Giveaway… and is anyone else STILL not done…

… with their holiday cards?  Oh my.  I am still working on mine.  Sigh…


Thought I would share some holiday gift bags.  I love buying the $.50 kraft bags and decorating them with stamping.

I did this tree bag for 2peas HERE and then created another bag and a card to go with it.  I used some Stampin' Up stamps on the extra two and LOVE those stamps!  Click HERE for more info.


This card has Stampin' Up stamping.  Yummm…

SU card

And another bag for another dear friend.  I got this bag on clearance with a bunch of other colors at Target.  Keep an eye on their gift wrap area – they always have great deals on bags and boxes that can be altered…


And you know me, I love to share links of some goodness out there.  Here are some:

  • I love THESE projects by Tia Bennett.  YUM.
  • Jennifer Gallacher always knocks my socks off with her creations.  Love THIS.
  • Don't you love it when you meet someone who is a total sweetheart?  Someone you would love to have coffee with every morning?  That is how I feel about Kelly Goree.  Go check out her blog – she has a great giveaway a few posts down, too.  Go HERE.  And, her son has the exact same lovey (a stuffed monkey) as my son does.  Funny.
  • Hero Arts has free 2-day shipping on their website.  And they give a free gift with all orders.  (Trust me – they are very generous – this won't be a little thing.)  They also have certificates.  (Feel free to send a link to this post as a hint to your husbands. :)  Go HERE for more info.

And time for a giveaway!  Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite holiday tradition.  I will pick a winner of this fabulous clear stamp set from Autumn Leaves…

See you soon…

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390 thoughts on “Giveaway… and is anyone else STILL not done…”

  1. Our christmas eve tradition was going to church for thier christmas eve candlelight sermon and afterward driving my grandma around the different neighborhoods to look at christmas lights, then back to her house for christmas eve snacks. Most of our family members have passed on, but grandma and I still did the tradition, but now I live in another state.

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is we buy Xmas ornaments for each person in our family. And on Xmas Eve that is the present we open. This way my girls will have a nice collection of ornaments when they move out and have a tree on their own.

  3. My favorite family tradition at Christmas is our extended family gathering – this gathering has taken place every Christmas Eve for more than 65 years (I have not been attending quite that long). It is something we all look forward to – a chance to catch up. We have about 70 faithful attendees – from newborn to ‘antique’ – I can’t imagine Christmas without it!

  4. My parents and my husband’s parents are deceased, his only sibling lives 700 miles away, and all of my family is 1,000 miles away – so my favorite holiday tradition is getting together with his cousins and their kids and grandkids on Christmas Day. It’s warm, wonderful, and we laugh till we hurt.

  5. Definitely the tree. Even though I’m never home for Christmas, I can’t imagine not have my own tree. I used to sleep under the tree as a kid, it even fell over on me one year. I actually LOVE IT when the cat climbs the tree and knocks ornaments off, it makes me feel like the cat loves having a Christmas tree as much as I do….

  6. My favorite Christmas Holiday Tradition is Elf on a Shelf. We love it! We also make cookies, visit santa, and drive around and look at lights.

  7. Hubby and the kiddos love going around the neighborhood to ‘ooh and aahh’ over the decorations. There used to be this one house up the street that had the most amazing light display, but no more. The kiddos still remember it though and ask us each year…why doesn’t that house have the lights?

    All in all, I think just all the wonderful memories make this time of the year especially worthwhile.

  8. I have finished most, but would really like to know where you got the snowflakes that are on the blue bag? I like getting up early in the morning when everyone is asleep to enjoy the Christmas tree lights in peace and quiet.

  9. I absolutely love those bags… adorable! My favorite holiday tradition? Christmas Eve Service with my husband and children. We sing by candlelight and it makes me cry every single time.

  10. Our favorite tradition is traveling to my home town to celebrate with sister and her family and my mother, my children and nephew etc. We have a great dinner and then all sit down and take turns opening our gifts. Egg Nog, christmas music and lots of laughing and love.

  11. I love the little things we do that make the holiday so special. We have many, but I will mention one. We open presents on Christmas eve – and it takes forever because we put out snackie food on the counter so everyone can grab plates of food and cookies whenever they feel like it, we put on great holiday music and then go around in a circle opening presents one by one. It’s a special time and I will miss it this year without my dad who passed in August.

