My Scraproom: Part 2

Here it is!  Part 2 of my room.  This shows stamp, sticker, ribbon, etc. storage, along with my Expedit and computer area.

For details on the room, please go to THIS post.  Everything is there.  I will combine the two posts together and put it in the sidebar later this week.

After the video, I’ll have a GREAT giveaway!

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So… a lot of you have mentioned that you like the vinyl wall art I have in my room from Once Upon A Design.  Well, the sweet girls there have given me one to give away to one of you.  I am so excited!  Please go check out their site HERE.  Email them if you have questions.  These are sweet girls with big hearts – I would love to see them get some more business. And they make great holiday gifts!  So, if you want to win a vinyl wall art, just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your best craft-space organization tip.  I will then pick a winner of a small version of the “do something creative everyday” quote… like the one I have here…

Shot 1

My tip? It doesn’t cost that much more to get the sturdy stuff for your craft space (thanks to Ikea and Target)… and it is worth every penny.  I used to have tons of plastic drawers, but they didn’t hold up.  Not a good investment.  🙂

Have a great week.  I will actually be back with another giveaway tomorrow.

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346 thoughts on “My Scraproom: Part 2”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your room!! I love how organized you are! I try to be but my room ends up looking like a tornado hit!

  2. I love your room – it’s so big compared to my space – but like you, I’m very organized.

    My organizational tip is – Don’t save every scrap of paper. Only save the ones that are big enough to actually use on your projects. You can end up with huge piles of scraps that you’ll just end up tossing away later if you keep everything.

  3. I picked up some cute ceramic flower pots at Ikea to store my colored pencils. All the colors are visable and look pretty at the same time.

  4. I have only just begun to get organized. Your room is very inspiring. My tip is to put brass embossing stencils in small photo albums, the kind you get with your photos for 79 to 99 cents. It makes it easy to flip through the pages to see what you have.

  5. Don’t you love scrapbooking?!!! And displaying/organizing your stuff is just as fun and inviting!! In my room I have some tin buckets that have stickers, letters, embellishments, etc in them. The buckets are decorative, yet functional!

    Thanks for the chance to win…..

  6. If you could see my craft room you would understand why I don’t have a tip for craft space organization. The best tip I have learned and been able to implement to date is to have a small jar on my desk to store all the tools that I use regularly!

  7. I love your space Jennifer. I think my best organization tip is: I like to use the page planner by cropper hopper. I have three for my daughter and 3 for my son and I keep their pictures in there along with the paper im going to use. I feel so organized when going to a crop..

  8. I am totally jealous of your space! My best tip is to label everything and I have to put current/old supplies away before I can begin a new project.

  9. Your scraproom is amazing! And SO organized! I use a portion of a room in my home and the challenge for me was keeping projects together while I was working on them in such a small space. For cards or scrapbook pages, I put everything in a page protector. For mini-books, I usually put everything in a basket so it stays together and I can move from room to room with it.

  10. I just LOVE your Creating Room! I was hoping you would talk about you sewing machine set-up in this second video. I don’t even remember seeing it in this video, or the punch wall…
    Would love to have some wall stickers~and a Craft room with walls to put them on!

  11. Wonderful space!! I am in love with your scrap area. Now for my tip, I organize my cricut carts inside the boxes and store them in collapsible cubes that fit perfectly under my work area and that way, I don’t have to search for them because they are within my reach and I can read the titles on all the boxes. By the way, I got my cubes from Target. 🙂

  12. My tip is to use the clear plastic “shoeboxes” so I can see inside them plus I label everything. I’m more visual so I need to be able to see my stuff, but everything needs to have it’s own place.

  13. Love your space! And it is so big! I love having my own space (just recently got one) i love that i can leave out my mess and noone can bug me about it!
    I to don’t like to invest tons in storage have had hubby make me shelves and things and have ikea storage.

    thanks for sharing

  14. Your room is beautiful!!

    My best tip is to keep “new” stuuf somewhere handy so you use it before it becomes “old” stuff.

