Giveaway… and is anyone else STILL not done…

… with their holiday cards?  Oh my.  I am still working on mine.  Sigh…


Thought I would share some holiday gift bags.  I love buying the $.50 kraft bags and decorating them with stamping.

I did this tree bag for 2peas HERE and then created another bag and a card to go with it.  I used some Stampin' Up stamps on the extra two and LOVE those stamps!  Click HERE for more info.


This card has Stampin' Up stamping.  Yummm…

SU card

And another bag for another dear friend.  I got this bag on clearance with a bunch of other colors at Target.  Keep an eye on their gift wrap area – they always have great deals on bags and boxes that can be altered…


And you know me, I love to share links of some goodness out there.  Here are some:

  • I love THESE projects by Tia Bennett.  YUM.
  • Jennifer Gallacher always knocks my socks off with her creations.  Love THIS.
  • Don't you love it when you meet someone who is a total sweetheart?  Someone you would love to have coffee with every morning?  That is how I feel about Kelly Goree.  Go check out her blog – she has a great giveaway a few posts down, too.  Go HERE.  And, her son has the exact same lovey (a stuffed monkey) as my son does.  Funny.
  • Hero Arts has free 2-day shipping on their website.  And they give a free gift with all orders.  (Trust me – they are very generous – this won't be a little thing.)  They also have certificates.  (Feel free to send a link to this post as a hint to your husbands. :)  Go HERE for more info.

And time for a giveaway!  Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite holiday tradition.  I will pick a winner of this fabulous clear stamp set from Autumn Leaves…

See you soon…

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390 thoughts on “Giveaway… and is anyone else STILL not done…”

  1. Hi Jennifer, I’m still not done with Christmas card making but I’ll do some tomorrow. Simple ones but sometimes they really turn out nice.
    And favorite Holiday tradition? Trying to watch every Christmas movie they are showing on television with Scrooge, a Christmas Carol as # 1 favorite.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. This is the first Christmas for me without any kids living at home :-(((( So some of my traditions will have to change, but it’s not Christmas for me until I have seen, Charlie Brown, and White Christmas. Still waiting to catch WHite Christmas, but I will find it somewhere.
    Great, fantastic bags Jennifer.

  3. A favorite tradition in my family is Christmas Eve Church Service then we drive around and look at Christmas lights!

  4. We have such a good time decorating the tree with Christmas carols playing in the background. We try to pick up a new ornament everywhere we travel so it’s always fun unwrapping the ornaments and remembering where we were when we got that particular one. We usually watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” after decorating the tree as well.

  5. Our tradition revolves around going to candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve. All the kids come over, we eat buffet
    style, then open gifts. Next day we have our large Turkey dinner.

  6. Love the bags you created.
    As far as traditions–having Elfie visit my kids when they were little all the month of Dec., the Christmas baking, sending cards. Christmas is such a very special time. And we actually have snow this year making it very special.
    Leslee in MT

  7. Love the bags you created.
    As far as traditions–having Elfie visit my kids when they were little all the month of Dec., the Christmas baking, sending cards. Christmas is such a very special time. And we actually have snow this year making it very special.
    Leslee in MT

  8. Our family has a Christmas party the Saturday before Christmas every year. My husband was the one to dress up like Santa and Surprise the kids with a bag of fun toys and candy. We always sing Happy Birthday to Jesus for it is the day he was born.

  9. Our family supper is fantastic. Cooking is the tradition, everybody can cook and we enjoy the preparing, backing, eating… All the process is important.

  10. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love celebrating the best gift God gave to us Jesus. One of the traditions we enjoy every year is decorating the tree and put up the nativity.

  11. My favorite holiday tradition started when I moved to a new town and didn’t know very many people. I held a tree trimming party and have continued the tradition every year since! So much fun….so I do some cards/invitations EARLY (by first week of November) BUT I did not finish my cards till about midnight last night! NOW I need to get working on buying my Christmas presents!

    HO HO HO!!!!! Thanks for the great sketches this week! FINALLY catching up tonight!

  12. My favorite is the dinner with the family – 11 people, chowder, a lot of cakes with nut and poppy. When me and my brother were children, and we visited our grandmother (10 miles), we counted the Christmas trees. One side of the road belonged to my brother, other side was mine. Good old days…

  13. My favorite Holiday tradition is using a live tree in a pot as our Chrismas tree and then planting it in our yard when it gets too big!

