sorry you have a cold! Get well soon, my friend! Oh, and that IS a cool shot! I am in need of a camera for my purse and I think I am going to have to get one of those! 🙂

    As for the Bachelor – I really do like Stephanie. She’s from where my family is (Huntsville, AL) and where I lived for almost 15 years. Very cool! She’s just sweet. 🙂 Some of those girls make me ill. Ugh. I’m glad that Natalie girl went home. 🙂

    Oh, and I wish I had a good birthday photo for you. I’m horrible at those photos! Ha! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing. I found some cork, quite thin, at the Dollar store recently. I picked it up, and not too sure what to do with it. I like the idea of stamping on it! It would work great as a title. Cheers!

  4. Sorry you’re not feeling well – thanks for taking the time to share this with us even though you don’t feel so good. That cork layout is awesome – nice to have a different way of presenting things. I haven’t really stamped on any surfaces except paper & acetate – I love the look of stamping on acetate when it goes right, but more often than not it doesn’t come out well. I like your stamped cork embellishments, will have to try that out sometime.
    Take care of yourself & get well soon!

  5. I love the cork idea! How cool! If you have not found a good birthday photo there’s one of my aunt blowing out candles – it’s soooo cool! The lighting from the candles just makes it look really special! I will send it over and if you can use it, great!

  6. Sorry about your cold, Jennifer. Hope you feel better real quick. 🙂

    Looks like a gorgeous place to vacation! I’ll have to add it to my list of places to dream about.

    I can just picture Colin dancing up a storm – both of my twins were dancing to Harry Connick Jr. the other week…. well mostly just going in circles, but it was cute. 🙂

    Great project! I’m always amazed at the things you come up with.

    Just did a search through my birthday pics and I think there are too many background distractions – legs, lamps, whatever in all of them. Hope someone can help you out and you find something you can use.

    Rest up…

  7. I am with you on Lipstick Jungle….wow! I loved that show and poof it is now gone.

    try a neti pot….so good for your nose when you are sick.

  8. I love that corkboard project! Definitely will have to try stamping on cork now. I also emailed some birthday photos to you.

  9. Jennifer

    I am glad you are home. I will see you in class next week.

    The beach photo looks great. I also want to check into this smaller camera.

    I emailed one photo to you. It is a large file.

    Sandi N.

  10. WOW that cork project is so cool–I’m going to grab some and start stamping!!
    Oh, and I do have a birthday picture that would work if you want one. It’s one of my son with his cake, the rest is blurred out. Let me know!

  11. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Lipstick Jungle. The final episode said season finale not series finale. And, the last I read, NBC may revive it. We can only hope.

    As for The Bachelor, Stephanie is growing on me — just wish she would wear a little less make-up and accessorize a little less. I don’t think she’s going to be the one, though, for two reasons. First of all, some of the things Jasone said to the camera — like no matter what happens, she’ll always have this day — and I don’t think that she will uproot her daughter nor do I think that Jason will uproot Ty. Just my thoughts. Anyway, I’m not sure who he’s going to pick but I do know that it’s time for Megan and Shannon to go home. For a comical recap of the show check out Entertainment Weekly at,,20253588,00.html. For Chris Harrison’s take on the episode and a deleted scene go to Feel better.

  12. Here’s a tip to avoid colds! Next time you’re getting on a plane, put an alka-seltzer immunity complex in a bottle of water and chug! You can take it twice a day. That stuff is amazing! And it doesn’t taste bad.
    My whole family got the flu but me!! 🙂 (Same with the cold.) It’s a winter staple in my home.

  13. Oh, by the way – are you serious about Lipstick Jungle? I will cry! I didn’t hear that! I LOVE that show!!!

    And…I really don’t like Stephanie to be honest – they just don’t seem like the right fit for me. She seems amazing – but just not for Jason. It will be interesting! 🙂

  14. Ahhh The Bachelor! I’m finding myself liking Stephanie more and more! She seems to be far more gracious and free of drama than the others. Their date was so sweet! But the dental hygienist stalker…yikes! Sadly, we are hooked on another season of the show.
    =) Diane

  15. So sorry about the cold! My BIL’s and MIL all swear by this stuff: (but my DH tried it once and said it tasted so bad it wasn’t worth it! lol).

    I’m usually not a bachelor-watching gal, but this season has pulled me in. I really like Stephanie, but I too, have my doubts about her being the final lady. There are some others I kinda like too, and I am SOOO ready for Megan not to be there anymore. I think they keep someone around for added drama, and it’s her!

  16. I agree. I love Stephanie, but I think she is too different in the way she lives for Jason….But Deanna is coming back in a couple of weeks-I can already see the drama that’s going to happen in when she moves in.

  17. Stephanie has started to grow on me and my hubby but we don’t think she’ll be there in the end. Shannon needs to go. Megan hasn’t grated on me the wrong way totally but I like Melissa and Gillian. I think both are way down to earth and have great attitudes about life. I do feel that just because the women may not get along, it doesn’t mean any one of them is really wrong for Jason. He’s keeping each for a reason….he connects with them on some level. We may not be privy to that connection. Remember we do only see a smidge of what all goes on there. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds though.

