Home! Time for a giveaway…

Well, we are home.  It was a long day getting here yesterday (left at 8am, took two boats, two taxis, two plane rides and a lot of time between… until 1am), but we are safe.  It was a real bummer coming back to the cold, gray snow.  Boo!  I will share some photos soon… I have gotten a lot of requests.  Thanks for the kind emails!

I thought I would give you a heads up about some new books out.

First – Creative With Type.  it is a good one put together by the amazingly Brian Tippetts.  It is full of fabulous eye-candy.  For more info on it and some sneak peeks, click HERE.

Here is another peek – a layout I did for the book.  I put the words with white rub-ons on white cardstock, then painted over them – a fun form of resist.

Text Page (c) Creating Keepsakes Creative With Type

And another great one is Month by Month Scrapbooking by the fabulous Amanda Probst.  This is a really unique book with incredible projects.  I recommend checking it out!


Guess what?  I have a copy of it to give away.  Just leave a comment here by Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your current favorite place to go to for inspiration (book, blog, website, etc.) and I will pick a lucky winner.

Off to try and catch up on email.  Eek!  Have a good one.

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476 thoughts on “Home! Time for a giveaway…”

  1. omg, i LOVE that backyard layout! genious, i tell you!!!
    i am so inspired by all the peeks for CHA this month! i am one that just soaks up inspiration from the products themselves. amazing and beautiful stuff just makes me burst with ideas on how to use them! so fun!

  2. Welcome back!! I find inspiration everywhere. Blogs such as yours are my daily inspo resource. I also find inspirations in the colors of shirts, the design of an ad, displays at stores, etc.

  3. Favorite blogs for inspiration would include:
    Noel Culbertson
    Hero Arts of course
    Lizzy Kartchner
    I also love going through magazine for design or home to get great color combos or layouts from ads.

  4. Not very original but I always get tons of inspiration from 2peas and it’s always my first stop when I need a creativity boost.

  5. I go to Jenni Bowlin Studios. The design team is fantastic and I love the profile they do with the studio inspirations.

  6. I go to Jenni Bowlin Studios. The design team is fantastic and I love the profile they do with the studio inspirations.

  7. Any time I need inspiration I tend to go blog browsing, starting with my faves, yours, Nichol’s, Laura’s and of course the hero site,I then jump from blog to blog, where that leads me is any ones guess,lol. I’m also one who gets inspiraition from photos so I will pull out the old photos until something speaks to me.

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    I get my inspiration from blogs, books and magazines. Great layout! I love how you used the resist technique.

  9. My favourite place for inspiration is my kitchen… When I cook, the colors and smells inspire me to cook up something craft related too!

  10. oohhhhh….I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

    Right now I am enjoying your blog since I just stumbled across it from a YouTube video. I also love to visit 2Peas and Ali Edwards for inspiration.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Maria A

  11. I love all the blogs I have in my Google Reader! There isn’t a particular blog that I could mention…it’s the collection of all of you. You all make me think outside of my tiny box. I also love the YouTube videos out there. I’m glad that Hero Arts produces videos frequently. Thanks for a chance to win!

  12. I love to go to Cathy Z’s blog for inspiration….and of course, Ali’s blog and yours!

    Thanks for the fun give away!


  13. My favorite place for inspiration is actually 2peas and scrapbook magazines, thanks for posting a giveaway
    yasmin in CA

  14. Welcome home! My favorite sources for inspiration are your blog, a few other blogs, youtube, a couple of websites, and magazines and idea books. I’m an idea book junkie. LOL

  15. I really love blog surfing to find inspiration. I have seriously like 5000 or so blogs in my favs. list, I just mark em if I like them and I havent even made my way back around. I really like your blog, also the Red Velvet girls blog, and Making Memories…

  16. I am not really going anywhere to get inspired lately, just don’t feel like it lately, although I still love to visit your blog and it makes me think about doing some.

  17. Its is a bummmer to come back to cold weather but at least you had a good time. I look at artists work and my kids artwork.( they have the cool color combos and shapes).

  18. I would love a chance at winning this. I love coming here and Heather Nichols’ blog for scrapbooking inspiration and many others including Debbie Olson’s for stamping inspiration.

  19. Glad you had a fabulous trip!

    I love books and magazines for inspiration, and my favorite blogs are yours, the Hero Arts one, and Michelle Zindorff’s. I especially appreciate the video tutorials you do!

  20. I personally love two peas in a bucket — Communication Arts magazine is one of my favorites for inspiration. I also get lots of inspiration from magazine ads. I collect them in a book and often go through them to get new ideas.

  21. I love idea books, but as of lately I have added several great blogs to my favorites and check them daily! I have found many ideas and just save the pics of cards, layouts and what not to my computer. Now I have a folder on my desktop I can just pop open full of great ideas and inspiration! (Yours is one of my daily blog checks! Love it!) Glad you made it home safe.

    Lisa J

  22. I love to go to YOURS! and Laura Vegas, Nichol Magouirk, Scrapbook Bakery, Hero Arts. Making Mem., 2 Peas and lots of other companies. i love magazines like CK and then Stampin UP! idea books.

  23. I usually get my inspiration from my scrapbook bible, Best of Becky Higgins Sketches and my new favorite Page Maps.

  24. I used to love leafing through magazines for inspiration, but, lately I don’t find much inspiration in the stamping mags so I’ve begun to spend more time on blogs…like yours! for wonderful inspiration.

  25. Instead of saving all the scrapbook magazines I get, I tear out the ideas and layouts in them and save them to an album full of clear page protectors. I love to look back at the ideas and try them out.

  26. I LOVE your page!!! One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is definitely your blog. I’m “stamp” challenged and everytime I go here and see your projects, it inspires me to try stamps again. thank you.

  27. I don’t do much scrap booking, but I want to start it… I am having a baby in couple of weeks so it would be great to do some more. This book would be a great inspiration. I love visiting blogs and looking at magazines. :o) TFS!

  28. love to look at others blogs but I get a lot of ideas from magazines and my girlfreinds.
    colorflystudio is a great blog

  29. Hi. There are so many places that I go for inspiration! And I just found your blog yesterday, I’ve been hooked! I’m inspired by your blog!
    I mostly get inspired just because (maybe I’m partial) but my son is so cute that I just love to take pictures of him all the time! It’s just easy to scrapbook him! Not to mention all the really cool boy papers and stuff available! So fun!! Anyway, just wanted to post my 2 cents!
    Thanks, Jackie

  30. My favorite place to go for inspiration is a blog, just like this one. Thanks!! And, thanks for a chance to win a fun giveaway 🙂

  31. When that dreaded “scrappers block” comes around, I simply pull out a few pics of my kiddos! They are my biggest (and cutest) source of inspiration!!!

  32. Hi Jennifer,

    For inspiration, I like to visit many web sites;
    Yours! Hero Arts, Sharon Harnist, Debbie Olson, Kristina Werner and a few more. I always find something to inspire me!

  33. Well, I just loooove to browse through the 2peas gallery.. there’s so much inspiration there..and yup.. I’m a stalker of your blog too… hehe XOXO

  34. If I need inspiration I often reach for a bunch of magazines. (Like CK, MM etc)

    Browsing some blogs are great too, but most likely I’ll get stuck by the computer instead of creating something. LOL

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