If you are free right now… come chat!

I am chatting over on Scrapfreak.com about my CK article.  I guess I should have mentioned it earlier – der!  It is going on now: 8pm – 9pm EDT.  Come play!  Live chats are fun.  🙂

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12 thoughts on “If you are free right now… come chat!”

  1. Ok girl… It is 5:15 pm over here on the Pacific time zone… I think the chat is over! RATS!

    ps. The box of goodness has arrived!!!!! Did I mention tons of goodness!!!!!!!!! WOW! My daughter is so excited that each student gets to write on their own card!!! She thought they all had to share one…

    Beautiful goodies…

  2. This is my first post and I sure hope that it works!!! I always loved A Christmas Story, but I now love it even more since I live in CLeveland I am able to visit the actual house where they filmed the movie. It is so cool and best of all you can buy the leg lamp how fun is that!! Merry Christmas everyone.

  3. This is my first post and I love your emails!
    I have always loved Dickens “A Christmas Carol” and that will never change. I mean the original version with Alistair Sims. I read the book when I was young and the story always puts me in the spirit of the season! There is no substitute and never will be!


  4. Hate I missed the chat, I would loved to have joined in and met everyone. Maybe next time.

    Have a great friday

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