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I have a class coming up.  September 25th at Stamp Your Art Out.  I think it may be full, but I hope to squeeze in a few people.  A holiday class – love those. πŸ™‚

So, I shot a video of my scraproom.  Downloaded it and was about to edit when I realized something – watching it may cause you to get seasick. :)  Yes, I moved it around a lot and too fast – wasn't paying attention.  I will have to re-shoot it next week.  I am such a ditz. I did get photos that I can share soon.


I had a few questions in the last few posts, so I thought I would answer them quickly before heading off to Scrapfest…

Q: For the clear stamp store… I went to Office Depot today and bought the CD/DVD sleeves, but could not find the 3 x 5. Are they the same brand? Any info you could give would be great.
A: I am so very sorry, but I am not sure.  I didn't keep the package.  However, they were on the shelf right next to it.  HERE are some 4×6 ones.  Sorry. πŸ™

OH… I forgot to mention… I have 4 extra packs of the cd holders that I used and showed HERE.  If you are interested and can't get them near you, I can ship them to you.  I was just going to return them anyway.  Just email me.  OH!  And I just looked… they sell them online now HERE.  Cool.

Q: I would like to scraplift your Christmas card with the three trees from Hero Arts, however I can't seem to find out where to buy them. Could you help me???
There are two sets of trees – small and big.  You can get the big set HERE and the small set HERE.  I like using them together – one big tree and two small.

67017mid   67013mid

Oh, and while looking for these sets, I saw that this site still has a discontinued set from Hero that was a favorite of mine.  Isn't it cute?


Q: How do you clean your clear stamps? Do you always have to use black ink, or could you use colored ink?
A: I use THIS stamp cleaner for all my stamps – Ultra Clean.  It is meant for clear stamps, but it works on rubber.  And it takes Staz-On off – which is huge.  Love this stuff.  However, clear stamps by nature will stain.  Just is gonna happen.  Even if it is stained, it won't transfer in future stamping.  Do any of you out there have Ultra Clean?  Do you love it?  I use it with THIS scrubber pad.  I am totally enabling you here, but this is one I can promise you will love. πŸ™‚

60312mid 96835240 

While I am on the topic of enabling, I have a good one for you.  I have gotten a lot of questions about what printer I use. 

I have 3 printers.  One is my old Epson 2200.  I have had that baby for over 5 years and have loved it all along.  However, I needed to get a new one, so it is now just used for quick printing – not photos.  (I used to have a cheap $50 printer for this purpose.) 

I just purchased the Epson R1900 and am such a very happy girl.  Thanks to a new friend I met here (hi, maegan!), I found out they have $150 in rebates right now.  I ordered it with free shipping from my favorite Epson site, atlex.com.  (They have great prices on the inks, too.)  So, it ended up being $339, which is a huge steal.  If you really like to print photos at home and like using enlargements, this is the perfect printer for you.  I use the 13×19 luster paper.  Love it.


For quick 4×6 photos, I use my Epson Picturemate.  This bad boy rockeths.  When I do my video of my scraproom, I will show how I use this and have it set up.  It is fantastic.  And it prints wallet sizes, which I use a lot on pages. 


When I print a lot of photos, I get them done at Costco.  Incredible printing.  Love that place, too.

So, I basically use whatever is convient and fits my needs.  But I do this for a job.  If I had to go with one, I would try out that Epson 1900 since it does it all. πŸ™‚

OK… time for bed.  Talk soon…

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16 thoughts on “Enabling and Q&As…”

  1. i have been using that exact stamp cleaner and scrubber pad … and love them! and i might have to check out that epson picturemate … sometimes i just want a 4×6 and hate going to all the trouble of using my big printer and paper. and i’m with you … i print my photos tons of ways … myself and online. just depends!

  2. Thanks Jennifer for sharing…can’t wait to see that video! You know how much we love to snoop in other people’s scraprooms!
    I think you’re the one who enabled me to use Costco for their photo service, especially the 8×12 photo size. I have tons of pics from our trip to California and I’ve already made some collages using that. Love that size and especially their matte paper, which they call “luster”.

  3. I soooooo need to get me a photo printer! We sadly don’t have a Costco here, boo hoo. I LOVE their printing! I might have to get me one of these new printers!! Thanks for sharing Jennifer! hugs!

  4. just wondering how do you clean the design block stamps? i was the scubber,but it just fits in there so i worry it’s not getting clean enough.

  5. Thanks for the Altex link. I was just going to order that printer direct from Epson, but that is a much better price.
    I also have a Picturemate (older version though) and I love it! It prints great photos and they’re supposed to last up to 200 years! and they’re water resistant…I know this because my son spilled water on the prints as I was testing the printers in the store. The HP ink smeared off and the Epson was perfect even after the sales guy wiped it dry on his light khaki pants.

  6. Thanks for the tip about Atlex.com. I have an Epson R1800 and the only place around me that I can find them is in my home town which is a little over an hour from where I live. That site is cheaper even with shipping costs–saving me about $22. That is a couple of cartridges!

    Have a great day!

  7. Hey I have the R1900 too – such an amazing printer . I tell everyone I know to go get one! Katherine, England

  8. Oh man….you are so not helping me! I have been trying to decide between the epson r1400 and the picturemate dash…only have the cash for one of them! Guess I will ask for one for Christmas and buy the other, lol, πŸ™‚

  9. I purchased the 3.5 x 5″ photo pages and che CD pages at the Office Depot in Savannah, GA. They are both by Wilson Jones.


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