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… to some fun sites.

First, I post today on the Garden Girl Blog on 2Peas about a fantastic scrapbooker, Moon Ko. You can click HERE for my post, HERE to see more of Moon's work and HERE to see Moon's blog.  I don't know her, but there is this honesty that shines from her pages.  Here pages are stunning.  Wow.

Also… for those of you who enjoy thoughts of laying on a beach in peace and quiet, I have a video for you. :)  My favorite blog is on-stjohn.com and they just show things that are going on in the everyday life on St. John.  Well, they also do videos taken on the island.  I was so thrilled to see they filmed on my favorite beach there, Honeymoon Beach.  (I got to spend my birthday there this year with the family.)  You can get a peek at how secluded it is HERE.  Unfortunately, it looks like they were there when a boat of people swam onto the beach – there are a few families there.  Usually there is NO one.  Not a soul besides you and your family.  I love that.  But, the video still captures the peacefulness of it.  You can fast-forward through the beginning and just get to the beach scenes. One thing the video doesn't show is how fantastic it is underwater.  You simply walk in the water and look under and see Nemo's world.  Amazing.  This beach is solid proof to me that God exists. 

Oh, and Kenny Chesney's mammoth house overlooks this beach, too.  🙂

OK… off to bed.  Thanks for all your ideas on the last thread.  I have started to look through them.  Remember you can still enter to win HERE!

If you haven't heard about the Cards For Heroes Card Drive, please check it out HERE!

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4 thoughts on “Just linking…”

  1. Jennifer, I went to the St. John link to watch the video (as my absolute favorite vacation is lying in the sun on a beautiful beach) but the video stopped as the man was walking up the hill just after the shot with the birds flying near the water. I imagine I am missing a lot because of all the great comments- 🙁

  2. Jennifer

    Wow…love the beautiful colors of the water and clean beaches, with the trees as the back drop. This place really speaks to me. The name Honeymoon Beach is cute too. When we went to Cabo we went on a day trip cruise and one of the places we stopped to snorkel had a beach called Divorce Beach. I kid you not. I even have photos of DD building a sand castle.



  3. Hi Jennifer your christmas photo collage is awesome would you use the same exact technique if you wanted to have small pictures for a scrapbook layout although a little bigger size of them? Also if you were to buy a new die cut machine would you still buy the revolution over the others?

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