Proof that I love you… (a great giveaway)

Today, I have proof that I love you.  (Hee.)

Remember all those great ideas you all gave me for teacher gifts?  I combined a lot of your tips together to create gifts for Colin's teachers.  The cost wasn't bad, although it did take time to put together.  But I think that is the best gift – one that has thought and love put into it.  Colin's teachers are amazing.  I just hope they know how much they are appreciated.

And after I share what I created, I will have a great giveaway, as a thank you to you.

Here are the baskets I did:

  • The baskets were like $1.50 at Hobby Lobby.
  • The journals are from Target.  Maybe $5.
  • Couldn't find the pens with the post-it things on it – wish I could.  Instead, just did a simple pen… maybe $1.
  • Fuzzy socks – on sale at Dillards for $2.50.
  • Gift card from bookstore.  This was the main gift.
  • Mug from Target.  $3.  Just a plain one.
  • Hot chocolate mix.  Colin's sweet sitter made these for us and friends, so I hired her to make some for me to give the teachers.  She said they were about $2 each to make them.  So cute.  (For directions, click HERE. But she also added a layer of red sugar sprinkles.  I LOVE that touch!)
  • Bookmarks I made using this INCREDIBLE stationery set from 2peas by Erica Hernandez.  WOW.  Love this set.  On the back of the bookmarks, Colin drew a picture.
  • I used that same digital kit to create the circle tag on the front.
  • Also included my family's holiday card.

Teacher 4

Teacher 1

Teacher 3

Teahcer 2

Oh, and several people suggested giving them a set of handmade cards.  I did that a few weeks ago, too. So I needed something different for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

And, isn't this too cute?  Colin in his performance at school.  They sang a bunch of songs.  Melts my heart…

Colin Concert

OK… since you were all so kind to me, I have a great giveaway.  This is my FAVORITE punch.  So I must love you if I am giving one away, huh?  Hee.  The Paper Shapers from EK Success are the best and this big 3" scallop is amazing.  And I have one to giveaway!  (Thanks EK!  Oh, and if you want any of the scallop punches, call Stampers Corner – she has great prices and doesn't charge more than actual shipping!  Also, Stamp Your Art Out.)  Just leave a comment here by 11:59pmEDT on Tuesday telling me what the weather is like in your neck of the woods.  I will pick a random winner of this…

Prize again

Here?  It is darn cold.  A few degrees.  EEK!  I prefer snow if it is going to be this cold.  But my mother-in-law has the best fireplace – you can't peel me away from it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs!  Oh, and the winner of the Autumn Leaves stamp set is Adriana P!  And the Maya Road set?  That winner is Sharon (from Florida)!  I emailed you both.


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665 thoughts on “Proof that I love you… (a great giveaway)”

  1. It’s -8 degrees Celsius here in Vancouver. Looks like we’re in for a white Christmas – the first since 1971!

  2. The weather in the Sacramento area is dry today with temperatures in the 40s. It rained most of Sunday, and we may be getting more rain.

  3. it’s freezing here….lots of VERY cold temps but no snow in our neck of the woods. just shiver, shiver, shiver!! All the water freezes at night and melts during the day. Love those baskets, Jennifer!

  4. Here in Rhode Island, it’s in the 20s, no wind but plenty of snow on the ground from the weekend…expection rain the next 2 days so I hope Santa puts life jackets on his team!

  5. Your baskets are adorable! It’s always so fun to see what people put in baskets. We are gearing up for more snow here in Iowa. We have already had over 10 inches this month. Ugh. Oh well, at least we have a white Christmas. Merry CHristmas!

  6. Loving the teacher’s gifts!!
    It is cold with freezy rain/drizzle here in Cincinnati. The roads were very interesting this afternoon/evening!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Love the baskets. So cute and personal. We are “weathering” our 2nd ice storm in a week here in Indiana. Luckily we haven’t lost power like many others. Have a happy holiday!

  8. It’s about 32F in Hungary. Frosty, windy, without snow ๐Ÿ™ This winter I saw snow only once, about 2 hours long. It’s not real winter.

    Thanks for the chance to win this punch ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish you merry Christmas!

  9. Well I’m in Alberta, Canada and right now we’re in the middle of a cold spell so we’re sitting around -30 C close to -40C with windchill.. that’s probably about -30ish F…

    beautiful baskets. Wish we had Target here =(

  10. We don’t have any snow here in the center of UK. In fact it’s gone really mild and feeling very much like spring.Thanks for the chance of brilliant candy!

  11. I live just south of Seattle and we are experiencing unusual high amounts of snow. I’ve got at least a foot in my backyard and we’ve got more to come tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the baskets and the tags! Thanks for all the inspiration. Have a wonderful Holiday season

  12. I’m in Miami Lakes Florida and it’s about 68 degrees now. I wish it were a bit colder but at least it’s not in the 90’s! Thanks for the chance at winning that cool scallop punch!

  13. It is down right COLD and the snow just keeps on coming here in WA state!

    Love those teacher’s gifts the baskets look amazing!

  14. In comparison to a lot of necks in the woods I guess it is pretty warm here in central Texas today it was 48 outside, tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer but to me that is really cold!!

