WCMD Week: Day 4 of Giveaways and VIDEO!


Welcome to Day 3 of my World Card Making Day Week.  Today I have some enabling, a video, card and a giveaway.

First, the winner of Day 2's giveaway is Jenny from Louisville, KY.  I will email you!

Now, some enabling.  (Which – for those who are new around here – means that I tell you about some great stuff that I think you should try. πŸ™‚

1. Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Don't tell him I said this – it will just go to his head πŸ˜‰ – but his inks are just delicious.  I love how you stamp with them and as they dry, they look so soft and luscious.  I am not a big distresser, so I use them for straight up stamping.  Love them and use them a lot.  (Colin even loves "Mr. Tim's Inks.") May I recommend my faves?  Broken China, Fired Brick and Shabby Shutters.  Must-haves for sure.  Seriously – you need them even if you aren't a distresser.  (And, Tim is a good guy – I like to support the good guys. πŸ™‚


2. Ink Applicator
I have enabled this one before, but it is worth a second enabling.  Get it.  And the refills.  A great tool… be sure to get the FOAM applicator like THIS.  I have a video showing something fun to do with it HERE.

Lgpics_BlendingTool Lgpics_InkBlendingFoam

3. Kraft Notecards
These are a must-have.  I use these notecards all the time.  They are the perfect kraft, with matching envelopes.  They work with any and all styles – I love them!


Now, here is a video showing how to make the following card using these goodies I love so much.  I must note that this card was 100% lifted and inspired by Shari Carroll – my all-time favorite stamper.  She said it would be ok for me to share this here – thank you, Shari!  Smooch.  You can see her amazing card HERE

Here is the video and card… (For high quality, double click on the video so you can go watch it over on YouTube.  Then click "watch in high quality" right under the video.  It makes a big difference!)

H 1
Hero Arts stamp, white embossing powder, felt flowers, brads, kraft notecards
Tim Holtz Broken China Distress Ink
Ranger Foam Ink Applicator
Cuttlebug Swiss Dots
Sandpaper, ricrac
Card inspired by Shari Carroll

Now… time for the giveaway!  Today I have four of my favorite Distress Inks.  For a chance to win them, just leave a comment on this post by Thursday at 11:59pmEDT telling me something sweet/funny/kind that someone said to you today to make you smile.  I will post the winner on Friday. Here are the inks you would win…


Thanks for stopping by for this fun week.  I am off to watch Kirby.  Yum… πŸ™‚

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350 thoughts on “WCMD Week: Day 4 of Giveaways and VIDEO!”

  1. every morning, my 2 year old (he’s a Collin, too) says “mawmy, i lub you too!” always with the too, even if he’s first! LOL thanks for the chance to win

  2. i have looked everywhere for that darned applicator and the refills….thanks for the enabling! LOL
    somethings kind or funny that someone said or did today???? hmmmmmm…..someone gave me a hug, a stranger at that….and said thank you for being me…. that was a great warm fuzzy in my stressful day!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    As soon as I read what you wanted us to tell you, I knew exactly what to respond with.
    This morning when I dropped off my 4 year old son to Pre-School, his teacher said to my son but she was looking directly at me “You are going to give your mom muscles.” I guess she noticed that I carry my 4 year old to class every morning. I never noticed it myself but I just realized that I do. My son does like Pre-School and I think I only do it so that he can’t run away from me when he sees his friends and I couldn’t kiss him “Goodbye”. I’m only 4’10” and my son is a little over 3 feet, so I’m sure it looks awkward with me carrying him. I thought it was funny.

  4. knowing that my grandmother enjoyed her visit this week with her great grandson. (i dropped her off at the airport today to go back to LA from Michigan)

  5. woohoo!!! I LOVE Tim Holtz stuff! My 2 year old dd picked up a card I had made today and said, oh,look mommy that’s a pretty card!!!

  6. My dearest friend who has a terrible cold made me laugh when she said that she wished I could trade places with her…I’m just starting my vacation! I love Tim Holtz inks…they are just so hard to find where I live!

  7. My older son stayed after school today for academic team, so when my younger one came in from the bus, it was just the two of us. We got to snuggle and he told me he thought I was pretty. πŸ™‚

  8. Today my 5yr old daughter and I were in a stall in a crowded public bathroom and she cracked the whole place up:
    ‘Ooh, Mommy, THOSE are PRETTY underpants!’ There was a line up outside the door to applaud.
    Thanks for ths smiles-
    Kathy N

  9. My teenaged son was due to help me fix my computer after school so I baked him cookies as a way to say thank you – when he walked in after school and smelled the house he hugged me and thanked me!

  10. I work with special needs kids (18 to 23 yrs of age) and one of the kids (Tim) calls me Miss O’Beautiful, that puts a smile on my face everyday.

  11. My husband agreed to drive with me into our downtown area to get to an appointment. He knows I don’t like driving there during the week and was willing to leave a busy work day just to help me πŸ™‚ He’s good that way.

  12. My 16 month old daughter woke up this morning, padded into the kitchen and said “Waff-waff?” meaning “May I have a waffle, please?” It’s so much fun to hear her attempts at new vocabulary — I can’t help but smile!

  13. It’s a little bittersweet, but my son, who attended Christian school last year for Pre-school and is now in Kindergarten in Public school told me today, “they don’t pray at my school, that’s another thing I don’t like”.

