Two videos and giveaways!

Good evening!

Quick post tonight… I am tired!

First, I have TWO videos up.  One is HERE and it is on fun tree cards.  The other is HERE and shows how to use the ink applicators and Distress Inks in a fun way.  This is the project for the second video…

Grow Trees

Second, be sure to check out the amazing Loni Steven's new blog.  She is giving away one of the KOTM's I showed here yestereday.  Click HERE to find out more.

Third, I am needing some ideas from you! I want to give a thoughtful gift to the teachers at Colin's Montessori.  There are 5 of them.  It can be something I buy or make – just something really good because these teachers rock. :)  So… if you leave an idea here by Saturday at 11:59pmPST, I will draw a winner of this fab stamp set from Close To My Heart.  It is one of my faves…



Last, I have had a few people email me about Close To My Heart and where to get it.  One of my readers sells it and you can find out how to order from her HERE.  Thanks, Jennifer!

Night night..

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  1. Jen,

    As a teacher, one thing I wish I had started years ago is a binder full of my students’ addresses and phone numbers. The schools give the teachers these demographics lists to keep on hand, in addition to co-workers’ addresses and phone numbers. The papers are usually on one or two pieces of computer paper. It would have been so great to have a place to keep all of them over these last ten years. I could use it when I see my former students in the newspaper and want to send them a card congratulating them on their successes, or to send a card to retired colleague.

    So how about fancying up some pretty address noetbook binders for the teachers? The regular notebook sized ones are great – and maybe add some section dividers – one for colleagues and one for students.

    Good luck! I’m sure no matter what you do, they will love it!


  2. I have read all of the ideas and i’m afraid i dont have any new ones -but i have seen the altered pen with a steno pad to match with ribbons all down the spirals? i love those and I know a teacher would too -or gift cards or YOUR hand made note cards would be so appreciated.

  3. I posted earlier similar ideas, but after a few days back in the classroom one of the best gift ideas came back to me – nice hand cream! I wash my hands so often at school the skin cracks and my nails are a mess. Not expensive, necessarily, but a good cream does so much good! For teachers of older grades it is especially nice since the chalk does a real number on your skin.

  4. Hi! At the end of my son’s kindergarten year, I had him draw a picture at the top of a quarter sheet of paper. I then had it copied on colored paper and turned into a notepad. Made her a little gift basket with the notepads and pens. Turned out cute!

  5. You could give them a note block holder that you stamp round the sides to match a thank you card, or what about taking one of Shari’s scraplings, adding magnets and turning it into bookmarks. Every teacher I know loves to read! Love your video on distress inks for 2peas your tips are great!

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    First of all, I love your work!! About the gift: here in The Netherlands we often give each other flowers or gift cards (books, music), and when I want to personalize the gift I add a personalized card or pen or vase. Once I made a mini album with the photos from all the kids in class for the 2 teachers my son had, but that may be a lot of work for 5 teachers….Hope you’ll find something!! Good luck.

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