Sharing and giving away… :)


Some holiday cards to share.  These were inspired by cards that my dear Shari Carroll taught at Scrapfest this year.

Regular 2


Now… how about two opportunities to win? 

First, check out the Hero Arts stamps being given away over on American Crafts' Blog.  Click HERE.

Second, I have an extra of this great Studio Calico stamp.  Want it? Just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday, October 22nd, 11:59pmEDT and I will randomly pick a winner.  Just tell me something.  Have you rented a movie lately that you love?  Have you found a new great recipe?  Tell me something happy. 🙂


Have a great night.

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310 thoughts on “Sharing and giving away… :)”

  1. I just created my own blog yesterday… I love yours… Acryllic stamps are my favorite scrapbook product… Your cards are cute, I am going to have to copy some of your ideas. Thanks.

  2. Love those cards! i need to mix up my cards a bit with a different fold, and this is perfect!

    Friday nights are our movie nights, and we usually rent a couple. So this past weekend we got Ironman (which our DS decided that that was what he was going to be for halloween!)and it was a hit, War Inc… not so good and my DS got Air Buddies, which he loved…he loves anything with dogs!

  3. Just love the cards you have here. And something happy. I got a big happy mail box yesterday. Hero Arts stamps and a few of them all ready for me to work with for my day on the blog with Shari.

  4. New to your blog. My happy moment for today is it is 7:55 pm and my son has not had a seizure today! I also got to see my grandkids today. Blessings everywhere.

  5. something happy………I heard my babies heartbeat yesterday!!! It was amazing!!!! I can’t wait to finally meet him/her!!!

  6. We checked “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” out of the library this weekend, and keep hoping that the new Barbie movie will not be checked out so DD can watch it. One more day and it’s fall break!!

  7. We are celebrating our kitten’s birthday and I found some kitten lollipops for her and her siblings! They are little round treats that stick to a flat surface (like my desk or scrapbook table they all like to lounge on!) and the cats lick them! Super silly I know, but I love finding special things for my cats. My children still indulge me by singing Happy Birthday to the cat’s too- which is also a happy thing. It makes me laugh to see my teenage children singing to the cats- I am sure the cats don’t care, so it is purely for my amusement.

  8. Hmmm…something happy? I spent Saturday with my mom at “Mega Stamp Camp” hosted by her SU demonstrator. We made 10 of the cutest cards/projects and it really, really got me inspired to come home and doing some stampin’.

  9. I can’t get enough of Dexter. My husband and I are alittle late in the game so, we have been playing catch up, I am definetly hooked. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I can’t get enough of Dexter. My husband and I are alittle late in the game so, we have been playing catch up, I am definetly hooked. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Well…I discovered the Twilight series and watched the funniest movie…Forgetting Sarah Marshall….totally in my top five movies ever!

  12. I am so glad that colin in better, this nasty cold does keep lingering on, especially if your 5 months preggers and cant take anything but tylenol. Ugghhh…

    I love that stamp by the way. Backgrounds are always great to have!!

  13. I found the best Cranberry-pumpkin cookie recipe. I baked them for the second time today. They remind me of scones, they are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Love your work.

  14. The weather here in Las Vegas is finally cooling down, making for enjoyable outside activities such as Halloween block parties!

  15. Something Happy…… I’m making pasta sauce this week and some of it will be for christmas gifts. It makes me happy to be using what the earth gives us. If that makes any sense. It also tells me that the holidays are approaching and time with family will be so good for the soul.

    Also I’ll be trying out a new recipe tomorrow for dinner. Lamb meatballs with potatoes. An Irish recipe.

    Talk to you later

  16. Jennifer, love the cards!! I recently watched the movie Tinman recently. It’s a take on the Wizard of Oz story, well done and like a fairytale.

  17. I love all the examples of cards and projects that you share. On another happy note, I just celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary this past weekend. 🙂 Five kids, four pets, two kids, two houses, two states later and we still going.

  18. I’ve seen two good movies in one week. The first we saw last nite at the theater, it was Fireproof. It was very good! The second was from Netflix: The Ultimate Gift – also very good! :o)

  19. Thank you for the inspiration for “new” christmas cards. I really have to try it!
    Today I woke up and felt so down and grey- that lasted the whole morning. And as I sat in the kitchen looking out, the sun shines trough and all the golden leaves made a womderful golden light- I suddenly felt so relieved of my gloom and happy again !

