Home! And some links…

Whew!  Finally made it.  Unfortunately, my class had to be delayed until next Thursday.  Sorry to those attending. πŸ™

Today's post is random.  Just a warning. πŸ™‚

Many of you had said you like to see links.  Here are some for today…

  • Kandis Smith.  This girl rocks.  Check out THIS page.  Love it!
  • Since I found such great treasures the other day when flipping through the Hero Arts Flickr Group, I decided to go back tonight.  Some great things HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • And what a fantastic, honest, heartwarming page by Shannon Tidwell HERE.  So sweet.
  • That Kelly Purkey always amazes me.  Love what she did HERE with Hero Arts stamps.
  • For you serious stampers out there, check out THISEllen Hutson's CLASSroom blog.  It is amazing.  Pure eye-candy.
  • Patty O shared THIS blog.  Very inspiring.
  • The fabulous October afternoon now has a blog.  Yum!
  • A kind gal named Tami told me about Picasa – a fun and easy way to make your own photo collages.  HERE it is – check it out.

A few people asked where to find my video on creating collages in Photoshop.  HERE it is… it is part of twopeasinabucket over on Youtube.

Many people asked about Ken's photography.  He said the trick is a polarizing filter.  Not sure what that is or means – ha – I am clueless. :)  And as for where to find places to stay while in the islands, there are several websites. For the British Virgin Islands, try HERE.  For the US Virgin Islands, try HERE.  And for good ol' St. John, try HERE.  Hope that helps a bit.

Another random thing: Raquel left a comment letting me know that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes Staz-On of acrylic mounts quickly and easily.  Great tip – thanks, Raquel!

Hey… I want to do a bunch of videos over the next few weeks.  Would love to hear any techniques or such that you would like to see. Anything you would like to see?

And… most importantly… The Bachelor.  I was so happy to watch this with my girls (Shari, Leslie and Carol) on Monday.  Yes, although I like Stephanie, I don't think he will end up with her.  I am thinking Melissa.  I know others of you think Jillian.  Anyone else?

Now… time to share.  This was in the Hero Arts 2009 Catalog, but I thought I would share it here.  This angled photo shows the dimension a bit better.  This card took more time than I care to admit. πŸ™‚

(c) Hero Arts – for info click HERE.

I will be back with more to share tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!

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25 thoughts on “Home! And some links…”

  1. Thanks for all the great links and the yummy cupcakes too. πŸ˜‰ Glad to ‘see’ you’re back home. πŸ™‚

  2. OMG! That card is the cutest thing!! Have you ever seen Bakerella’s Blog. She makes the cutest little baking desserts. Some good ideas there!
    As far as ideas! I have such a hard time using my flock…getting it to stay!
    And stamping on patterned paper…it tends to bleed.

  3. Welcome home! Hope you had tons of fun at CHA…We were lucky to see little sneaks! Thanks for calling attention to my card…And as for videos–I love to watch ANYTHING you do!

  4. Hi Jennifer – would love to know how you are able to emboss just the front cover of a card with the cuttlebug (instead of the entire card). Thanks! Yardy

  5. Jennifer you are so kind to take time to post all this wonderful thoughtful stuff. I luved it all. Your cupcake card is so yummy. Thankyou so much. I appreciate all you do for us. πŸ™‚

  6. Glad you made it home Jennifer! I am gonna go back and visit all those links after I post this….You are certainly keeping us busy! lol!

    I had sent you an email asking for more demos on ways to use background stamps, like parts of them to create another look. I think you sorta did one of these a while back….with all the new background stamps Hero Arts has I know YOU “stamping goddess” can show us more!

    Thanks for all you do! Cannot wait to see new videos from you!

  7. i’ve GOT to learn to stamp. or atleast to not be scared of it.
    okay, moving on.

    he will pick melissa/mandy moore
    and i think stephanie will be the next bachelorette. she’s a class act.

    i don’t really care, i’m just SO glad he got rid of crazytoothystalker/
    andthentrytokissyouinanawkward way

  8. Thanks for all of the blogs, etc to wander through – some really talented and creative ladies out there!
    As for videos – I love interactive type cards! Oh – I also have problems with flocking…
    My vote is for either Melissa or Molly. Steph is nice but not for Jason.
    Looking forward to your class on Thursday πŸ™‚

  9. Hi,

    Is it bad that I love hearing that a ‘simple’ card can turn into an epic for you as well? I have experienced that too many times to count. Bless you for making me feel normal!

    In regards to vidoes ideas, would you be able to walk me through the different types of inks and what they are best for. I mainly use acrilic stamps and I’m a little lost in terms of the different types. Thanks.

  10. Way too cute and delicious looking! I agree with Carla when she said that Bakerella has some good ideas. It’s so very tempting however so don’t look at it when you are hungry!

  11. This card is awesome. I got a catalog a couple of weeks ago right before I had surgery. I loved this card and recreated it using a cupcake stamp that I have. Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Jen … the card is adorable. Can you tell me something please, I’ve noticed that on mnay of your cards you use your cuttlebug to emboss the backgrounds. What size are your cards and how do you get so much coverage with the embossing. When I use my cuttlebug embossed it leaves off the ends and the edges but just a pinch. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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