Proof that I love you… (a great giveaway)

Today, I have proof that I love you.  (Hee.)

Remember all those great ideas you all gave me for teacher gifts?  I combined a lot of your tips together to create gifts for Colin's teachers.  The cost wasn't bad, although it did take time to put together.  But I think that is the best gift – one that has thought and love put into it.  Colin's teachers are amazing.  I just hope they know how much they are appreciated.

And after I share what I created, I will have a great giveaway, as a thank you to you.

Here are the baskets I did:

  • The baskets were like $1.50 at Hobby Lobby.
  • The journals are from Target.  Maybe $5.
  • Couldn't find the pens with the post-it things on it – wish I could.  Instead, just did a simple pen… maybe $1.
  • Fuzzy socks – on sale at Dillards for $2.50.
  • Gift card from bookstore.  This was the main gift.
  • Mug from Target.  $3.  Just a plain one.
  • Hot chocolate mix.  Colin's sweet sitter made these for us and friends, so I hired her to make some for me to give the teachers.  She said they were about $2 each to make them.  So cute.  (For directions, click HERE. But she also added a layer of red sugar sprinkles.  I LOVE that touch!)
  • Bookmarks I made using this INCREDIBLE stationery set from 2peas by Erica Hernandez.  WOW.  Love this set.  On the back of the bookmarks, Colin drew a picture.
  • I used that same digital kit to create the circle tag on the front.
  • Also included my family's holiday card.

Teacher 4

Teacher 1

Teacher 3

Teahcer 2

Oh, and several people suggested giving them a set of handmade cards.  I did that a few weeks ago, too. So I needed something different for Christmas. 🙂

And, isn't this too cute?  Colin in his performance at school.  They sang a bunch of songs.  Melts my heart…

Colin Concert

OK… since you were all so kind to me, I have a great giveaway.  This is my FAVORITE punch.  So I must love you if I am giving one away, huh?  Hee.  The Paper Shapers from EK Success are the best and this big 3" scallop is amazing.  And I have one to giveaway!  (Thanks EK!  Oh, and if you want any of the scallop punches, call Stampers Corner – she has great prices and doesn't charge more than actual shipping!  Also, Stamp Your Art Out.)  Just leave a comment here by 11:59pmEDT on Tuesday telling me what the weather is like in your neck of the woods.  I will pick a random winner of this…

Prize again

Here?  It is darn cold.  A few degrees.  EEK!  I prefer snow if it is going to be this cold.  But my mother-in-law has the best fireplace – you can't peel me away from it. 🙂

Hugs!  Oh, and the winner of the Autumn Leaves stamp set is Adriana P!  And the Maya Road set?  That winner is Sharon (from Florida)!  I emailed you both.


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665 thoughts on “Proof that I love you… (a great giveaway)”

  1. Central IL – Brrrr!! – Exsisting ice from last wkd ice storm, now being covered with a snow storm moving in @ 19 degrees F = White Christmas!!

    Have a Safe & Merry Christmas Everyone!! 🙂

  2. It’s now 28 degrees and frigid. The snow is covered with a crust of ice. The wind is making it feel like it’s in the teens…
    I wore a long fake-fur-lined coat to work, 2 pairs of gloves, ear muffs, boots, jeans, a sweater and a fleece vest.
    The coat caused all sorts of static so every time I touched something, I sparked!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. What great baskets for the teachers. I am sure they will just love them. It turned cold here and windy but no snow. It will be warm for Christmas!

  4. Colorful Colorado! We are cold – high yesterday was 22, snow on the ground and more to come today – but not a bunch.

    I agree with you – if it is cold then snow please…love falling snow.

    I loved the baskets you made. I think that is what I will be making for some birthdays that will be coming up…

    thank you!


  5. I love the baskets! I am a teacher and I would totally appreciate the baskets and the thought that went into them. The warm fuzzy socks and hot cocoa would be perfect for the cold weather.
    It is freezing here in usually warm, sunny Southern California. (Well, freezing for us! It snowed last week adn everything is covered in frost now!)

  6. I know what you mean about preferring snow. We usually get more ice though. Love the punch! I’ve been looking at those circle punches at my lss but really love the scallop. You pulled together some beautiful gift baskets. Just the kind of thing I loved when I taught. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. I live in the 1000 islands area. We have about twelve inches of snow, and it’s really cold here today.
    Hope the sun shines on us later today

  8. Beautiful gifts for anyone on your list. Have to keep this for next year. 31 and snow today. 46 and rain tomorrow. Gotta love N.E. Ohio. Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change : ) At least were not getting Vegas weather ROTFL. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and Joy filled New Year.

