My Scraproom: Part 2

Here it is!  Part 2 of my room.  This shows stamp, sticker, ribbon, etc. storage, along with my Expedit and computer area.

For details on the room, please go to THIS post.  Everything is there.  I will combine the two posts together and put it in the sidebar later this week.

After the video, I’ll have a GREAT giveaway!

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So… a lot of you have mentioned that you like the vinyl wall art I have in my room from Once Upon A Design.  Well, the sweet girls there have given me one to give away to one of you.  I am so excited!  Please go check out their site HERE.  Email them if you have questions.  These are sweet girls with big hearts – I would love to see them get some more business. And they make great holiday gifts!  So, if you want to win a vinyl wall art, just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your best craft-space organization tip.  I will then pick a winner of a small version of the “do something creative everyday” quote… like the one I have here…

Shot 1

My tip? It doesn’t cost that much more to get the sturdy stuff for your craft space (thanks to Ikea and Target)… and it is worth every penny.  I used to have tons of plastic drawers, but they didn’t hold up.  Not a good investment.  🙂

Have a great week.  I will actually be back with another giveaway tomorrow.

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346 thoughts on “My Scraproom: Part 2”

  1. Wow, Jennifer, that’s my dream room! I guess my best organizational tip would be to clean up as you go……works in life, too! 🙂

  2. I just finished organizing my buttons by color using mayonnaise bottles, which are perfect because I can see what’s in them, and they add dashes of color in my scrap space. They’re free, well, at least after my mayo-addict family finishes them up. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your space and this RAK.

  3. What sweet ladies.

    My biggest organizational tip is to clean up between projects. I get so overwhelmed if I just keep piling things on top of each other.

  4. I try to organize my layouts. The paper together with the pictures with the embellishments so when I do have time, it’s all ready to go.

  5. my best craft organization tip is always clean up right away… otherwise stuff piles up and it is hard to get motivated.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Mine would be to think long term needs not short term becaue otherwise you waste a lot of money and your husband will roll his eyes at you.

  7. I love how organized you are! Can you come do mine? Actually, I think it would take a small army to organize all my mess. LOL! I love to store my brass stencils in small photo albums. They are very inexpensive and makes searching for what I want so much easier. Thanks Jennifer!

  8. Love your room!! I just purchased the trestle desk from Target and picked up two long baskets from Michaels for the top shelves. I keep all the elements for my active project ie papers, embellishments etc in the basket on my right. It keeps everything accessible and doesn’t mess up my desktop. Also makes for easy clean up!

  9. I love your room so much! I live in a tiny apartment as of right now so I don’t have any room to myself. My organization tip is to clean up after yourself. If you let someone help you things never get put away in the same spot. I also try to have containers to store my favorite items in so I can get to them easier.

  10. Most people do this I’m sure (including you – as you mentioned)…. I like to keep my most used tools close by and easily accesible. Great time saver!

  11. I found a hutch top on craigslist and put it on top of a credenza I got from a discount store. I am using it as a divider in my scrapspace and storing my glass storage jars. But it blocks out the light that is needed in my small space. I will take the solid back off and replace it with a piece of glass or plexiglass depending on the least expensive. That way I can also see what’s inside from both sides.

  12. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for sharing your scraproom! It really is a beautiful setup! I’m in the middle of finishing my new room as we speak, it’s been a long process. I’ll be sooo glad to get it finished. I, unlike you, have to have my supplies out so I can see them, if they are out of site, they are out of mind for me! lol Also, I love your wall art, I want to put something on mine, but haven’t figured out just what I want it to say! Hope you are having a very blessed day!

  13. Wow…I LOVE your scraproom! Thanks for the chance to win the wall art…love that, too!

    My tip for organizing (for the scrappers out there) is to have one of those clear, plastic, 14x14x3 boxes (I got mine at Archiver’s) for each person in your family, plus one for the family as a whole. When your kids come home from school with report cards or when your family returns from a trip, put all of your memorabilia immediately into one of those boxes, rather than stashing them in your mail pile, or your kids’ art pile or in a file folder that is hard to access for future scrapping. Then, when you go to scrap, start with the memorabilia. Get the pages with memorabilia out of the way first, so you don’t have massive stacks and folders of stuff you’ll want to scrapbook someday. (I have to admit, though, that I’m not the best on keeping up with the scrapping…but at least it’s all in one place ready to go when I am. Just don’t forget to date everything!)

