How-To Video: Gemstone Tips & Tricks

Good morning!

We are getting our electricity re-worked this week (old house = aluminum wiring = fire hazard = expensive fix), so I am without power off and on.  But I wanted to post quickly while I had the chance to let you know about a video I have done.

For more information, click HERE… the Hero Arts blog.

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More soon. Have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “How-To Video: Gemstone Tips & Tricks”

  1. Jennifer

    I hope your re-wire goes quick. It is so hard to live with workers in and out. Then no electric is even harder.

    I really like the design of the leaf card. I might just lift this idea using the cute small animal wood sets. Also love the centering tip too. This will make using gems simple.

    Again, thanks for sharing your tips and ideas.

    Sandi N.

  2. I LOVE the idea of purchasing clear gemstones and white pearls and customizing them to the colors you need. It makes so much sense! Thanks for the frugal tip, Jennifer! Your ideas are always great.

  3. Jennifer, I do not get tired of saying this. You are amazing. I learn so much with you. Thanks for these videos and for the inspiration.
    Dayami 😉

  4. Great tip! I wonder if you can color these with permanent ink so that it would match with your stamped image? I will definately give it a try. It might be a little messier but I always have ink on my fingers!!

  5. The cards are so pretty. I like the idea of coloring the gemstones and pearls to the color you need. It saves time trying to find them in the color you need and saves money.

  6. I am so psyched about that tip of coloring our gemstones with permanent markers. Never thought of that. Great tip and I also love the video about the placement of the gemstones in a circle. Thanks for sharing.

  7. wowza…great idea using permanent markers….I just bought 5 packs of the clear gemstones so now I can try it!

    I too, have used that method for making circles…..I call it the clock method. Beginning at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and go from there! It really does help with spacing!

  8. Jennifer, I totally lifted your turkey tag and made Christmas ornaments with photos of my kids ( They came out so stinkin’cute! Thanks for the idea!!

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