    Although, it made me sad to hear him say that, it also made me happy to know that it’s something that he noticed and misses.

    (I told him that he can pray in school any time he wants to : )

  14. I just finished a hat that I knit for a co-worker’s baby. I brought it to work today, and another friend asked me to make one for her, too. I was so happy that she liked it that much!

  15. I spent the day in the ER with my 9 year old daughter. When I called my best friend on the verge of tears, she said, “I’ll come with you”. That was the nicest thing anyone said to me today.

    P.S. – My daughter is doing well. IV fluids do wonders!!

  16. When I got off the bus this morning at work, I made a point to tell the bus driver to have a good day and weekend, and she gave me a huge smile and said a sincere “Thank you!”, which really made me smile. It makes me happy to give others a small bit of happy, too. Thanks for offering these great inks – Peeled Paint is one of my favorites!

  17. Hi Jen! I was loading things into the hatch of my SUV when a lady walked by. She said, “Hey, nice car.” About MY Ford Explorer! I figure she just wanted to spread cheer…just a nice thing to say. I love it because she did make me smile.

  18. My kids told me that they will never leave me when they grow up! Of course, I was touched… but I also had to laugh and I know that they will be itching to get out when they are teenagers! They are ony 4 and 6 now!

  19. My son…”Mommy is the hardest thing ever! It’s the hardest work I’ve done since I was little!” Obviously kindergarten is requiring a bit of adjustment on his part.

  20. Great giveaways this week! Something that made me smile was at breakfast when my 4 year old son asked me if we could put the Christmas tree up today.

  21. Love those inks – yum! I have a grandson who is 18 months old. He doesn’t say alot but when he gets cranky my daughter calls and puts him on the speaker phone so that I can talk to him. As soon as I start talking – he starts giggling. I love it!

  22. When my 6 1/2yr.old daughter, and my 10 yr. old son got mad at each other before going to the bus stop, made up and held hands on the way to the bus stop.


  23. I was on the scale when my daughter walked in the bathroom. She asked me how much I weighed – so I told her. Her comment was, “WOW! That is how much an elephant weighs.” It made me chuckle – Oh how the eyes of a 7 year old sees the world!!

  24. Today I received an e-mail from a friend, this e-mail was so cute!! It is a little boy teaching his cat how to pray. After a while, his mom heard the cat meowing loud and she noticed the boy was trying to baptize the cat. If you would like I can send you the e-mail, you would love it.

    Thanks for the chance to win
    God bless

  25. My neighbor was so kind to tell me that I was a dear friend and she could tell me anything and everything. Girlfriends are the best!

  26. I have a few of the distress inks that I enjoy using. I just purchased a few colors in the embossing powders but have not tried them out yet. Thank you for the video.

  27. Hi,
    Hope I’m not too late !!
    I’m very nervous these days, I’m starting at my new job on Monday.
    Wish me luck.
    My (almost ex- ) colleague’s ( for more than 15 years )
    all said they are going to miss me a lot.
    It’s the nicest thing I heard this week.
    Greetings from Belgium.

  28. Hearing my 2 month old coo and smile at her brother and sister who have waited “forever” for her to do something…..LOL.

  29. At work, a friend of mine was talking about some guy on TV and she said, “He was uglier than homemade sin!” She always has quaint sayings for stuff and it just cracks me up.

  30. I cashier part time at Anderson’s and one of my customer’s said “You are always so cheerful”. That made my day, because I have been cashiering there for 13 years, so I’m glad that I am still coming off as friendly and cheerful after all these years.

  31. I just had 3 teeth pulled and my hubby came up to me and gave me a hug and called me his little chimpmuck. That made me smile, and yes it hurt a little too. But it made me feel better. I hope it’s not to late to enter. Thanks for all your inspirtion.

    Jannette D.

  32. Ooh! I have yet to play with these! Something that made me smile today is that my Dentist said I don’t need any fillings and I don’t have to worry about my wisdom teeth!!! Wooo hooo!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  33. Hi!! Thanks for the chance!!

    I lady said today that my 10 month old baby was SO cute and adorable!! That’s always nice to hear!! haha!

    Hugs, Aneliz

  34. My 1 1/2 year old said dinosaur for the first time today. It was so cute. Im still waiting for the “love you mom” but this was close enough.

  35. Today my preschool-aged son couldn’t wait for me to arrive to pick him up. He ran from the playground and proudly showed me his “turkey.” Brown paper bag, puppet-like, 1 big purple feather on the back, cardboard cut-outs glued on the front…you get the idea.
    Anyway, on the way home, he gets very serious and says, “Mom, I have to tell you something.”
    I turn off the radio, suddenly very serious myself, and say,”Yes, dear, what is it?”
    He says, “I don’t want you to cook my turkey.”
    Concealing my laughter, I assure him that I would not even think of doing that.
    Then he adds, “Yeah, because Miss Annette says we have to hide our turkeys from our moms so they don’t cook them.”
    I love those anecdotes, you know?

  36. this week we had an grandma and grandpa day for the kids at my work. And the next day a mother of one of the kids said that her mother said to her that I was a cutie.
    (so that was a grandma of one of the kids from my work who said that).
    That made me smile from ear to ear.

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