  9. SE Michigan – Cold and snowy. Last night it was 0 without the wind chill. We were colder than the UP. I tried so hard to stay inside, but books were due at the library so the kids and I packed up and dropped them off.

  10. It has been freezing with slick roads. Waiting for it to warm a little to go last minute shopping. Love your gift baskets.

  11. Chandler, AZ – it’s 46 right now. Chilly for us! Rainy this am but the sun is peeking out! My girls & I are drinking hot chocolate w/whip cream! YUM!

    Those baskets came out real cute!
    Have a blessed holiday!

  12. Great giveaway. You spoil us so much. lol
    It is snowing here, but it keeps melting. I want a white Christmas. Well, I guess I should be happy that it is snowing at least.

  13. I live in Iowa. We have about 2 feet of snow on the ground and it is cold. I think the high today is going to be less than 10 degrees. At least it is not windy now. Very cute teacher gifts. I would love to win the punch.

  14. We’ve been crazy here in Atlanta. One day it’s in the 70’s and the next it’s 11 degrees! Today we’re sunny & in the 30’s with some rain moving in – yuk – we need it for drought but would much rather have snow

  15. here in belgium it is a soft misty wintersday en i am looking for a punch like that…. i would love it if it came my way 🙂

  16. It is very cold and snowy. The roads are in horrible shape with black ice, snow and high winds. They are closing parts of the interstate because of so many accidents and run offs. I just got home from running errands and plan not to leave again…good time to stamp.

  17. the weather here (lynden, washington) is snowy. and cold. right now (9:59 a.m. on tuesday) it’s 22 degrees, but feels like 16 degrees (we’ve got some strong north-easterly wind blowing down from canada. grrrrr!)

  18. It’s BEAUTIFUL 54 here in NorCal!! HEHEHE! I’m close to the coast and it feels so much colder! It should be raining later today, then as well as tomorrow and the next day…..sigh….. cold and rainy…ha!
    Thanks for a chance to win Jennifer!

    Have a wonderul Christmas* your baskets turned out BEAUTIFUL!
    Jen Jen

  19. Even though the sun is trying to peek through the clouds “the weather outside is frightful”! Bitter winds and blowing snow make it soooo nice to be tucked inside completing my Christmas baking and gift wrapping.
    Christmas blessings to all…..~Sandie

  20. Right above ya here in Loveland OH…..cold with sleet but its getting warmer so rain, rain and more rain… your baskets those were great.

  21. Love that scallop punch! I need a new one too b/c I got a smaller version of a scallop circle, in a more generic brand and it is just not cutting it! (literally…lol).

    Anyway, it’s still cold here, but for Christmas Eve and Christmas it’s gonna be almost 60! No White Christmas for us…

  22. We are about to get hit with Round Four. Seattle isn’t used to this kind of weather and the city is pretty much shut down.

    On the positive side,the temperature has risen to a balmy 32 degrees! (which is pretty darn cold for this area!)

  23. We live in Colorado–this morning we had beautiful blue skies and now we’re having a beautiful, snow globe type snow. Perfect!

  24. Brr, Brr, and triple Brr! Snowing and blowing here in Climax MI … gotta love that “lake effect snow” … NOT!!! Days like this makes me wonder why we moved back to MI from southern AL … it’s all about family! Being back near family and old friends is truly what makes me happy. Love your little reindeer!

  25. The weather is freezing here in the 20’s but in the negatives with the wind chill and a chance of flurries.

    OMG, I have been looking for one of thoses locally but all I have is Walmart and they sell no such thing!

  26. Those teacher gifts are great! As a preschool teacher myself, I know how important it feels to be appreciated!

    I am in Italy at the moment, but it is COLD here too! Gets up to about 50 in the day but it is below freezing right now. I need to move to Hawaii.

  27. It’s cold and finally not raining here in SW Virginia! After 8 days of yucky greyness, the sun has come back out and brought my Christmas spirit back with it! It’s still windy and chilly, but I’m thankful we’re not buried under lots of snow.

    Love the picture of Colin – too cute! Merry Christmas!

  28. Soooo cold. Last week we were -40 degrees at night. They say we are having the coldest December on record. I could sure be warmed up with a punch of good luck! Thanks…. have the Merriest Christmas.

  29. Washington DC – 30 degrees today and sunny today. We haven’t had snow yet this year -I’m jealous of everyone that does have snow! Happy Holidays everyone!

  30. It’s very cold here – about 1 degree. We are expecting more snow today too – just after getting 13 inches 3 days ago. Brrr in Iowa.

  31. I am in England for the holidays but it is quite mild today – around 46F. I live in S Calif so it really makes a change here. Its nice to see my mom and sister though.
    Love your teacher gifts – how thoughtful you are.

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