How-To Video: Adding Color to Stamped Transparency

Hey, everyone!

Leslie Lightfoot is doing a great job over on Hero Arts’ blog this week.  I love her color combos.  You can see everything HERE.

And I did a video and card for her for today showing how to add color to White Staz-On stamped on transparency.  Be sure to go HERE to see the pretty color combo for today, some additional shots and to leave a comment telling Leslie how much she rocks. πŸ™‚

(c) Hero Arts

And here is another card I did with this technique a few weeks ago on the Hero blog.  For details, click HERE.

(c) Hero Arts

Hey… I have a question for all your readers out there.  I want to do a little gift basket for Colin’s teacher with reading stuff.  I plan to include a handmade bookmark and a Borders gift certificate… but I am stumped there.  Have any ideas of a few more things I could include?

Also, please let me know if there are any techniques you would like to see videos on.  I need some ideas of what to show. πŸ™‚

Thanks, all!  I have to finish up my Christmas card design today – so I gotta run. πŸ™‚

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83 thoughts on “How-To Video: Adding Color to Stamped Transparency”

  1. J, a booklight is usually around $5. Maybe a mini comp book so she can keep track of the books she’s read? And maybe some munchies while she reads, like pretzels, chocolate covered of course!

  2. ha! my teacher gift exactly. i’m making a book “thong” out of beads and a thing cord. i also make homemade bread and include cinnamon honey with it. i use those clear bags and Pottery Barn’s faux snow to contain it all. makes a cute package.

  3. Just like everyone else Hot Chocolate came to mind, I have a “mug card” design where you put the following items in it: 1 packet of hot chocolate, 2 hershey kisses, 1 small candy cane, 6-8 mini marshmellows in a plastic bag. Then you add a note that says: Magic Snowman Soup Empty coca into mug, fill with hot water. Add a kiss or two, stir with magic stick, (Yum, yum have a lick!). Don’t forget to add the scoop of snowman poop! Stir ocassionally while sipping and enjoy the magic! Email me and I will send you a picture of the Snowman mug. Also, a neck wrap is great, the one’s you heat in a microwave and then place around your neck to melt away the stress.

  4. Jennifer

    First I just want to say how much like the heart card and the set of heart stamps. I think they will be in my Christmas list.

    Second Colin’s teacher. How about those reading lights you connect on the top of the book. The are under ten dollars and can be found in book stores. I think reading and hot cocoa go together this time of year. How about a set of name plates for her books. Hero Arts has a cool set CL154. You could stamp them on address labels from the office store. She could peel then off and use when needed.

    Enjoy your day!!!

  5. I love to check out your blog and see your ideas. For my kids teachers I ordered custom stamps from that say “this book belongs to the classroom of Mrs. Jones” I am going to give the stamp and an inkpad to each teacher.

    I would love to see more about coloring and I also like to see pictures as well as videos.

  6. I have made s sticky note holder/cover with my son last year and his teacher loved it.Also,we made a card on why I am so thankful for his teacher. My son made the card and wrote the reasons inside.(I am thankful that you help me learn to read,etc)

  7. First – I do hope you are planning on showing your book mark!! What a great idea.

    How about one of those neck thingies that is scented with Lavender that you warm in the microwave – so comfy to have on my neck as I read. Love it!!

    Thanks for all your sharing!!

  8. A small set of handmade thank you cards would be a wonderful addition, especially a set of yours. Birthday cards are always needed also. I am sure whatever you add it will be awesome!

  9. You could alter mini composition books & regular size ones. They make great little gifts. Also another thing I like to call Notables which are covered small legal pads. have fun. stamping sue

  10. STICKERS!!! for her to use in class. And any other supply like a stamp and stamp pad. Who knows you may introduce her to a new craft! It only takes one stamp to get hooked. Hope this is helpful. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  11. A small “book reading light”, a few bags of you rfavorite “tea” and a box of biscottis’… and if you need something more then perhaps a cd of “ocean sounds”

  12. Such a wonderful technique and card Jennifer — LOVE!

    I haven’t read the comments, sorry if this has already been mentioned. What if you went with the theme “curl up with a good book” (or something similar) and include cozy socks…and depending how much you want to spend, a blanket…? Bath & Body Works has their cozy socks for $5 right now and they are the best! I live in them in the winter. πŸ˜‰ You could also use the cute bird/branch “this book belongs to” stamp from the Hero Bracket & Tag Clear Design set to make a set of bookplates. I’m making some of these for my daughter’s teacher so she can label her classroom library books. Whatever you do, it will be fab! πŸ™‚

  13. You could include a small reading light,a lap blanket for those chilly nights, and a few of Colin’s favorite books with a note from Colin inside.

