My new obsession…


Ask Jana – my newest obsession is a shocker. 

Up until recently, I would buy BasicGrey.  I just LOVE the patterns and colors.  But then when I would go to use it, I would freeze.  I think it was the distressed edges?  Not sure.  But I couldn't use it.  I would just collect the paper.

And now?  I can't stop using it.  I am considering marrying all the 6×6 Basic Grey paper packs.  They are delicious.  I think Ken would understand, huh?

Truly.  A cardmaker's dream.  I also like the 12×12 paper packs.  And they come with a cover page in the pack with little swatches of all the papers inside.  And it is so pretty, I couldn't bear to throw it out.  Come on, look at it.  Could you throw this away?


So, yes, the hoarder in me cut up this packaging and made cards from it.  I just punched shapes and went to town.  Here is what I ended up with… (Sorry the pictures are drabby – I don't know what I did!)





Basic Grey 12×12 Urban Prairie paper pack packaging
New Hero Arts All Occassion Messages

New Hero Arts Patterned Hearts
Hero Arts Notecards
Cuttlebug Swiss Dots Embossing Folder
Ranger Stickles (new from Hero – GW216)
Fiskars heart punch
EK Success Paper Shaper circle punch (my fave)

What is your current crafting obsession?  Please tell me I am not the only one who gets these… 🙂

Oh my… and the Bachelor starts tomorrow night with the handsome Jason.  And the girls look crazy – should result in some fabulous mindless tv!  Woohoo! 🙂

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160 thoughts on “My new obsession…”

  1. Hi Jennifer, I love what you did on those cards. What a good idea to use the cover of the paper block.
    My husband says I have too many stamps! I think that’s my obsession, stamps, stamps, stamps.

  2. Those cards are sooooo beautiful. My name is Rebecca and I am a Basic-Grey-aholic too…around 6 months ago I had a few sheets of it, then I discovered their 6×6 pads and now I have 8 of those pads as well as a whole lot of their 12×12 collection packs too. I justified a lot of those purchases after some health problems by telling my DH that the pretty papers would make me feel better!! And I had to get some of the matching stamps too! I’m slowly finding ways to use it, but mostly I just look at it all & dream about all the things I can do with it if I ever have the time!

  3. I LOVE your cards because they are sooo simple but still cute as can be!! My local Hobby Lobby only has 12×12 packs of BG and limited patterns…grrrr. I’ll HAVE to order online. Thanks for the enabling…AGAIN!!

  4. Wonderful way to use that packaging! Love the cards. I am also a Basic Grey hoarder. I looooove it but tend to freeze or take FOREVER deciding how to use it.

  5. Oh, Jennifer, you have hit the nail on the head. At your suggestion i took a look at the 6×6 card stacks and now i am hooked. i actually sent a sheet of the paper in a card to a friend for her to use. i luv it way too much!!!!

  6. What beautiful Sincere & simple cards. I love them. And-d-d-d, as to my newest crafting obsession……oh me…THE SLICE !
    Fantastic ! Have a wonderful Crafting Day !

  7. Those cards are so pretty! My obsession is stamps… and paper (but I stop myself from buying more paper). You have so many great ideas… I love looking at your cards!

  8. Hi Jen,

    Love the cards and I know what you mean by hoarding the papers. I have some old Basic Grey that is almost considered vintage now, but I still can’t use it.
    My current obsession on cards and layouts, besides, ink, is the bling. Love it! But looking at your cards lately, I think that Cuttlebug Dot Embosser could come in a close second. I have to get me one of those!

  9. Jennifer,

    I love BG too, and now my current obsession is the Martha Stewart Punches. I feel some creativity coming on tonight after looking at your cards! They are gorgeous, thanks for sharing


  10. this is wonderful. I just love anything Basic Grey as well and I must have so many I haven’t used but I love what you have done here with the cards. and I just have to find the swiss dots for the cuttlebug.. it is hard right now but it is a must to have such bot so basic white cards Love it Jennifer

  11. Oh these are so adorable Jenn!! My new obsession is the Holographic Embossing Powder from Ranger. It gives this big icy looking holographic glow. OMG…its SO awesome!And I have a bigger addiction to my Big Notz Die Cut from Stampin Up.

  12. Your cards are simply sensational! Love the idea of using BG paper (or any pretty paper). HA stamps are truly wonderful, too! I can never get enouogh of them!