    Thanks again, Jennifer, for the chance to win. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  14. Best organizational tip/I took an old spinning wood spice rack that holds 32 glass spice jars. Painted it black, circle punched coordinating paper and taped to the jar lid. It’s cute and holds a ton of embellishments.

  15. My best tip is not to keep more than your space can handle. This helps keep everything tidy, plus things can be more or less right within reach, without the need to sort through or wade through lots of other things.

  16. my favorite thing is my color boxes! Because my embellishments and ribbons are sorted by color it helps me use my stash and not buy duplicate supplies.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  17. My best craft-space organization tip is bookcases are worth their weight in gold. lol You can put so much stuff in them besides the obvious books.(Like folders with your stamps in them). They hold a lot of weight.

  18. I have finally found a system I can live with for a while! I got spice jars from Ikea for buttons. Great organization and PRETTY!! I frequent antique stores for old jars and trays I can store stuff in. Its a fun past time and it can save you some $$$.

  19. My best craft space organization tip is to really make sure that your room is layed out the way that YOU work… it makes everything flow better. I love getting tips from websites but my fav. is from design shows as it gives me different ideas for space planning/organization and they always offer TONS of tips for making the most of the space that you have. I have FINALLY found a design that will work for me and it offers a clean look but tons of storage– it was an office space on Deserving Design 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing!

  20. Jen, what an awesome studio. I use my studio for therapy. I’m a RN, labor and delivery, and I just “became” disabled a few months ago. I would not survive without my safe haven. I fight depression along with a ton of other things and just knowing that I have my studio to flee to helps me get through some tough times. Thanks for sharing your space. I hope to use some of your ideas to make my room better. Your room is awesome.
    Love, Liz
    Liz Walters
    Prescott, AZ

  21. Organization in a scrap room??? Haven’t quite figured out this concept. I guess my biggest Hint is that I use a file folder to keep my scraps organized by color.. I asked Santa for an organization fairy to come to my house.. Love your beautiful scrap space.. no wonder why you turn out such fabulous work, when you space is so georgous..

  22. I use lots of baskets and that still allows me to see my stuff. For me I need to stay away from putting it away or I tend to forget about it.

    Love your room!!!!!
    De Anne B

  23. Oh, I’d love to win a set of those sayings for your wall.
    My tip would be to use the clear baseball card holder pages and use a notebook for all those small clear $1.00 stamps.

  24. My best tip would be finding things you already have and repurpose them to hold stuff. i’ve saved fried chicken buckets to store ribbon and i’ve saved off size bottles and jars to store things in as well. I use coffee mugs for pens. I’d rather spend my money on supplies than storage when it comes to things like embellishments and ribbons. I do spend money on paper storage though!! 🙂

  25. What a great space! I am almost done with our office/scrapbook room. It is so exciting. There is a space for my kids, a TV, and a space for my hubbie to come sit. Since it’s our joint office, it needed to be multipurpose.

    My best storage advice is to scan your stamps (block stamps) or the sheet of them (Stampin’ UP!) before cutting. I then put the printed sheets in a binder that I can flip to. It helps me remember all the stamps I have and gives me ideas. I can then find them easily, but don’t have to rummage through drawers searching during my idea process. I store my SU! stamps in the cases on the end with the name visible. Oh, I also write the price of each set under my copied page since I do sometimes sell stamps I no longer use.

  26. Hey Jennifer. My tip is for embossing powders. I dump the container in one of those disposable ziploc plastic containers. Put the spoon in there with it, that way you can sprinkle your project w/the powder right over the container and not worry about trying to put everything back in the small bottle it comes in!

