This week is fun…


Guess what I didn’t get today?  Political phone calls.  Woohoo! 😉

I have a video to share on creating a simple and quick candy pouch/bag/thingy. All the details are over on the Hero Arts blog HERE

(c) Hero Arts Blog

Let’s see… what’s next… Oh!  The winner of the Studio Calico kit is elana k.  I will email you. Another big thanks to the SC gals for sharing with us.

I have something else fun to share.  I met a sweet gal named Tara over at EK Success.  (And you know I love those EK folks because they created my favorite punches – the Paper Shapers.)  She emailed me about this and I wanted to share it. Just something fun they are doing…

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A crime of crafting has been committed?  Yes, it’s our CSI: Crop Scene Investigation!This  in-store event  is co-sponsored by EK Success, K&Company, Inkadinkado®, and Martha Stewart Crafts™ (along with cardstock provided by Prism)!
Our company has created a dynamic day of celebration taking place on Saturday, November 15th at 200 participating local retailers or online stores.  Sponsoring companies have provided several Make It & Take It projects, door prizes, themed décor and more!   Log on and register online at to be entered to win daily prize giveaways and receive clues about “suspects” to be found on the big day!
Plus, Vote online ( for your favorite Precinct project made from pieces of evidence found at  the crime scene!

Fun, huh?  Check out the links when you have some time.

Separately, these nice EK folks sent me some stuff to donate and giveaway.  Some of it is going to Crops for Cures, etc.  And a little of it is going on to you folks.  🙂  And since I love good ol’ Jolees flowers, I thought I would give some of those away. 

First, here is what I created with ONE pack of Jolees.  Good deal, huh?  And talk about fast.  Here we go…






EK Success Jolees
Pebbles greeting rub-ons
Hero Arts gemstones
Cuttlebug embossing
Hero Arts cards
Studio Calico houndstooth stamp
Stampin’ Up border punch

I have done other Jolees cards in the past.  Always card sets to give to others.  You can see another example HERE.

So.  Let’s give some of these away.  I have TWO sets of these that EK sent me to give to TWO of you lucky crafters.  Just leave a comment on this post by Thursday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite scrapbooking tip.  I will pick two random winners.


Thanks!  See you tomorrow…

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165 thoughts on “This week is fun…”

  1. Jennifer, you’re so doggone creative! Those cards are so CUTE! You know what I love? That they look so “clean and simple” with a little texture to boot! And they’re ADORABLE! They each have such a personal touch. I swear each card is like a little bit of sunshine! 🙂

    Oh, my favorite scrapbooking tip: scrapbook photos and/or memories that are meaningful to you, and journal from the heart (quality, not quantity!).

  2. My favorite tip is take advantage of other talented scrappers and scraplift their ideas and tweak them to make them your own!
    Kristine in NY

  3. My favorite tip? Every once in a while, challenge yourself to use something that you haven’t used for a while… a tool, an embellie, embossing powder.. whatever. You’ll be surprised at the fresh eye you may bring to an old friend, and the new ways you’ll find to use it.

  4. I love Jolees and paper shapers too! I’d love to win these.

    My scrapbooking tip is when I’m working on a page, I keep a general list of the embellishments I own (i.e., flowers, bling, stickers, brads, etc.) to help remind me of the various things I might put on my page. I have a lot in my stash, and this way, I’m less apt to forget what might have wound up in the back of the drawer!

  5. Develop a magazine fetish! If you buy a card making or scrapbooking magazine almost everytime you go to the store, you will always be inspired to create beautiful things!

  6. When I scrapbook, I like to use one large photo as a central focus and surround it, or edge it, with three or five small ones. P.S. Love your blog Jennifer.

  7. Look for inspiration in your childrens clothes. Seriously, I’ve made some cute cards using colours from my son T shirts and daughters dresses. That’s my tip. Love your cards Jennifer. Thanks.

  8. My favorite tip was given to me by a Creative Memories scrapper…when using CM albums & pages it is sometimes a chore to get the page protectors over your page, so try using a manila folder over the edge of your page…then just slide the page protector over…easy peasy!!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration & so many chances to win!

  9. My favorite tip…Make more than one of each card you design. I keep a sample or color copy of everycard I make. It helps if I need a card in a hurry and while all my supplies are out, I make a backup card. It easier than bringing all those supplies out at another time. Jill S

  10. My tip is to use up all your scraps of paper, ribbon, and embellishments on cards right after you finish a layout – you already have it all out anyway, no need to clean up twice! ~Tanya

  11. After I make a page, I display it for my boys to see (ages 5, 14 mos and 8 weeks). I love the smiles on their faces and the questions it generates from my oldest. Everything generates a question!