  13. I love BASIC GREY too, but understand about the distressed edges. If you are making cards, and cut a large piece of paper (6 inch by 6inch piece) it sometimes look weird, since one part is distressed, and the rest isn’t.

  14. Jennifer, I think I may have a paper punch obsession!! Can’t seem to get enough shapes. Santa brought me a cricut, so maybe I’ll be cured.:) Nahhhh, I’ll just want more cartridges.

  15. Lately, my obsession is my new scallop punch from Stamp Your Art Out. I just got it for Christmas and am already using it for everything.

  16. Fun, Fun, Cards!! I smiled the whole time I looked at your site tonight!!
    I also had bought BG paper……and stood didn’t want to use it……..couldn’t get my mind around the “busy-ness” of the pattern! But put with simple white……it just makes the paper all the prettier!! Thanks soooo much for sharing!!

  17. totally love these cards. Simple and adorable! And thanks….I’m off to buy a heart punch….dangit!

    My newest obsession are my nestabilities. I recently purchased the embossing matte so I’m having tons of fun playing with my new dies!!

  18. Beautiful cards! 🙂 🙂 Isn’t it funny how our taste in products changes?
    Cards are seriously the perfect answer for using BG, I have always had a hard time using it on pages.

  19. Love the cards, punched from a throw away…..I’ve been saving the little cardboard backing from packaging for a while now and can’t think of anything nearly as cute to make! Any day now!

  20. I have been making signs for friends with their names… very fun and I get to use lots of paper! I am a hoarder too. If I like paper too much, I get afraid to use it up sos I don’t use it at all. Call me a nut job.

  21. Origami is my absolute obsession right now. I love butterflies and just learned how to make them so now I have lots sitting around! Happy New Year! I love those cards, going to find that fiskars punch this week and of Basic Grey paper is a favorite! I like it so much I hate to cut it, sad I know

  22. Those cards are adorable! Currently I have been embossing everything not nailed down with swiss dots. Your darling cards did not help me to cure this obsession, I feel some embossing coming on…

  23. ha! we love you, too, jen 😉 and MY newest obsession is that bazzill dotted swiss. I can’t stop using it, esp on cards! (and i’m not really a card maker. It’s just so yummy!)

  24. I have tons of the 6×6 pads…I love them! And I, too, keep that cover sheet of the 12×12 when I get it! It’s one of my faves! That is too funny that you are putting it to good use…hurray for you! 😀 Why waste those beautiful colors??!!

  25. Jennifer, I totally love these simple punch cards! Thank you for replying to my earlier question about the circle punch you used, but can you also tell me what size heart and square punch you used for the “Hello Friend” card? I was trying to hold out on adding more punches to my stash, but I don’t think I can hold out anymore! Thanks, Kelli

  26. WOW! I totally LUV these cards…I’m a paper freak too and I hate using some of the “prettier” papers I have…HOWEVER, this idea is super doooper great! I’m gonna do some tonight! WAHOOO! Thanks!!

  27. Just found your blog/post via Pinterest and I so understand your “fear of Basic Grey” papers…and actually using them. I am also a BG hoarder but I simply love what you’ve done and can see making up a bunch of cards real soon. Thanks for the “push” and the inspiration. Fondly, Roberta

  28. What size Fiskar heart did you use? 2 inch? I also make cards yours are sooo cute – awesome ideas!

  29. I just love this idea… I love basic grey and order a lot of it directly from them… they allow consumers to purchase from them… I can’t wait to go make some cards and see how they come out!

    Thanks for sharing your great obsession… my obsession is crafting in general… I love making stuff come out pretty from plain pieces of paper! Kathi

  30. Love your cards. Gives me inspiration. I like to use punches, die cuts and embossing, but l am no good at stamping, just looks a blurry mess. Never mind, as long as l can get ideas from crafters such as yourself, l will be kept busy. Wish l could have a day, week or longer just to make cards. Like you l am obsessed with paper, have a cupboard full of paper pads, sometimes l spend ages just looking through them thinking, how pretty !
    Hope all is well with you.

  31. Love your cards, inspires me to do more fun things with scraps. I recently did something similar with 1 inch squares. My current thing is watercolouring..thanks to you and your tutorials:) I can’t get enough of it and keep buy supplies..naughty naughty. Cx

  32. Love this idea.
    I need to make a birthday card for a friend
    and I’m going to use this idea.
    thanks for sharing.

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