More links to great blogs…

… simply because it is fun.  And I am procrastinating going grocery shopping. 🙂

These are others you all mentioned.  Keep in mind that many of my favorite blogs are over on the side bar, too.

Karen Russell
A very kind gal with a boatload of talent.  And cute kids. Class act.

Kelli Crowe
I wish each and every person in the world could meet Ms. Kelli Crowe.  She is a hoot.  The first time I met her, we went to a tea room and she brought gigantic hats for Lisa Russo and I to wear.  I loved her that moment.  She defines kindness.  And her blog is a riot.  I love Ms. Kelli Crowe.

Lisa Russo
I know a lot of people have a list of things they want to do before they die.  Me?  I have one thing on it.  Seriously.  It is to get my family in front of Lisa's camera.  I think her photos are classic and true.  There are no better.  And Lisa is one of those good people who I wish I could have coffee with every morning.  Her goodness is so good that I can honestly say she saved me.  When going through PPD, the doctor reco'd going on a weekend away and I went to Lisa's.  The perfect medicine.  Truly.  Go look at her pictures.  It will make you smile.

Melissa Phillips
Melissa is one of those girls who has more talent than any one person should be allowed. :)  Her blog is so fun to look at.

Kelly Purkey
She is so stinkin' adorable.  And talented.  And generous.  And funny.  And has a great blog. 🙂

More later…