  15. My best personal advice about crafting spaces is not to over organize – find the balance between spending time organizing and being creative.
    Thanks for always being an inspiration.

  16. Your videos of your office space were awesome! Boy, would I love a space like yours! Also love the red in the room! My tip for organizing is that I put all my paper scraps in zip lock bags by color. It’s easy to get out just one piece of paper rather than sifting through all the paper in my file cabinet. Love all the ideas from everyone, too.
    Shirley Lee
    Roseville, CA

  17. Great work area ! My tip would be to pick up and put away at the end of the day. It is much easier to start with a clean slate.
    Thanks for the chance

  18. my tip is the Ribbon Ring for ribbon organization. I like to SEE my ribbon and no tangles with that please!! I have made my own little tabbies and have purchased my own rings…but it is a FAB idea. I have my rings hung from a small curtain rod from the ceiling so they are up, out of the way, yet in sight. I have them hooked by unbent paperclips to the small rings on the rod…this allows me to take the color hue I want and pair it up with my card.

  19. My best organizational tip would have to be finding things that I can recycle – as in an old spice rack – it now holds all of my ribbons on spools. I love the look of it and its also useful to boot.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.
    Luv Sandie

  20. I have my clear stamps in discarded cd cases. They work great – I can easily see the stamp and they don’t take up much room. My ribbon is in a small plastic bin with holes all around and I just feed the ribbon into the holes..easy to see and pick what I want to use.

    Love your room…such a nice place to create. You inspire me and I thank you for that.

  21. Me too, I am so jealous! I don’t have a craft room, just a very small closet. I have those plastic drawers and yeah, you’re right, it doesn’t hold up, gotta get those drawers from ikea but perhaps when I get an actual room. I use those shoe holder that goes in the back of the door to hold my paper punches 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I put all my sponges, stiffle brushes and daubers in a old fishing takle tray with lid. I have them grouped by colors for easy use. I also have all my eyelets, brads and small embellies in a lazy susan spice rack. Thx for a chance to win!

  23. I really think that putting subjects together like, boy stuff, or Christmas, or fall and halloween and back to school. It makes it so easy to find.

  24. My best organization tip. Hmm. I really like that i have all of my colorbox cat eye chalk inks in one document box. It is easy to take with me and find the color I need while i work on projects. Love those Chalk INks. Fingers crossed that I win. Thanks, Lori

  25. I enjoyed both videos describing and featuring your stamp room. The organization tips and tools are inspiring and helpful. I love seeing my ribbon rolled up on clothespins in jars, so easy to find plus a great decor feature to the room.

  26. One of my most favorite organizational tools is to use top loading page protectors and 3 ring binders to store my alphabet stickers and rub-ons—sorted by color.

  27. I like to use parts drawers from the hardware store to organize all my brads/eyelets/small embellishments. Most have clear drawers, so it’s easy to see what’s inside. I have two units hung on my wall – they’re great!

  28. I sooo wish to win this cute vinyl wall decor! I was at LnT’s tonight looking at their selection before they go out of business, but it was slim pickins!

    Love your room! Though it PAINS me to hear the plastic drawers wont hold up! I’ve just converted alot of my storage to the hinged plastic drawers in the carts, because I like that they are mobile and I can grab a few and head to a friends or to a crop. Also, I have a small area in our basement that is often threatened by water damage, so plastic works well for me, but your room gives me something to strive for! My best tip would have to be — DONT try to be too organized — I use to have alot in PSB’s but returning stuff to the right location was too much of a chore. Bins of like product work much better for me and makes cleaning up so much easier!!

  29. I love your room and hope someday to have one too! But I like to store things in clear jars, since they’re easy to see exactly what you have without having to take out EVERYTHING!

  30. Love love love your work/play space. My favourite organization tip is my Ikea expedit.It stores so much and you can fit 2 plastic samla boxes on top of each other in each cube.

    Lisa Crofts

  31. My best tip is to organize my paper by color in hanging folders and put the color of the paper on the top tab so it is easy to see the different shades of the colors.

