My Scraproom: Part 2

Here it is!  Part 2 of my room.  This shows stamp, sticker, ribbon, etc. storage, along with my Expedit and computer area.

For details on the room, please go to THIS post.  Everything is there.  I will combine the two posts together and put it in the sidebar later this week.

After the video, I’ll have a GREAT giveaway!

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So… a lot of you have mentioned that you like the vinyl wall art I have in my room from Once Upon A Design.  Well, the sweet girls there have given me one to give away to one of you.  I am so excited!  Please go check out their site HERE.  Email them if you have questions.  These are sweet girls with big hearts – I would love to see them get some more business. And they make great holiday gifts!  So, if you want to win a vinyl wall art, just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your best craft-space organization tip.  I will then pick a winner of a small version of the “do something creative everyday” quote… like the one I have here…

Shot 1

My tip? It doesn’t cost that much more to get the sturdy stuff for your craft space (thanks to Ikea and Target)… and it is worth every penny.  I used to have tons of plastic drawers, but they didn’t hold up.  Not a good investment.  🙂

Have a great week.  I will actually be back with another giveaway tomorrow.

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346 thoughts on “My Scraproom: Part 2”

  1. I think my best organization I have in my room is a kitchen hutch I purchased to store things in. It matched the rest of my furniture in the room so was an excellent buy for me. Also the fact my room is VERY VERY tiny. So using the BEST cabinets was essential for me. I also love to keep my ribbons wrapped around vintage clothes pins. I have about 500 spools, so that was less clutter for me this way! Your room is a DREAM FROM HEAVEN….. I know you are in AWE!
    Thanks for a chance to win….
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Love your room. Wish mine was that neat…someday it will be there..for a few minutes at least.
    The best thing I have done in my organizing journey is to pick up a couple of storage units from the fishing department of Walmart. They have 4 separate container trays that fit in one base unit. They are perfect to hold all my beads and metal embelishments. I just grab the container I need if I am on the go and nothing gets mixed up. The top of the base unit also has a lg compartment that holds my larger metal pieces. I have 2 so far and they have been working awesomly for a while now.

  3. My best storage tip is using 12×12 plastic containers from the Container Store (Micheals/Hobby Lobby now carry also) for future layouts that I have pieced together and just not ready to do @ that time. Plus they stack well, since I am working out of my LR.

  4. love, love your space!!! 🙂 my tip for my little clear stamps is to put them in 3×5 index card box…i have found fun colors (pink and lime) at bartell’s for 3$ and then i lable an index card with the theme and the stamps are soooo easy to find!

  5. I ordered from them after that last post!! LOL….

    Thanks for sharing your room. I try to keep everyday tools at hand, and organize everything else so that it works for YOU, not because you were told to do it that way. HTH someone!

  6. Your room is incredible and although I don’t have any storage ideas for you, I’m certainly getting a lot of ideas from you. I love the wall words! I’ve already looked them up on the website because we are moving in a couple of weeks into a bigger house that has 2 developed rooms in the basement. It looks like I get one room for a music(I’m a professional musician)/scrapbook room. I definitely want to put up wall words. Perfect giveaway at this time!

  7. over the summer i converted my son’s room to my scrapbook room, i bought a white hutch with 3 large drawers from IKEA and it works for me organizing craft supplies. i keep works in projects and tools in the drawers and there are 9-12 open squares that i keep my books, stamps, inks, and other supplies in. best investment for me to organize my stuff and know where everything is!

  8. I have loved your space a long time! I remember when you kept your paper in the rolling bins from the Container Store inside the Plastic sleeves – I totally did that with my papers and loved it! I added once more twist, and put/labeled collections in the big making memories file folders as well…

    Then, the cropper hopper paper holders came out!

  9. Please enter me in the Giveaway! Oh, I’d settle for a 5 minute stroll thru your craft room! I am in awe! Nelda Deakins
    nelda mc765 @ charter .net

  10. It sounds opposite to useful, but if you can see it, you will use it and won’t buy it or similar again!! Incidentally, LOVE these decals! These girls ROCK !

  11. I’m in awe of your room! It’s amazing. I watched your clear stamp storage video and I’ve started to put together my own; however I’m finding that the stamps are sliding out. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong?

  12. I love your room! Once I get out of my newlywed one bedroom house I would love to have a room dedicated to crafting! My tip is pretty simple: I love to have like things grouped together and labeled. For me this applies to my stamp sets, supplies to scraps of paper. It is pretty simple but it saves a lot of time in knowing exactly where everything is.

  13. Jennifer,

    Your room and those vinyl wall words are to die for. I’m so envious! You’ve also inspired me to get my room together. Thanks! Santa’s getting quite the wishlist.


  14. I repurpose small jars for brads, eyelets, etc. I use baby food jars and pimento jars and spray paint the lids silver. They look cute sitting side by side on the shelf.

  15. Love your room! My tip is if you have a lot of yarn for making tassels on tags, cards, book binding cut about 3 yards of each off and wrap them around plastic or card embroidery thread bobbins (these are very cheap from craft stores) and store in an embroidery thread box by color combinations, that way at one glance you can see what you need and get inspired without having to go through boxes and boxes….