    Hope all of you in the single digits with snow stay warm!!
    Jen M in Texas

  15. Wonderful and very thoughtful baskets. Would love for you to pick me for the punch rak…love punches and don’t have but need that one for sure. The weather…too cold…high of 36 today and it has been raining for 4 days but hopefully that is gone now…Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

  16. I’m on way home from family ski trip in Co. Currently texting from DH’s iPhone on I-70 where the current weather is 34 degrees and drizzle. Love your tchr gifts btw!

  17. It’s cold here with plenty of snow on the ground and lots more expected tomorrow. Thanks for the chance of winning this wonderful punch. Happy Holidays.

  18. Here in northern California, it’s a cool 40 degrees with a chance of rain this weekend. Thanks for the chance to play!

  19. BRRR!!!! Freezing and has been a high of 23 degrees today and we have about 15 inches of snow on the ground….more to come tonite!!!

  20. Rain, rain go away, come again another day…at least until after Christmas. I guess we should be thankful that it’s only rain and not snow – But that would be so neat! If it snowed in California.

  21. In Montreal, we had -10F this morning and it is about 8F tonight with snow. We are headed towards a mixture of rain and snow in the forecoming days.
    Your son is adorable and I love your blog.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  22. it’s not cold here. 87 degrees and sunny. All the flowers are blooming and the city is filled with holiday tourists.

    Kind of different for a Carolina girl, who loves wool sweaters and hot chocolate by the fireplace.

  23. WoW! You really rocked those baskets! I’d love them if I was the teacher. As to the weather, please don’t hate me. It was cool today, mid to low 70’s and sunny in Florida.

  24. HI Jennifer,

    Those are amazing basket gifts for the teachers. I’m taking note for next year – or perhaps even next June. As a teacher myself, I sure would appreciate having such a gift where a lot of thought and creativity were involved !

    In my neck of the woods, it was minus 21 degrees today ! I don’t know how it translates in Fahrenheight, but it sure was very cold. Bitingly cold. Enough to want to go snuggle near a fireplace with a hot chocolate in hand ! It didn’t prevent me from going out to take photos of beautiful light displays in downtown Ottawa, though !

    THanks for sharing your creativity and ideas ! Your blog is shock full of ideas !

    I’ll take this opportunity to wish you and yours a most wonderful and magic Christmas !

    Danielle (daniellemarieclaire in Canada)

  25. Well, I can’t complain so much, because all though it is cold here for our neck of the woods, it is comparatively warm to what all everyone is suffering in the midwest and back east. Our lows here in So Cal are in the 40’s and it just started raining again… We will have a wet Christmas it seems, and I can’t even tell you the last time that happened here!

  26. Here in Cedar Park, TX it is in the 40s. It has been cold, damp, and dreary for a couple of days. They are saying we might get some sunshine tomorrow. I hope that is true, because I miss MR SUN.
    We hardly ever get snow, so I guess we are luckier than alot of folks, but I would love to feel warm.

  27. Love all the projects–so very cute!

    In Southern Idaho we have around 5″ of snow on the ground and may have another storm on Christmas Day!
    My boys are loving their “White Christmas”.

  28. I am cozied up in my house with my family waiting for the snow to fall!!!!! 8-12 inches in the next 24hrs. We live in British Columbia Canada on the Westcoast where we never get a white Christmas but we will this year – Can’t wait!!!!

  29. I’m in NY where the weather has been just crazy. Over the last few days, we had snow and sleet followed by frigid temsp and wind chills around zero. Today it was sunny with temps in the uppper 20s low 30s and by Christmas it’s going to warm up to the mid 40s. It told you it was crazy!

  30. i seem to be in the “hole in the donut” of Colorado-everyone around us is getting snow, and we just have gorgeous sunny skies & 18F temps. i hope we get the snow soon-i’m ready!

  31. We are experiencing that lovely white stuff that falls so beautifuly and gently from the sky. That was my description about the situation last week. We continue to to see this stuff falling and now my description is less than lovely. It can stop any time now. Really any time now. I live in Michigan and we have accumulated at least 15 inches in the last 5 days. I was raised in the upper peninsula so you would think I am used to this. Actually that is one of the reasons I left.
    Thanks for sharing the blog candy. Your baskets turned out awesome.

  32. Great gifts, and Colin is so adorable! We got about 2 feet of snow over the weekend, which isn’t as bad as the weekend before when an ice storm knocked out our power (and water) for 3 days (although we were one of the lucky ones – some people had no power for over a week). The snow is beautiful – it looks like marshmallow fluff!

  33. Colin looks so darn cute with those antlers!

    I’m in SC and it is around 40 here these days which is actually pretty cold for this region. I’m originally from Ohio so this feels like Christmas. I hear you guys are getting a real cold snap. Hope the snow comes for Christmas!

  34. It was pretty cold here today, but not too bad. It was about 45 degrees, but it was sooo windy which made it colder. No snow:(
    I’ve been seeing everybody else’s snow and sure wish we had some.

  35. It’s freezing….but you already know that being a Cincinnati gal as well. I am just glad to be off the icy roads that were so bad today. Thanks for the awesome give-away! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. In the Good ‘Ole South/Middle Georgia we are expecting 65 degrees Christmas day. This past weekend it was mid 70’s. Doesn’t feel quiet like Christmas in my neck of the woods. Wish I could have some of your snow…
    Great giveaway, thanks for sharing with us.
    Merry Christmas!

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