How-To Video: Card with Pop-Up Gift Card


Have a video today to share.  It is over on the Hero Arts blog HERE.  You can get more info there.  (Also, there is a great scrapbook page by Leslie Lightfoot, too.)  Here is the video…

Mini 5 

Mini 5 b
(c) Hero Arts Blog

I’ll be back tomorrow with some fun new things to share.  And I have a stamp set I am dying to give away.  🙂

Now… Dancing With the Stars.  Not sure on this one.  Warren is a hoot, isn’t he?  I like too many people this time.  Hmm… this is more interesting to me then politics.  Just kidding…

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12 thoughts on “How-To Video: Card with Pop-Up Gift Card”

  1. Hi Jennifer. Been over at Hero’s Arts blog checking out your creations. Just love how simple you make projects look. Love your blog also, so much info and how-to’s, it’s just great.

  2. Just about everyone on my Christmas list likes to receive gift cards. I will be making alot of these this year. Thanks for the idea.
    Oh – and Dancing With the Stars is more interesting than politics.

  3. FABULOUS!!!!! Oh yea this is great. thanks for sharing; my family who will be getting gift cards this year will love them too (thanks to you from them too!).

  4. What a great idea! I love that gift card holder. It’s a must to try. Yes, dancing w/ the stars is interesting! Brooke Burke is wow, and she has 4 kids?

  5. Hi Jen! Such a cute card and the video helps so much in seeing how you made it.
    Oh, I really love watching Dancing with the Stars. I’ve been voting for Lance and Lacey.

  6. Holy Cow..I think I left this message on a different post of your by accident. Please forgive that little bit of insanity. I think I was just so excited…so here is the comment again…ready?
    Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer…thank you so much for this card. My best friend and I have decided to give gift cards this year to our boy’s preschool teachers. We need to create a card to include with the gift cards to make the gift more personal. THIS IS THE PERFECT CARD!!!!! I was just about to start searching for an easy card to make and THIS IS IT!!! I love you!

  7. Well, I finally figured out how to leave a post to win some of the get aways. I have been sending you emails and that was just not getting the job done. I even sent your dad a birthday card on the mail. My DML use to say “Live, Learn, Die and forget”.

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