  12. Find a spot where you can leave your layout & supplies until its completed. I now scrapbook in the 15 minute intervals that I have each night while my kids are getting ready for bed. Not having to pull all my supplies out and re-sort everything each time is a huge time saver and allows me to get a layout completed every week. Our lives are so busy right now but this allows me to keep up with my hobby without getting terribly frustrated about not having enough time.

  13. When embossing vellum, put a scrap piece of paper behind the vellum so that the embossing folder doesn’t ‘pierce’ or ‘crack’ the vellum. Just discovered your blog and I really like it!

  14. After making a LO, I keep my pile of scraps off to the side and then I make a card that is left over from the pile. Since they are scraps left over everything already coordinates and voila a easy card too!

  15. Best scrapbook tip.
    To bind paper to chipboard: Use a UHU glue stick and be generous. Then, sand the edges and it will stay for what we hope is “forever”.
    Thanks Jennifer

  16. Favorite scrapbook/card tip recently is put the adhesive on the back of paper before you punch small shapes. It is way easier!

  17. My best scrapbooking tip is to use a clear ruler to line up your letter stickers on then lay the ruler on your cardstock and press the stickers down and remove the ruler. Perfectly spaced, straight titles in no time.

  18. My tip is mainly for ME, because I need to do this: Make kits for yourself when you have everything out (I don’t have a craft room), so that you can take some to a crop without hauling all the paper you own “in case you need it”. Put photos, sketch ideas, coordinating pattered and solid papers, embellishments etc. that go with the photos into a clear plastic organizing folder. Now all you have to decide on is which tools to pack!

  19. If you don’t have large blocks of time to scrapbook and can leave your project out, you will be surprise how much you can accomplish with a few minutes here and there during the day or evening. I’m a slow scrapbooker but I can complete several pages a week this way.

  20. I tape a piece of waxed paper over a piece of cardboard (12″ by 15″ or more) and use it for painting and other messy things. If I have to stop in the middle, it is easy to move the cardboard – project and all – out of the way.
    And I can throw the waxed paper away when I am through.


  21. A couple of my fave tips nowadays (esp. since there are so many in a budget crunch) – use your scraps from a scrapbook page to make a card…or save them up to use for diecut letters (you only need a little bit to add some add’l coordinated patterned paper on your LO!) And – for new scrappers, or those still developing their stash – you don’t NEED everything! Only buy what you love and use those scraps. Use cardstock as your base and those patterned papers go a long way!

  22. As someone who suffers from wanting layouts to look professional (when I’m not!), I do that thing of staring at my photos and equipment for ages, then putting it off for another time . This blog and the Hero Arts blog are just what I need to be inspired and encouraged to get on with it. Now all I need is the time!

  23. I love the cards you made with the stickers. Even though they are simple they look so cute! I am not creative so my best scrapbook tip is to follow lots of blogs and copy ideas 🙂

  24. Okay, I am going to sooo case that flowers idea. My favorite scrapbook tip is about journaling. Write your journaling the same way you talk. Years from now people will still be able to hear your voice when they read it.

  25. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! I’m always behind in my scrapbooking (after having my second baby) so now I need to make sure I write everything down ASAP so I remember what to scrap and what I want to journal on it.

  26. I do not scrapbook, but I make cards. I have several favorite tips are to use scrapbook kits to make a ton of cards and to organize my cardmaking supplies into kits so card making is a snap! My last tip is to keep a a blank note book in my purse and draw card sketches and record card ideas while I am shopping or anywhere an idea comes to me. Your cards are so elegant but yet simple. Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiration!

  27. Hi,
    I’m more of a cardmakingperson myself, but i’ve tried some pages before.
    I always use a page of one of my favorite scrapbookers and try to make something very different than the example; Does that make any sense???
    Greetings from Belgium.

  28. I save scraps from my completed scrapbook pages and set them aside in a card making plastic tote – once every month I make a ton of cards from my scraps and it takes no time because they are already coordinated.

  29. Hi Jennifer,
    I don’t scrapbook much, but I make a lot of cards. My favorite tip is to use whatever is on my desk, LOL. But something I do all the time ehrn I need to make a bow is to put the piece of paper upside down, make the bow, and then put the paper in the right position and then you have a perfect bow, I hope you understand me, my English is not good.

    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless

  30. my tip is to create a folder with your favorite LO inspiration from other scrappers and let it loop on your computer for inspiration. I have mine mixed in with my cutie girls’ photos too 🙂

  31. I can’t give you a good scrapbooking tip. I’ve never scrapbooked. Maybe it should be to learn how to scrapbook.

    I can’t believe all the cards you made from one package of Jolee’s. I think I need to look closer at what Jolee’s has to offer.

  32. Instead of converting tough-to-match photos to black and white, try using a black and white color scheme on your page. There are so many black and white papers that range from cute and whimsical to sophisticated and serious. Plus, black and white cardstock should be staples in everyone’s stash, so you’ll know you’ve got cardstock to match!

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