Want to meet an angel? And win a giveaway? :)

(Warning: This is a long post.  But keep reading – it is worth it. πŸ™‚

Know any angels?

I know one.

Her name is Connie Williams.

She owns my local stamp store, Stamp Your Art Out.  And owns a stamp company called Verses Stamp Company.

Why is Connie an angel?  She is extremely giving.  She is constantly doing fundraisers to support Hospice. She is thoughtful in many ways.

So… a couple days ago, I got an email from her offering $100 to help pay to ship the cards for the Card Drive to Africa.  I was floored!  That will be so very helpful.  (I had intended to cover the costs of shipping the prizes and shipping the cards, so this was a nice gesture on her part.)

I encourage you to visit her online store.  She has all greeting stamps for every occasion… even those hard-to-find ones. Here are some cards I did with Verses stamps…

Verses 1
Verses Thinking of You Stamp (I covered the tops of the flowers with paper flowers)
Black Memories Ink
Doodlebug flowers
Hero Arts pearls
Bo Bunny paper
Stampin' Up punch
Creative Impressions ribbon

Get Well Verses7
Verses Get Well Vertical Stamp
Hero Arts Bird stamp and gems and clear card
Black Memories Ink
Doodlebug flowers
Bo Bunny paper
Creative Impressions ribbon
Prismacolor colored pencils
(For a video showing the coloring technique on the bird, click HERE.)

Hug Verses
Verses Sending a Hug Stamp
Hero Arts heart stamps (hearts and circles), notecards and gems
Cuttlebug Embossing
Black Memories Ink
(This card is short on the front. The top of the front half is at the green line. The pink is on the inside of the card.)

This one I have shared before, but it has a Verses stamp…


Verses Thoughts and Prayers stamp
Making Memories, Bo Bunny and Scenic Route papers
Hero Arts pearls and flowers and notecard
Creative Impressions silk ribbon

Here are some of my other favorite Verses stamps:

  • On THIS page, "BB0601-E Twinkle, Twinkle" is a clever birthday stamp. Oh, and I LOVE vertical greetings like "BB0424-C Happy Birthday Vertical."
  • THIS page has great stamps about faith.
  • On THIS page, I have to get "S0117-B Even More."
  • "Get Well" cards are tough.  THIS page has a great ones: "W0626-F Cozy & Comfy."
  • On THIS page, "QQ0837-F Souls in this world" is fun for a friend. Another good one is "QQ0833-D Friends Beside You".  This was in FABULOUS for any Christians out there: "QQ0834-D God's Promise."

She also has cool card and envelope templates HERE. This is my favorite…


And $2 rub-ons?  Woohoo!  Look HERE.

Thanks again, Connie.  This world needs more angels like you!

Now… time for a giveaway!  Connie gave me a few stamps to give as prizes here.  So, leave a comment telling me what your favorite greeting message is (can be as simple as "thank you") on this post by Thursday at 11:59PM and I will pick TWO winners of theses TWO stamps:

Picture 2   Picture 3

Oh, and a big thanks to a few others, including Cass and Jill, who have sent a bit of money to cover the shipping costs.  I appreciate it more than you know! 

Come back tomorrow – it's Card Drive Prize Time! πŸ™‚

OK… off to veg a bit! 

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217 thoughts on “Want to meet an angel? And win a giveaway? :)”

  1. Love the cards you have created. My favorite would have the word friend & thanks, for instance your a great friend, or thanks for being a great friend as I appreciate my friends and all the support they have given me over the past four months.

  2. It’s not really a greeting I guess but when I saw ‘color outside the lines’ I fell in love. It sums my (teensy weensy bit crazy) personality up completely

  3. wow, she has so many great stamps/quotes available.

    One of my favorites is the one “each day comes bearing a gift…unwrap the ribbon”

  4. beautiful cards! my fav is “thinking of you” because its so fun to give and/or receive an unexpected card to someone to let them know they are thought about! πŸ™‚

  5. WOW! Those cards are awesome! I just love Connie’s stamps! My favorite is the Get Well Vertical stamp and the Season of Gladness Christmas stamp! They are all great though! Hugs…..

  6. What a sweetheart! That is just so kind! Love people with big hearts! Those cards AND stamps are just beautiful! Off to check out her site! Hugs! Happy Wednesday, Jennifer! Have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, and I forgot to list my favorite sentiment – I love “thinking of you.” It’s simple and to the point and I think it’s great to let others know that. πŸ™‚

  8. Your cards are so beautiful! Just amazing! Her stamps are a work of art just like your creations! I really like her “Footprints in Your Heart” and her “Grandchildren” stamps, especially since I just become a grandma for the 1st time!! Thanks Jennifer!