  32. Your room is totally AWESOME! I’m in the process (slow motion) in getting my room together. Thanks for sharing your room and giving me some ideas.

  33. What a great room you have there jennifer.. 🙂 and my tip, sort and sort and sort and don’t dump every single thing into one huge bin if you don’t wanna spend two hours digging for one elusive chipboard piece 😀 speaking from experience.. LOL 😀

  34. Love your work space. I share an small office with my husband and a huge dog crate! With space a premium I bought two small filing cabinets and keep my rubber stamps and inks, 8.5 x 11 paper, paper scraps, misc adhesives and templates in these. I have baskets on top with punches clear stamps. I also have a variety of misc containers that I have re-purposed. I have a pillar candle holder that I keep on the desk with my most used tools. They are always at my right hand. Small space??? Put things away, right away!

  35. I love Yankee Candles and the jars are so cute! After I’ve enjoyed the candle, I reuse the jar to store buttons, ribbon, etc. They make a bright, colorful addition to my craft space.

  36. My tip is after an event (kid’s birthday, christmas, etc) I take any odd memorabilia (decorations from son’s 1st birthday party, pretty cards from xmas) and put it into a container… then when I want to scrapbook that event, I have everything in one spot…
    Gorgeous gorgeous room… I am a little green over here!!!

  37. Love your room! I like how everything has a place. My area is also in the basement shared with the kids play area. So I have to try and keep stuff closed away or up high. My newest storage is the “rail system” from IKEA….I use a BYGEL rail with wire baskets, S hooks, and buckets to hang tools, jars, embellishments, etc. That way they are close at hand…but high enough so that little toddler hands don’t touch! Thanks for sharing your room.

  38. Keep frequently used tools and adhesive within arm’s reach and in an easy to grab bin or tote. Makes it easy to find and easy to put away.

  39. Great room-I’ve asked for the same bookcases and red boxes you use from Ikea for Christmas. Hopefully, Santa will deliver! My organizational tip has already been mentioned-buttons and flowers divided by color and displayed in clear jars for the great colors.
    Happy Thanksgiving-

  40. Ever the scrapbooker and sometime garage saler, I found what used to be a spinning condiment server. I presume at some point it held bowls. With a small modification, it now holds small metal buckets that hold pencils, colored pencils, paint brushes and cosmetic sponges. Best “free” organizer in my scrap room. BTW: Once Upon a Design Rocks.

  41. Mine is to just put things away right after you use them. As soon as I’m done with a project, I clean up my desk and put everything where it goes. That way I can think clearly and am ready for my next project!

  42. Your craft room is lovely. I have to send my sister the link to this page, too. The wall art is wonderful. It would look great in my sewing room!
    Here’s my tip:
    I love to pick up picture storage boxes when they are on sale. They are sturdy little boxes and easy to stack up. Plus there are so many different pretty designs. Some of them even have a little space on the front that you can label with what is inside. Plus they make lovely gift basket style boxes.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Your stamp collection is amazing! Top tips – hmm. I have attached an IKEA stainless steel kitchen rod above my desk, and have lots of things hanging from it. It uses both hooks and clips, and from the hooks I have hung IKEA pots, and also cute little Disney tin buckets (with Nemo or Ariel or The Incredibles) that once held Easter eggs and now hold scissors, eyelet setters, pencils, etc. It means all my everyday tools are within arm’s reach, but aren’t cluttering up my workspace.

  44. Wow! Gorgeous room! So clean and organized! 🙂 My tip is just using fun containers to store embellishments, ribbons and such, like wire baskets, colanders, some of my grandma’s old glass bowls.

  45. I did my own version of clip it up by using a decorative curtain rod and hung up all my rub-ons, alpha, and anything else that could hang! It’s right above eye level and I can see eveything I have, I love it!

  46. Wow! What a fantastic room! It looks like a craft store!

    My best tip: clean up as you go. Keep a small box or container on the work table to put little pieces of trash in as you create. Cuts down on muss and fuss.

    thank you!
    Jennifer L.

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