Giveaway… and is anyone else STILL not done…

… with their holiday cards?  Oh my.  I am still working on mine.  Sigh…


Thought I would share some holiday gift bags.  I love buying the $.50 kraft bags and decorating them with stamping.

I did this tree bag for 2peas HERE and then created another bag and a card to go with it.  I used some Stampin' Up stamps on the extra two and LOVE those stamps!  Click HERE for more info.


This card has Stampin' Up stamping.  Yummm…

SU card

And another bag for another dear friend.  I got this bag on clearance with a bunch of other colors at Target.  Keep an eye on their gift wrap area – they always have great deals on bags and boxes that can be altered…


And you know me, I love to share links of some goodness out there.  Here are some:

  • I love THESE projects by Tia Bennett.  YUM.
  • Jennifer Gallacher always knocks my socks off with her creations.  Love THIS.
  • Don't you love it when you meet someone who is a total sweetheart?  Someone you would love to have coffee with every morning?  That is how I feel about Kelly Goree.  Go check out her blog – she has a great giveaway a few posts down, too.  Go HERE.  And, her son has the exact same lovey (a stuffed monkey) as my son does.  Funny.
  • Hero Arts has free 2-day shipping on their website.  And they give a free gift with all orders.  (Trust me – they are very generous – this won't be a little thing.)  They also have certificates.  (Feel free to send a link to this post as a hint to your husbands. :)  Go HERE for more info.

And time for a giveaway!  Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite holiday tradition.  I will pick a winner of this fabulous clear stamp set from Autumn Leaves…

See you soon…

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390 thoughts on “Giveaway… and is anyone else STILL not done…”

  1. What an incedible stamp set to part with! Love it! My fave tradition is reading my daughter the night before Christmas, and getting her so excited that she keeps coming out and asking if it is morning, yet! That coupled with the 8am ringing of bells outside her window. I am very clever I hook them up on a pull string, and I pull it from my window; so as not to be caught red handed with bells in my hand.

  2. Going to a tree farm and cutting down
    the perfect Christmas tree..the fresh pine
    smell in the house is so are those
    stamps…thanks for sharing

  3. Favorite Christmas Tradition: Each year we buy a Christmas candle for each of our children and on the bottom list their name and the date. I have been given a candle a year since I was born and one of my favorite things to do each year is get out the candles and set them out in a display with the kids help. Oh, how the memories flood back, who gave them, what year and the fact that I now have candles that are over 30 years old is scary and amazing… one day my kids will too!

  4. church on christmas eve. then my family, siblings, and parents go out to eat and then we all spend the night at my parents. i love it!

  5. Hmmmm…favorite holiday tradition??? I think making my Christmas cards even when I am slow and Christmas is sooooo close and I am not done!!! Just love coming up with new ideas and then making the cards….

  6. I am a music director and each Christmas my choir presents a musical. It’s a lot of work but it’s also traditionally a ton of fun! In addition to this creative outlet, I LOVE stamping. Thank you for your inspiration!

  7. Not sure if I have just one, but I always watch Miracle on 34th Street (1947 version) while writing my Christmas cards.

    Reading the kids a christmas themed story everyday from December 1st to 24th. Of course we read The Night Before Christmas on the 24th.

  8. Our family’s favorite tradition is getting together with the extended family on Christmas Eve for boiled shrimp and snacks. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and afterward the kids ask grandpa to allow them to open just ONE gift, and of course, before we know it, everyone opens just ONE until they’re all opened!

  9. We always have a very special breakfast together, just us. We set a pretty table and make everyones favorite dishes and fruit salad. We all look forward to it after opening presents. This is a great give away…I love the tags! Merry Christmas Jennifer!

  10. A family slumber party in front of a fire with a new movie – on the night before Christmas Eve. I think the kids look forward to this the most each year! ~TanyaS

  11. I love that we go out to a local tree farm every year to get our tree and bring it home to decorate together as a family. Always lots of fun!!

  12. Foregoing bedtime stories on Christmas Eve and watching The Snowman instead with pyjamaed kids and a hot chocolate. That, and making Jesus the centre of all our Christmas celebrations.

  13. Thanks for the chance! My favorite holiday tradition is buying gifts/doing things for others. I love an excuse to do something nice for someone else it always makes me happy.

  14. Just spending time with my kids is the favorite holiday tradition I have. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and then open presents. Our traditional Christmas meal is lasagna. It is something I can prepare ahead of time and not have to spend the day cooking. Christmas is the only holiday that I can just sit back and enjoy watching my children and grandchildren celebrate the holiday.

  15. HI Jennifer!

    When I was younger and the family was together for every Christmas I really enjoyed going to midnight mass at our church. It was exciting to go out so late at night, dressed up, usually with lots of snow everywhere and the church was always dimmed for the service with beautiful white lights everywhere. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I always felt full of emotion and got choked up when we sang Silent Night at the end of the service – I don’t know why! I think it’s because I was home for Christmas break from college or being away and the family was together for a short while and it just felt so wonderful to have everyone together. I know, I’m a big sooky bum!!

    Thanks for the chance to win – cute set of stamps!