  18. OOoopps – sorry for such a long comment — it is past due — so here it is:
    greetings! Thanks for the emails!! 🙂 I sent you PICTUREs by email for birthday project!

    I hope one of those will work.


    I wanted to let you know I got your PACKAGE. Wow! thanks — my foster teen daughter and i just love it and she is going to bring the cd to youth group to share. Also, what a unexpected surprise- to get a handmade card from YOU! — can’t say I have ever gotten anything from anyone i did not know that was handmade — and because i have been looking at your blog for weeks now– you have become (not sure just how to word it ) — but a star (if you will) in the scrapbook/craft world to me. hehe. no really:)

    When I got the package — we had just gotten back from vacation and it was sitting on my kitchen table – just waiting for me to OPEN IT! — I picked it up and saw the card and cd –I reacted in a way that my foster teen daughter Danielle — said, “What what – what is it??” She came running down the stairs to see. I held it behind my back and said, “Guess what i got in the mail while we were gone?” she said, “uhhhh- what??” I quickly showed her the card and she looked at me like –yeah? I told her about it and who it was from (she knew I been checking out your blog– as she does with me time and time again) She ended with her eyes wide open with amazement at my excitment and said, “wow! it is as if the Jonas brothers sent a teen girl a letter.” My husband over hearing all the enthusiasm – continued to looking through the bills & junk maild from all the back up mail while we were gone and raised his eyebrows and widen his eyes giving off a little shake of his head. But i did not care if they were keyed up by the moment — all that mattered is that i was and it put a smile on my face — it now sits on my dresser in the master room – still causing me to smile.

    Thanks — it was most wonderful to see something 3 dimensional vs. just on the screen – even if it is not exciting for others and i know it seems silly – but hey when we are in a world of email-text-phone and not the past letter and card senders that we once were-it matters

    (belated thanks) — the following day i found out that family decided to wait to tell me that my grandfather fell ill and that night when i went to see him he passed on at 4:28 am in the morning with me holding his hand til the end.

    God Bless

  19. Hi Jen, hope your vacation was great. Ah, the Bachelor.I like Melissa and Jillian. (Internet buzz says that he picks Melissa.) Stephanie is super nice, but she scares me. Her face is so pulled back as if she’s had too much work done. I wish she’d go a little less made up and maybe she would look less harsh to me. Ah well, ta-ta for now!

  20. I too really like Stephanie….she seems to have such a great heart and doesn’t get caught up in the drama. She’s grounded and doesn’t take life for granted. I like Melissa from Dallas too. She seems cute and down to earth…I think she’ll stick around for awhile…but what do I know…I thought for sure that Deanna was going to pick Jason….stupid, stupid girl….now she doesn’t have anyone!

  21. It is going to be Melissa! I just KNOW it!!! I have fallen for her, because I loved her on “Making the Squad” or whatever the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show was called. (talk about mindless tv, I got REALLY into the show about making the team.) She was on that show, and was fabulous. She’s gorgeous, totally down to earth, and very sans-drama. I’m betting on her. Stephanie, very gracious and beautiful but in need of a makeunder. I LOVE the girl from Chicago that got sent home. She is very reminiscent of that Tina girl from the Andrew Firestone season. Wow. She lit into him. But you can tell she wasn’t into him either, just wanted sonme face time on tv. The other single mom that everyone hates has to go…the two remaining brunettes aren’t real good…if you saw all the previews on night one, you saw him on one knee with a brunette. So, I bet Melissa. Man, I love Monday night tv.

  22. I like stamping on clear plastic with the perm. inks. The only bad thing about the plastic is it’s slippery. Any good suggestions? I usually make sure I have plenty of plastic because I tend to blur some at first!

  23. I didn’t care for Stephanie on the first show, but she quickly grew on me and now I’m thinking she’d be great for him.
    There was a preview of the proposal at the end on one of the shows where they showed it from a distance and it looked like a brunette was with him (unless it was a different angle of last year’s proposal with Deanna, but I doubt it)

  24. I wish Melissa hadn’t confessed her surgery! Seems like an unfortunate choice of stories to tell him. But she’s so perky and fun…I really like her in spite of that.

  25. Regular blog reader here who shares a birthday with your sweet son 🙂 I HAD to add my 2cents on Bachelor — Jillian is my girl and my prediction for final 4 are: Jillian, Stephanie, Melissa and Molly. Trash tv is mindless and endlessly entertaining. It must be hard to be so pretty and struggle to be natural. And what about Natalie saying one of her interests is BEARS??!? I mean, really?

    Have a nice day and enjoy trying to get back into the groove after vacay…its so hard!

  26. This is a great cork board project…nothing wrong with the photos at all…so much detail went into it…it’s fabulous!

    I’m trying to be a little more daring with my LO’s and stamp either directly onto the photos or using rub-ons…I love rub-ons!

  27. Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry about your cold, but I bet the trip was all worth it. I can’t wait to see more photos of your vacation. I love the corkboard project as well. Awesome. As for the birthday picture, I got on Ali’s blog today and there is a great picture on there of Simon blowing out candles on a cake. Didn’t know if that would be a consideration for the birthday picture you need. I figured you and Ali knew each other and wouldn’t mind asking her about it if you liked it. Just a suggestion since I don’t have any great picture of my own.

    Have a great day!!!

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