  27. Love your craft space! I just moved into a new house so am looking forward to unpacking and organizing my crafts. My best organization tip is that I store my stickers and rub ons in page protectors in binders. I can just flip through the binders to pick out what I want.

  28. Hi Jennifer,
    Love your room. I also LOVE ikea and luckily have one fairly close (in Australia!!) My tip is to have a home for everything – makes it super easy to pack up.

  29. I really like how I store my wood mount stamps. They are in the 6 drawer iris carts. One layer is in the bottom of the drawer and then I add a second layer with a 8-1/2 x 11 clear acrylic box frame that is very easily removed to see the layer underneath. All the drawers are labeled by theme and it works well for me. I then take a pic of each of the drawer contents and store in a 3 ring binder. Helps me easily see what I have and helps me get the stamps back in the right place!

  30. Your room is awesome!!! I am so jealous. My storage tip is to try and use any available wall space. Think vertical. Shelves and peg board can really increase you ability to store and stay organized and keep things in sight. Jill S

  31. I just love these vinyl designs, and am planning on placing an order!! My recent organizational idea is borrowed from Beeca @ Amazing Paper Grace. I just took all my spools of ribbon and wrapped them all on pieces of matboard,wow, this saved me alot of space! I also LOVE anything that can be covered/hidden because i hate things getting dusty!

  32. Can’t live without the Cropper Hopper 12″ x 12″ vertical paper storage. Love the way I can find paper quickly and easily and can add to it whenever I need too.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and a glimpse into your very organised space.

  33. I love your room!! So jealous! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your organizing ideas are awesome and love the spice rack idea!! I actually just started buying “Simply Built” Craft Storage Collection from Michael’s and really happy with it!

  34. Your space is to die for! My storage tip is to invest in a nice caddy (such as a kitchen utensil caddy from Pampered Chef)for all your most essential tools…markers, colored pencils, glue stick, hole punch, eyelet setter, etc. all at your fingertips!

  35. My best organizing tip is one that I created as a solution for my huge collection of ribbon. I bought 2 Christmas ornament storage boxes by Sterlite. The boxes are clear; I think I bought them at Target last Christmas season. I used the enclosed cardboard dividers to create small spaces for my spools of ribbon. One box includes all of my red, pink, orange and yellow ribbon, the next box included blue, green and brown ribbon, the next purple, black, white and the fourth one has my themed ribbon. The wonderful thing is that the boxes snap together to create vertical storage. Thanks for the giveaway. You are so super! From a fellow God’s Girl!

  36. My advice is to invest in a label maker! 🙂 I have one of the electronic ones and I label everything. The labels have also been pretty easy to remove when I want to rearrange things.


    Monica B.

  37. The best organization items for my space were to use vertical storage since my space is small. I really like how using paper towel holders for my ribbon eliminated some clutter on my shelving. Use the wall space for small spaces! 🙂

  38. Oh my! You have my dream space! Everything matches…it makes such a difference. I think my best tip is my “go to” box. It’s just a pencil box that I keep those things that I use practicly every time I stamp. It stays on my desk.

  39. Organization Tip #101

    I bought a set of funky clear glasses to store my pens, a few tools, and other items on my desk and my son’s art desk. I got 16 glasses for $10. They look really pretty and help keep my desktop organized.

    You have an awesome room! Thanks for sharing, Jen!

  40. what a great space! I’m so jealous, as I sit in my office/sparebedrm/scrapbook space and type this!
    The best organizing advice I could give is
    to wrap ribbon around embroidery cardboard and keep it in an embroidery container.

  41. Really beautiful room! I love it. My organization tip is to be resourceful. You don’t really have to buy expensive stuff to store your things in. I use empty little glass jars to store buttons, flowers & other trinkets. 🙂 Ferrero Rocher chocolate containers are great storage for ribbons, scissors and other tools too.

  42. Beautiful craft room! My best tip is to use every inch of space available. My space is small, so I went vertical with shelving from Home Depot. I make sure everything has a basket, drawer, or spot to return to when I’m finished. I like a clean and clutterless spot to create!

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