  16. This is the coolest giveaway ever!

    My organizational tip (which I really need to do) is to purge often and have a place for everything. If everything has a designated space (and you actually put it back) it’ll stay neat and organized.

  17. I’m not terribly organized, but do try to put away as I go along (sometimes). My tip is to have plenty of workspace so you can spread out without losing much in the piles.

  18. hm…. best craft space organization tip: it seems I spend a lot of time looking for things (ha ha!) so I have a spot I put everything when I am done with it and then every week I empty that area and put it all away- but if I need it, it should be there if it is not the end of the week!)

  19. Love, love, love your space! Oh to have an Ikea nearby! I love using my collection of Longaberger baskets to help store some items. It makes my space have that cozy feeling! 🙂

  20. I just love your craft room space! Thanks for sharing! My tip is that I place a rubber band around the spools of ribbon to keep them from unwinding when I’m not using them.

  21. Wow! What a great room! 😮 Ooh wee…to have that much space would be a dream!

    My organizing tip is just to use it. Don’t save it..use it! You’ll find something you like just as well or even better the next time you go to the store. 🙂

  22. what an amazing room!! love how organized you are! i just love to come up with new ways to organize my supplies…and you have just given me a few more ideas. 🙂 my craft-space tip is to be organized. each time i start a new project, i also start with a clean desk space. tfs! 🙂

  23. Wow, what a room. Well I have a tiny house and have to store all my stuff in cupboards in my bathroom. So I have a filing crate with file folders in it. I use each folder for a diffrent colored scrap paper, stensils, stickers and so on. And I use a plastic pencil box for all my tools.

  24. My best tip would be… hmmm to review how you are doing things every so often as the kind of stuff you buy changes over time so the way you organise it might need to as well.

  25. Love Ikea and I love putting baskets in the expedit shelves. Such a wonderfully functional way to organize a scraproom. Three cheers for Ikea!

  26. I think my personal best storage idea is a peg board. I have a variety of pegs and baskets and jars that I can hang on it. Although, the clip-it-ups that I have on order may be the best system EVAH! 🙂 We will have to see.

  27. Clear containers and clear ziplog bags. It’s great to see whatever you have all at once. Remnants of projects are placed in small ziplog bags and hung up on the door of my scrap supply closet so that I use these first (if they are suitable)before hitting the main supplies. It makes me think a little more creatively on how to use these scraps when I see them everytime I open the closet.

  28. My best storage was Cropper hopper vertical paper storage Man I love those things – but what has helped me the most was using Fischers boxes (I am in Australia) clear plastic boxes that hold my rub ons, chipboard alphas, all my gear is in them now, all labelled – I scrap so much better !!

  29. A totally OMG room!!! Wow

    My best organisational tip is to stick your unmounted stamps to acetate and keep them in plastic pockets in a ring bound album or lever arch depending on the amount of stamps you have!

    To keep the pages stiff I use card behind the acetate that I’ve stamped on to show the stamped image. Then I just flick through the folder to see which ones I want.

  30. I love your room!!!

    Best tip for me was to organize my embellishments by color. Has made things much easier.

    Thanks for sharing your room.

  31. I love these vintage coca cola bottle crates and using them standing up to store my small sizzix blue and green dies (remember those??? from ancient times it seems!) LOL! I love the vintage look and how practical they are and so perfect little cubbies for multiple dies! love them! I have two crates that my mom gave me, she found them in the attic in one of the rentals she owns. love love love them!!! wink!

  32. Your space is awesome! I think the best thing I use is recycled candle jars (with lids) to hold all the small odds and ends. They are decorative too.

  33. How awesome is that room, Jen? Holy wow! I think I’m going to have to find a reason to visit Cincy soon 🙂

    I hope you had a blessed thanksgiving!

  34. I just started watching your video’s on you tube and thought I would check out your blog… OMG girl… you are one amazing ,creative person… I am so in love with your scrap area.. My heart skipped a beat when i saw all your stamps… Oh I want to come and play with you… But I will be a regular here visiting. I am loving your clear stamp storage… where would I find those clear folders? I am going back to check out more of your blog. Halppy scrappin. Angie

  35. I have taken all of my stickers and embellishments, divided them into themes and have them in 12 x 12 ziploc baggies, each one labeled in the upper right hand corner with that theme. Now all I have to do is flip through the baggies to find exactly what I’m looking for, for any given project!

  36. My best tip would be to have vertical storage instead of horizontal. I’ve been slowly trying to get taller storage so I don’t waste so much space!

  37. I found your videos on YouTube, and watched a few. I am in awe of your incredible stampin room. You have the stamping room from Heaven! I have but a tiny corner, and finding organization for a small living space is difficult. Wow, what a room! Can you see how green I am? LOL… From there, I came here only to see i have alot more videos to watch. I’ve lost my mojo of late, so thank you for the very inspiring and creative, easy to understand videos you are making. They’re just wonderful.

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