Hello from Scrapfest… still…


Still here.

After teaching, I immediately had to run to the airport.  While on the shuttle, I found out my flight was canceled since the Cincinnati airport was closed.

So, my flight is now 7am tomorrow morning.  But there is no power in our area and won't be for a few days.  Boogers.

Therefore, I don't have time to share tonight… I need to get a bit of internet work done before going home to no internet.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone is safe and well.  I will share as soon as I can…

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18 thoughts on “Hello from Scrapfest… still…”

  1. oh my goodness the weather was crazy today (i am in louisville, ky) i have never seen the wind blow so hard. there are numerious counties in a state of emergency! totally crazy! hope that you make it home safely!!

    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Omg! Sorry to hear about your flight. We’ve had school cancellations around here due to flooded rivers, streets and roads! Crazy huh? We got home tonight around 11pm after a raib filled 0hour drive! Ugh! Email me when your home! Great seeing you again.

  3. eeps!
    we’ve got power and just had a LOT of wind here in Indy.
    The town next to us lost some power though with school closings and such today.

    Hope everyone is safe at home.

  4. So sorry to hear about your trip home..As I’m writing this, I’m hoping that you’re either on your way home or you’ve arrived home safely.
    So, no power at home? That’s the worst when you have a child. How much “camping” and “roughing it” can you entertain with. The power went out in our neighborhood (NEVER happens here) because a mylar balloon flew into a transformer. We had no electricity for about and hour and 1/2 and my kids could not understand why I couldn’t turn the light on in their room…let alone the t.v. Holy Cow!
    I’m sending good thoughts your way that everything is up and running quickly.

  5. I live west of the DFW area and we missed all of the bad weather. However, I think Ike surprised everyone with his destructive power. Hope your power is up and going soon where you live.

  6. I actually saw you this weekend at the Mall of America at the make-n-take booth. The project was adorable. It’s almost overwhelming with everyone there … fun projects and classes for everyone to take and see.

  7. Oh man, thats a pain!
    I live in Miami so we are used to that. What you can never get used to is being without power. It sucks! But dont worry, “this too shall pass…” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Are you home, safe and sound? It’s Monday night, so I hope you are with your family now…. you have a lot of “kissin’ & catchin’ up” to do, so take a blog vacation~you deserve it!

  9. I only just heard about the storms in the US, so this is all making a lot more sense now! Hope you’re back home with your family again, it must have been an awful time to be traveling. Enjoy some rest- don’t worry about us!

  10. Its been devastating here in Ohio. The wind was unbelievable. We watch trees snap in half from our windows. So many people without power including me until yesterday. There is still over 200,000 in my area without power. I hope you made it home and your power gets restored soon.

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