My love affair…

… with BasicGrey continues. 🙂

I think a big part of my love for BG is Kelly Goree.  This girl is a gem.  You know the type – the kind of person you would love to sit and have coffee with.  I don't know her well, but have enjoyed working with her a bit… and would love to have that coffee with her someday. ;)  And I think our sons would get along fabulously – they both have the same stuffed monkey as a lovie. 🙂

Anyway, she asked me to do a layout for her newsletter.  Here is what I created…

Basic Grey Newsletter
(c) BasicGrey

Now, I am the last person to sign up for lots of newsletters.  But BasicGrey has one you NEED to sign up for.  There are lots of great examples in it – who doesn't love that?  Go HERE and scroll down to the newsletter sign up.  (You don't need a company name to sign up.)

Are there any newsletters you find to be inspiring?

Hug hugs hugs to you all!

(Oh, and no.  I didn't make my son wear that in public. 🙂