  14. I will admit that I too have not mailed my cards yet….That’s why I make mine as “Holiday Cards” it gives me to at leat New Years day, right? Have a great holiday, Hailey

  15. Favorite holiday tradition is getting all the cousins lined up for an annual christmas photo. Then we compare te previous photo to see how much they have changed.

  16. having christmas day lunch outside with the family in the sun…. if the weather allows it (summer over here) Ham and salad and a niiiiiiiice COLD beer….. this year will be even sweeter as my 10 month old niece will be the centre of ALL my attention!!!!

  17. Making Christmas cards is one of my favorites. Love spending special time to connect with friends from over the years!

    Thanks for sharing your terrific ideas!

  18. One of my family holiday tradiation is to watching the “Christmas Story” on TV. We resisted buying the VHS/DVD for years because we want to catch only when it airs on TV. We have different favourite parts of the movie. And we still have a good laugh even after watching it for so many years.

  19. With our family living 1200 miles from us we kind of lost a lot of traditions. My husband always works on Christmas and now I do as well, so spending time together is the one thing we look forward to. One thing we do try to do is make cookies. We make an excessive amount, because you can’t just have one kind, can you? and we bag the extras up (too tempting to keep around the house) and bring them to people who are stuck working on Christmas. Places like the Sheriff’s office, the local firehouse and even give some to the tollbooth worker on the toll road to work. Just a little something to say thank you you’re appreciated.

    The bags are fantastic, thanks for sharing them. I’m off to stamp a few now.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for the opportunity for the blog candy.

    D in FL 😀

  20. We have a family Christmas Eve dinner with a “White Elephant” gift exchange. It is always so much fun because you never know what is in those beautifully wrapped packages.

  21. My favorite holiday tradition was when I was young. My grandmother was one of 12 children and I loved the Christmas eve dinner at Great Aunt Jean’s house that EVERYONE gathered for. Unfortunately, my grandmother’s generation has all passed away and that tradition has been lost amoung my mothers generation.

  22. My favorite holiday tradition is a bit unusual. We go to Knott’s Merry Farm and ride roller coasters, eat Mrs. Knott’s famous fried chicken, listen to live holiday music, and see Snoopy on Ice. It is just such a completely fun day with no shopping or stress. I look forward to it all year.

  23. Drinking hot chocolate with the kids. Baking with the kids. Listening to Christmas carols loud in the car and singing along. Christmas shopping. Making our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. I think I love it all. We got snow here the other day and that was great (I live in Southern California where it rarely ever snows).
    Have a great day.
    Nicole M.

  24. My favorite “family” tradition is that my “best” neighbor friends get together (there are 5 of us) and ever since we moved here 15 years ago, we get together and bake our christmas cookies. We have about 30 different varieties and we do it all in 1 day. then we go home, and the whole family enjoys the cookies/candy! We have so much fun..just the girls!

  25. I love the smells! they bring great memories… I went into a bakery yesterday and they were baking this special bread… ohhhhhhh how an amazing smell that was. I wanted to stay in the shop longer but couldn’t 🙁 I miss my family!

  26. My favorite holiday tradition is one that I married into when I married my husband. For the past 25+ years, they have had an annual gingerbread house day where everyone gathers and makes gingerbread houses. They are all from scratch, but the extra effort is worth it. My kids (4 and 7) are now really getting into it too. It feels like Christmas once we have had gingerbread day! Happy Holidays!

  27. We have many Christmas traditions that we enjoy. We love lighting the advent wreath each Sunday, baking cookies, decorating a gingerbread house, and all the other festivities that lead up to the wonderful Birthday.

  28. I love those stamps. I was lurking over at hero arts last week and saw the sneak peeks of the new stamps. I love them and want them all.

    This year I asked for very little. All I wanted was to be able to get my kids everything they wanted. We work in the car business and it’s extrememly slow. I got my wish and we finished shopping for the kids last night.

    We are not getting each other gifts this year. We are getting each other iphones (enabler) for Valentines Day when we qualify for our upgrades.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I haven’t been posting because I have been so busy but I lurk whenever I can. Miss you!

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