  16. Love the bags – gorgeous! My favorite holiday tradition is the special breakfast we have on Christmas morning (after all the presents are opened of course!).

  17. For the past several years my Mom, Sister and I wrap all the nieces, nephews and assorted other in-laws gifts after dinner on Christmas Eve, it’s so much more fun than doing it all by myself. We watch White Christmas and wrap, wrap, wrap. My husband provides comic relief. Love those gift bags by the way!!

  18. TFS! Lovely!
    Our favourite tradition is having Grandma sleep over on Christmas Eve. She helps get the kids to bed and wrap gifts. The kids love waking her up in the morning and we all share in all the fun and wonder!

  19. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to my parents’ farm on Christmas Eve to spend time with family…lots of food & drink…gifts for the kiddos…then it’s off to Midnight Mass…what a wonderful celebration!!!

  20. Your work is truly amazing and I admire you so much. My favorite holiday tradition is the breaking of the Christmas wafer on Christmas Eve. Each person gets a piece of wafer and breaks off a piece of wafer from each person at the table and wishes that person a Merry Christmas. It’s a Polish tradition.

  21. My favourite time of Christmas is Christmas Eve after we come home from my parents. It’s just me, my husband and our daughter (and of course our 4 dogs) and we sit in the living room with all the lights out except the Christmas lights. It started when our 19 year old daughter was three and we would sit and listen for Santa’s bells. We still do it now and joke, talk and plan. Then when we hear a big noise, off we go to bed! Can’t catch Santa in the act, can we??? Thanks Jennifer and Merry Christmas!

  22. We have so many traditions, it’s hard to pick just one as a favorite. One tradition we have is to let the kids open new jammies on Christmas Eve, right before bed.

    Thanks for a chance to win!
    Merry Christmas!

  23. My favorite tradition is just having my family all together. We also pick out an ornament to give them on Thanksgiving so they can hang it on their Christmas tree each year.

  24. Our family has many many many traditions but the one that I remember from my Grandmothers house on Christmas Eve was a spaghetti dinner…she has passed away but my Aunt Carole has taken on the tradition…so fun to have something from my childhood and my daughter enjoys it too ! I still get a kick out of people’s reactions when I tell them what we have for Christmas Eve dinner ……

  25. My favorite Christmas tradition, was that we couldn’t come out of our room on Christmas morning until my dad turned on the Christmas tree lights. Then we would come out and see all the gifts. It was so cool. We also would always wake my parents up by singing Christmas carols. Becky

  26. My favorite tradition is the reading of the “Advent Book” at family devotion time. The kids just love opening up all of the little doors/windows and it truely makes this time of year more meaningful!
    P.S. the Playmobile advent calendars are a close second though. Kids love ’em!

  27. Every year I bake a batch of cookies with my 5 and 3 year old. This is no easy task I tell you 🙂 But before we bake we make and decorate homemade baker’s hats to wear.

  28. My favorite tradition is having the family together to share the holidays.

    Your projects look wonderful as always.

  29. With my 3 grandson’s loving crafts…we now craft things to hang – on the tree, the fridge, the windows, doors, walls, mirrors and so on.

    I love it. Before this we love driving around and enjoying the Christmas lights in the neighborhood and downtown Denver.

    Love the bags – next year I think I will give myself more time and do some…they are so special ..


  30. We love to make snicker peanut butter surprises and then
    snuggle up on the couch to watch Elf.

    The bags are super cute. Happy holidays!

  31. up through college, my brother and I used to have “sleepovers” on Xmas eve, we’d bring a sleeping bag into the other’s room so that whoever woke up first could wake the other and sneak a peak of the loot before our parents awoke… We’re both married now, and I don;t think our spouses would be too keen on it!

  32. up through college, my brother and I used to have “sleepovers” on Xmas eve, we’d bring a sleeping bag into the other’s room so that whoever woke up first could wake the other and sneak a peak of the loot before our parents awoke… We’re both married now, and I don;t think our spouses would be too keen on it!

  33. up through college, my brother and I used to have “sleepovers” on Xmas eve, we’d bring a sleeping bag into the other’s room so that whoever woke up first could wake the other and sneak a peak of the loot before our parents awoke… We’re both married now, and I don;t think our spouses would be too keen on it!

  34. My favorite tradition (though it is hard to pick one) would probably be playing violin in different churches around town for their cantatas and Christmas Eve services.

  35. My favorite Christmas tradition stopped the year my father died. The two of us would make gingerbread cookies together, even when he needed a cane to get around in the kitchen. I then continued the tradition with my grandson but that ended when he became a teenager two years ago. I began new traditions when I married my second husband in 2002 — we spend a day searching for and selecting the “perfect” Noble Fir and then decorating it together with gold star ornaments I’ve collected over the years. A favorite new tradition is him cooking a prime rib dinner for both of our families each Christmas Day. . . Barb

  36. My favorite tradition is my grown children (with their children) come home and spend the night with us on Christmas Eve… Christmas morning is just wonderful.

  37. Going to mass on christmas eve, and then coming home having a roast beef dinner, and opening one present from our parents, and presents from my sisters. Love Christmas!!

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