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Have you all seen Creating Keepsakes lately?  The February issue is the best I have seen in years.  Wow.  So much good stuff in it.  If you don't get CK, run to a bookstore to check it out.  It is worth it. 

Here is a page I had in there with my article.

(c) Creating Keepsakes February 2009

Also, I have a fun link for you.  There is a great article with scrapbooks pages HERE on Hero's website.  Love it!

And I love all the comments and emails about a very important subject: Bachelor Jason. :)  I agree, I don't think he will end up with Stephanie.  But she seems kind.  I do like Melissa, too. Just not sure if she is mature enough?  I just love Jason.  Very easy on the eyes, huh? 

OK.  Time to run.  Take care!

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31 thoughts on “Creating Keepsakes”

  1. i have really loved the jan and feb issues of CK … think they’ve been the best in a while. and always love your column … makes me think “now why didn’t i think of that?”. lol!

    i do think stephanie is nice … but there’s something about her i’m not feelin. melissa is cute. i think i really like jillian.

  2. I do subscribe to CK and liked seeing your scrapbook page in there. I like reading your column too.
    Sorry I don’t watch that tv show. I would rather watch movies on the Hallmark channel or work on my crafts.

  3. I loved this layout when I saw it in CK! The photos are so heartwarming!

    In regards to the Bachelor……WAIT TIL DEANNA SHOWS UP SAYING SHE MADE A MISTAKE…that is one show I do not want to miss!

  4. I will have to go check it out! It is always fun to see your stuff printed.

    Hope you are having fun this weekend at CHA

  5. Very nice layout! I’m a subscriber in the Netherlands, but didn’t get the Feb issue yet, as well as my other Dutch friends. Rumours are going here that CK will stop and will go together with Simple Scrapbooks. Do you know more about that? I thought I’d ask you too, because you have a monthly article in it. Thanks so much for letting me know, because we are a bit worried…

  6. Loved this layout, Jennifer. I am still hoping and dreaming of photos like those.

    Thanks for the great ideas with the lace cardstock!

  7. That layout is so beautiful, Jennifer. All of your work is. 🙂

    As for Jason – yep he’s easy on the eyes for sure. 😉 I don’t think he’d end up with Stephanie either, but she sure is very sweet. We’ll see…

  8. I liked the old CK better than I like the new January and February issues so far, but I’m still going to keep my subscription, And I ALWAYS love your column 🙂

  9. Love the layout. The last two issues have been the best in a very long time. I loved the February issue. I have dog eared more pages in the last two issues than in many months, probably years!

  10. you know jennifer a bunch of us were talking at a crop and we all agreed that you are the one article that we look forward to the most, you are the reason most of us sub, and you inspire us in ways that you probably never imagined! Love this layout, super precious photos, cant wait to see it in the Mag!

  11. I love Ck magazine. It is a great day when it is sitting in my mailbox.

    JASON i think that he would be great with the girl who had him jump on the bed to see who could jump higher ~ She also got the rose on the group date( Can not remember her name) I like Stephanie too but I am with you .. probably won’t be her.

  12. Jennifer –
    I’m not sure if this is a good place to ask this, but I’ll give it a try. I have several sets of tiny alphabet stamps (mounted rubber), but some of the letters don’t stay stuck to the wooden handles. Is there a special adhesive or way to re-mount them?


  13. Jennifer

    I have had subscription to CK for eight years. So many great ideas including all your lovely goodies too.

    This layout is so moving. Brings back those memories of holding my new borns.
    The colors you used are beautiful. Baby blue is my favorite color. You look so pretty after giving birth. I am sure you are giving thanks and praying to be a great mother.

    Sandi N.

  14. I did notice a difference in CK this month. Super thick and full of tons of new articles. Loved it. I’ve gon through it about 3 times now!

    Wish I was at CHA to say hi. A little far for me this time. Too bad no more CHA-chicago huh?

  15. I loved your layout when I saw it in CK. It is a great issue this month.

    I’m looking forward to watching the show tonight. I wonder which episode Deanna is going to return in. That should be interesting!

  16. What a beautiful layout. Great job. I always love your work. I just bought the CK issue last night and will have to look for it.

    I swore I wasn’t going to watch another Bachelor/Bachelorette but I got sucked in from Episode 1. lol When you see Jason, how can you not? He is just a cutie and so sweet. Stephanie has grown on me but I am betting on Melissa. Like the others said, he was definitely with a brunette in the clips they showed.

  17. Personally, I prefer Jillian, but the whole concept of finding love on a TV show is really bizarre. I can’t imagine that people think this is a good way to start a relationship. It is, however, highly entertaining! 😛
    Love your page. It’s simply beautiful and what a magical moment to have preserved in your album!

  18. LOVE the Bachelor this season!!! He’s nice on the eyes with the personality to match. I agree, Stephanie is such a kind hearted person. I just don’t think he’s her type or vice versa. I think Melissa’s my fave. We’ll see!!

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