  14. Jennifer,
    How about adding a nice coffee mug, cocoa, coffee, chocolate dipped spoons, etc. You can easily make the spoons by melting chocolate, dipping the spoons and sprinkling with goodies before the chocolate sets.

  15. I LOVE your cards so pretty!!

    We are doing reading themes too! Gift cards to Borders! πŸ™‚ Hot Choc. and some homemade goodies!!! I am also going to let my DD give her teacher a cute pen we decorated saw this here….
    found that link while looking at your videos! LOL!! and an altered notepad to go along with it!! I made a pen yesterday took me 5 minutes! I LOVE that kind of craft.. I think everyone will get them this year! HA HA!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  16. Well, I was going to say to put some tea bags or hot chocolate in the basket too, but you all had the same idea!
    How about a neck warmer?? Some are filled with really nice herbs that soothe and relax, of course for some of us, we need a whole body suit before it works, but you get the idea!

  17. I just remembered, you asked for ideas on video’s you could make. I thought of one last night after I sent my first post. I have a hard time knowing what to do with large background/collage stamps. I have a few and I look at them and it scares me to use them because I just don’t know what to do. If you have any ideas on how to use them……I would greatly appreciate it. I hate to have them sit on my shelf and not get used just because I am afraid of them….sounds silly to be afraid of a stamp….I think intimidated is a better word!


  18. I would suggest a book night light so she can read in bed. I also love a wrap that someone gave me. It’s not as big as a throw but wraps around your neck & shoulders with two pockets. They have them at Stein Mart if you have one in your area.

    Happy Holidays!

  19. Well what about a book light! ha! They are pretty inexpensive and you can get them at most drug stores, walmart, etc. and in pretty colors, bright pink, blue, or green.
    TWO MORE THINGS- I think a mug holder would be nice. They have really pretty ones to set your mug on so there are no rings left on your table. And ya gotta through a small bag of like Gourmet carmel popcorn or some kinda yummy snack.

    I love your tutorials and would love to see more vidoes using your Cuttlebug or Cricut! You explain everything so well and I very much appreciate that!
    Have a blessed day!
    Jen Jen

  20. I have nothing new to contribut that has not already been mentioned before so I’m going to second (or fifteenth) the book plate idea so that she can mark books that belong to her. As a teacher myself while the thought is great….there are only so many mugs you can receive and I’ve only been teaching for five years. The handmade and gift cards are the best gifts.

  21. You could stamp up a blank journal for her to use as a reading journal. She could keep track of what she has read and what she thinks of it. Each page could have a place for the Title, Author, date she read it, and her comments.

  22. Put in all the essentials that you used to make the bookmark, so that she can enjoy your handcrafted bookmark even more!!! Kinda like a receipe!! for the last few holidays, to my craftier friends, i have been sending “cards” which consist of the gift of blank paper and stamps and inks and the appropriate sentiment. we all love to pass it on.

  23. I agree with many of the ideas but these two are unique (I think, I scanned through very quickly). A post it note pen, someone else said a highlighter but for some books the pages are too thin, the colour would show through to the next page πŸ™ how about a pack of post it notes in a stamped wrap? You could even sew/glue it to a length of ribbon so she can tie it to her book. You KWIM by a wrap right? You take CS and wrap from the front to the back (score where necessary for a smooth fit) and continue creating a flap which you can secure with magnets, Velcro or cut a slit and tuck in the flap. This works well anytime you want to add sticky notes to a project like a folder, organizer or clipboard where the sticky notes sticky stuff isn’t enough to keep it on. Oh, and though it has been said, I also vote for chocolate. Maybe make your own hot choc mix and put it in a decorated jar. Let me know if you want details on the recipe, don’t have them on hand and my thumb is getting tired from typing on my iPhone!

  24. Ideas for videos: I’m not sure if it was one of your videos for your own blog, or creatingkeepsakes, or hero – in the midst of the video, you demonstrated how you take old paper (that you buy from someone off ebay) and use it on your projects – I’ve looked and looked to try to figure out what video that was (b/c this was just a throwaway you added in while doing something else great) and can’t find it. Anytime you demonstrate basic techniques, I find I go back to them again and again, and my daughter uses them as well.

  25. Hi Jennifer,

    In addition to your bookmark and the Borders gift certificate, you could add some of your cards. What a wonderful treat that would be for Colin’s teacher.

    Love all of your ideas!

  26. I think some hot chocolate or tea and maybe some snacks like chocolate or candy would be a nice touch. The mini book light would be a cool idea too.

  27. I didn’t read all the posts so this may have been suggested, but the first thing I thought of is a set of personalized labels that she can put in her books “this book belongs to…”.

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