I have decided…

… that I love power.

And don't like giving it up. 🙂

Still no power.  It could be awhile – severe damage to powerlines by our house.  We have HUGE trees in our area, so when they fall, bad things happen.

But, thank God for a gas water heater.  We still have warm showers!  And I am also thankful that Colin thinks having no power is fun.  I feel so bad for those in the South who really got nailed – saying lots of prayers.

I have a quick share since I only have a bit of time to get out and access internet.  This one was from a 2peas ad long ago.  And that cutie is Erin Cobb's little girl.  I tell ya – that Erin makes pretty babies, doesn't she?  :)  Scrapping them is such fun.

Sweetie Page
Hero Arts stamps
Colorbox Chalk Ink Queues
Bo Bunny paper

I am hoping to post more meaty posts soon.  Just waiting for that power…

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30 thoughts on “I have decided…”

  1. wow she does make really cute babies 🙂 and i really like that layout, simple and elegant. and the color combos are really great too! seriously though, i think great photography is THE key here. Any tips? 🙂

  2. wow! she is adorable, at first I thought she was a porcelaine dolllike the ones mary Osmond sells 🙂

    I’m sorry you still with no power! but I was glad to know your family and house is ok! Hope everything gets fix soon!

  3. I can’t imagine being without power for so long…yes, it helps that Colin thinks it’s fun! Hope you get some soon. I remember seeing this layout. Love the colors and a cute baby brings it all together!
    Take care and I’ll pray for power.

  4. i would seriously be lost without my power. lol! hope it’s not too long before you get it back!

    gorgeous layout too! sarah is such a cutie … you’re lucky to be able to scrap her gorgeous face!

  5. Does Colin think you are camping? That’s what it feels like…but you have hot showers, so you are living in luxury! Do you have a gas Range? A Generator for the Fridge/Freezer? What a hassle!

    Is that the cutest little “Sweetie” or what?! You did her justice with your LO skills and Hero Arts and Bo Bunny to back you up!

  6. Jennifer

    I agree she could be on a post card or baby food jar. I really love this layout. I saved it to favorites on HA. The dot paper is pure joy to work with. Thanks for getting me hooked.

    I have one more load of laundry and the laundry room is yours if you need it.

    Take Care

  7. So sorry to hear about the power. We never realize how dependant we are until it is not there. I look forward to your posts. I hope you had a good time while in MN. The weather was really crummy for you, right now it is glorious. Maybe next time.

    Hope power returns soon.

  8. Aw, another one. Thanks for sharing girl! =)

    So sorry to hear you guys are still in the dark. I’m sure it’s trying with a little guy around. Thinking of you!

  9. Hi, Jennifer! I live 12 miles north from the coast of Freeport, TX in Angleton. Luckily power was restored to our neighborhood yesterday. We did see a convoy of electric company trucks from Ohio heading for Galveston. Although I appreaciate the help, I hope they left some electrical workers to restore power to the good people of Ohio. 😉

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  10. I was kinda of fun having the power out for a bit. My DH and I had a candlelit dinner,we read the newspaper! It was fun!

    I couldn’t imagine having the light off for 4 days! 😛 Hope yours comes back on soon!!!

  11. You poor thing, I had no internet connection for a few days and thought that was bad. It’s good Colin is enjoying it anyway, kids think it is great without the distraction of Mum running off to vacuum or do the laundry and all those other electrical things that take our time up. Fingers crossed for you.

  12. What a doll!! Just love those cheeks.
    We were blessed to only be out of power for 24 hours – but my sister and parents are being told Sunday at best. She said “this is what the pioneers felt like!” I had to giggle — yes, I am sure the pioneers were running around to neighboring towns, in their mini vans, looking for gas and a Starbucks. It was just like this. LOL Glad you are fairing well.

  13. Thanks for going out of your way to post even when you have no power – that’s real dedication! Gorgeous LO for a gorgeous little girl! Hope power is restored to you soon. Yay for gas hot water systems…our new bathroom with gas hot water heater came in very handy when the old electric HW cylinder died recently!

  14. Oh I so know how awful it is without power! Strong winds blew down trees in Melbourne (Australia) in April and we were without power for four days! No computers,phones or lights was a nightmare! Loved the fact we had to get takaway meals though!

    Hope you are powerful very soon!


  15. What an adorable picture. The layout is so clean and simple. I love it! This has been a rough week and you amaze me that you have the energy to go out and find internet to post. I am lucky enough that our generator is able to get my computer going so I can have a little sanity. Going on a week, hope we see some relief soon. At least the weather has been awesome. It definately makes me want to sit and scrap.

  16. Wow, what a great layout. Clean and colorful. Your “subject matter” is just adorable (understatement)–look at those eyes and plump cheeks! What a beautiful photo–I can never get shots like that–my DGD always scrunches up her face when she sees the camera–she thinks she’s smiling for the camera. You do such beautiful work.

  17. Just wanted you to know that we’re near Cleveland and we got hit too. My husband and I are so thankful that we were out of power for such a short time, but we have many friends that are still waiting. Hang in there girl! It WILL get better.

  18. I finally had to comment. Really, is this little girl stunning or what? Every time I’ve looked at her picture, I’m amazed. She really does look like a doll.
    Also, Jennifer, I agree with a lot of other comments. You have no electricity and you’re still doing your thing and sharing it with us. Thank you for being so dedicated and really, I have nothing to whine about…you and others effected by these horrible storms…my hat is off to you all!

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