  20. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Hero Arts, especially versamark and basic black and white inks. I read what inks you recommended and decided to give some a try. I had been using my Staz-on for everything, and really didn’t like how dull the image came out on cardstock. Thanks for the recommendations! I can’t wait to receive my big box…it’ll feel like Christmas already!

  21. Great cards! I might have to try some like these. A happy thing is I found 2 new exercise dvd’s at a garage sale Sat. I did one on Mon. and it was great! I love to get a good buy on something!

  22. My husband and I went to the cheap movies last night to celebrate our anniversary. Another happy thing – I am finally over my stomach virus!!

  23. I adore your style girl! Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

    On a happy note after two days of no mojo I found it in a new set of QKD Muffin Friends stamps, and now I’m happily coloring away!

  24. Lately my girls and I have been going through all of our movies and picking out ones that we can just curl up to and watch on those cold chilly nights. I can’t wait to make hot chocolate and watch them with them!

  25. It’s been a long time since I saw a movie, but I’m planning to go to the cinema this weekend. I’m going to watch a new Belgian thriller. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  26. Hello! Before anything else I want to thank you for making such great videos :)!
    Well, I’m having a good week even though it’s been busy… My husband came home from work yesterday and surprised me with some movies (Baby mama, forgetting Sarah Marshall and Iron man )! We’ve both enjoyed them and then repeat all the funny lines they say and laugh out loud ;)…
    No matter how busy our life can be we still need some time to laugh/smile… it does keeps our souls alive!

  27. Something that makes me happy is, hubby and I are going to the pumpkin patch today! 🙂 And, just found out he’ll be home for Halloween, so he can help me scare the neighborhood kids 😀

  28. Here is a double Happy =0
    I found a video of how to make a cloth or paper flower that so cute. It can be used on cards, scrapbooking, accessories,clothes. It can be found @ . Thanks to Donna for showing us how. I found a recipe for making a chocolate cake in a mug and will try to post it on my blog by tomorrow.

  29. I love your designs. I wanted to share with you that I just made pumpkin cupcakes with orange frosting from a Cake Doctor recipe. It’s delicious and perfect for this time of year!

  30. The last movie I borrowed from a friend was the Sex in the City movie a couple weeks ago. Great chick flick..heehee.

  31. Something that made me happy today: I made a card for my fiancé’s brother’s birthday and my fiancé actually commented on it – he said it looked classy. Felt good to get some positive feedback!

  32. OK I’ve had a very long month… heating unit needed replaced, microwave blew up, washing machine broke this weekend, son took a hockey stick to the head today (he’s OK) and just noticed a water leak in my office at home ugh! BUT I read somewhere that I should be happy and feel fortunate that I have all these things and I am!! Just not happy to pay for the appliances 🙂 But I am happy for all that I have in my home.

  33. Love your cards, wonderful hints,and helpful videos. I appreciate your giving spirit and your cheerful attitude(even with a sick one).I’ve spent the afternoon making a birthday card for a man in our church who will be 100 years old next week. I used some old fashioned ephemra from Hot Off the Press and included a tag recapping things he’s seen in his lifetime(from Wright Bros. planes to a man on the moon, from Model T’s to SUV’s etc.)

  34. I’m a sap, I love a great love story…and Jane Eyre is one of my favorites. I think I’ve seen every version ever made, just rented the BBC version that was on Masterpiece Theatre this year…Toby Stephens is yummy. Thanks for the new posts, I’m glad Colin is on the mend!

  35. Hi Jennifer… I’ve always been your fan and I always drop by here to get great inspirations! My family just tried the homemade pesto and cheese tortillas… such a yum!

  36. Wow… I need help. Its been ages since I have watched a movie, never mind Tv. love reading your blog and your monthly article in CK.

  37. Great stamp set!!!

    Here’s my favorite recipe. It sounds weird but trust me, it’s NUMMY!!! My 2 yr old son even LOVES it!

    Diet Cola Chicken:

    Whole can of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi
    (I prefer Diet Pepsi)
    2 cups ketchup
    4 boneless chicken breasts (thawed)

    Place chicken breast in a sprayed pan (sauce or frying, it dsnt matter). Mix diet cola and ketchup and pour over chicken. Bring to a boil and cover. Reduce heat and cook for 45 minutes. Remove cover and increase heat to boiling and stir until sauce becomes thick.

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