  12. My favorite tradition is sitting around a warm fire with my hubby and snacking on tamales and german sausage on Christmas Eve. Sounds silly but it’s fun!

  13. FAvorite tradition is doing nothing on Christmas…just playing and hanging out watching movies. We make appetizers and just snack all day. No one cooks! My mom did this my whole life and I’ve carried out the tradition. We visit relatives and grandparents just before or on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, its just the four of us (but we tell the grandparents they can come to our house).
    Love the projects! Can you tell us where the snowflakes are from?

  14. My favorite tradition is our advent nativity set. Its a magnetic picture frame with boxes around the sides for 25 days. Each day one of our boys opens a box and get a small magnet of a shepard or something to put in the scene which is in the middle.

  15. My favorite tradition is making our birthday cake for Jesus. My oldest daughter looks forward to it so much.
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Wow! I am so in awe of all these beautiful things. How do you make those beautiful orgami flowers? Your bags are so nice, how do you find something nicer to put inside?

  17. My favourite tradition by far is hanging up all the kids homemade ornaments from years past!! They giggle & love it!!

  18. when my dad passed away, sadly the traditions died with him. 🙁 so i started one that i knew would be easy to do…watching the grinch! i invite anyone i can to watch it with me. just love the sentiment behind it 🙂

  19. We have a simple Christmas, but we love to watch favortie old Christmas movies that we taped form TV years ago with our teen and tween girls…and we make Chex mix only at Christmas. FOR my present my husband prints my camera cards for the whole year at Costco and puts them in an album for me to motivate me to scrapbook them the following year -what a great gesture on his part and even if i dont scrapbook all that i would hope to we can still enjoy the pictures one by one at least!

  20. Wow! Gorgeous bags and I LOVE those clear stamps! My favorite family tradition is looking at Christmas lights and watching It’s a Wonderful Life!

    Merry Christmas!

  21. every year, my dh and i watch Christmas movies – Die Hard (1 &2), Lethal Weapons, While You Were Sleeping and more. Never tire of watching them!

  22. I love going to a huge light display that we drive through – with Christmas music playing in the car, of course! The proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation, so we feel good about that too.

  23. One of my favorite traditions I’ve inherited from my husband’s family – it’s for “mexican chicken” on Christmas Eve. It’s THE dinner that must be had when we celebrate. AND, I’ve started to enjoy my father’s russian tea cakes (although I hated them as a child – too many nuts! Now, I totally dig them!) 🙂

  24. My favorite holiday tradition is going over to my mom’s house on Christmas Eve for steak soup. She only makes it once a year.

  25. One of my favorite traditions is our little cocktail party on Christmas Eve. Each of us makes one of our favorite appetisers and have Christmas music playing in the background.

  26. Drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music on the radio while driving around in the evenings looking at lights :0)

  27. Ever since my girls were little we have played a Gene Autrey version of Jingle Bells with the sweetest little boy singing with him. While it’s playing we (the dogs, the kids, the guests 🙂 run around the house and sing along. It’s the only time I exercise during the holidays!
    Love the other ideas, thanks for sharing!

  28. mmm my Moms dinner! yum! Not getting it this year 🙂 So I guess this years one will be opening presents as we are away in a hotel this Christmas!

    Beautiful cards and bags!

  29. OK, my favorite Christmas tradition is pulling out all my old Christmas albums and CDs and singing along with my favorite “oldies but goodies”! I love all the neat ideas you always have. Thanks, Jennifer. And thanks for the chance to win such a neat stamp set.

  30. My favorite holiday tradition is actually on New Years morning. We have a Greek cheese pie called Tiropita for breakfast and there is a coin hidden inside. Whoever gets it has good luck for the year.

  31. Yep – still working on cards 🙂 My favorite Christmas tradition is our family talent show. We have had all kinds of talent from musicalnumbers to Crocodile Hunter reenactments! It’s lots of fun!

  32. I am now hooked to following your blog.I love what I see there but unfortunately don’t have enough time to do it all! My favorite holiday tradition is watching my husband read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to our three kids, now 17, 15 and 9. He has been doing this since our oldest was one! It has been great to watch each year and someday I should scrapbook the progression of pictures over the years.

  33. This year I’m starting over. Many things have changed in my life this past year so now just me and my 3 year old daughter will find new traditions that I hope to last us a lifetime. I wish everyone a the best this Holiday Season.
    Anna & Taylor

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