  9. My favorite quote is “the cure for everything is saltwater, tears, sweat or the sea.” my d-i-l did it for me in calligraphy to hang on my wall”
    Love the cards!

  10. I’m always looking for new sentiment stamps. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to check out Verses. My favorite sentiment has to be Happy Birthday in some form or other because I make birthday cards for all our church people. I like to mix up the fonts and the way they are displayed. Thanks so much for your generosity.

  11. My favorite greeting is one with “Friend” in the message. I really appreciate the value of good and true friends who stick with you through the hard and good times.
    Thinking of you, my friend. Get well, friend, or Glad we’re friends are messages I most enjoy.

  12. Why yes, I do know an angel…do you have a mirror handy? πŸ™‚

    Hugs to Connie…what a wonderful thing to do! If I am drawn as a winner please pick the person above me for the stamps.

  13. Thanks for the link to the Verses stamps – there are so many unique greetings – I love them! The greeting I seem to use over and over is “Thank You” – for the gift, for coming to visit, for your example, for your friendship, for your kindness, etc. I really need a stamp that says “hello” or “thinking of you”, I seem to make a lot of those cards too.

  14. Thinking of You…..Can be used as sympathy, just regular greeting, or a get well….Pretty versatible. I’m just getting into stamps so I would love to win.
    Debbi M

  15. A personal favourite of mine “Be yourself”
    “everyone else is taken”. Not very original I know but it seems to get the message across how one feels.

  16. My favorite greeting is;
    “You are my Sunshine”
    I love it because it is cheery and you can use it for the special people in your life and for the “Angels” among us.

  17. I love so many greetings including A warm
    hello, thinking of you and sending hugs.
    One of my favorites from Verses is the verse about”what “cancer cannot do”. I have found
    that one to be so encouraging for people who are battling cancer. I also like to use
    inspirational quotes or parts of poems. I love your blog: thanks for all the inspiration that you provide!

  18. Very sweet of her πŸ™‚ You pointed the store out a previous blog post, and I have it on my list to visit the store when I head down to Cinci to visit my sister again! I am sure it will be soon!

    My favorite simple great card stamp would be “Thank You” πŸ™‚

  19. Jennifer

    Wow…way to go Connie. She is so sweet to help you out.

    I like the saying “Sharing a hug”

    Sandi N.

  20. My all time favorite has been “Celebrate Today”. Works for special occasions, non-occasions, a picker-upper….lots of cards.

  21. Love the cards and stamps. What a great and generous lady to help you with such a wonderful cause.
    My favorite sentiments are ‘hi’ and ‘thinking of you’. Of course, I also use a lot of ‘Happy Birthday’ stamps.

  22. I have been checking our your blog for several weeks now and you have inspired me
    so much. My favorite would be “Though our
    words can do little, we hope our thoughts
    and prayers will support you at this time.
    My cousin just lost her 1st baby, it was stillborn. Wished I had this stamp to use
    on her card.

  23. Great cards Jennifer. I like to send a card that says “smile” jut to let that someone know I am thinking of them. Often it arrives at just the right moment. Thanks for the terrific giveaway. Jill S

  24. I would have to say I use “Thinking of You” a lot. I do have to order the “Sending You Hugs” one now that I have seen it, unless I happen to win the blog candy. I too am a huge supporter of HOSPICE, they have been very helpful for several of my family members.

  25. Hi,
    it is interesting, because IΒ΄m not native english speaking girl, but I love to make a cards with english message on it. I love: Sending you a hug, and Best birthday wish !!!

    And donΒ΄t worry (if you pick me)about shipping fee to Czech Republic,I have a sister in law in New Jersey :-)))

    Have a nice day (and this is also very nice message for cards) :-)))

  26. My favorite is Thinking Of You… it can be used in a happy or sad situation.
    Also… I have ordered from Verses in the past and not only are the stamps great, but the customer service was great πŸ™‚

  27. My step-dad recently passed away, and I came across this nice ornamnent that I want to order for my mom. The ornament reads “Merry Christmas from Heaven” and has a little poem enclosed. How sweet is that?!?

  28. I went and looked at her stamping site and found this that I would really like – “When thank you just isn’t enough, only a hand made card will do” How appropriate for all of us card makers πŸ™‚ ~Tanya

  29. I’m in love right now with a studio g sentiment from their $1 collection that’s “Thinking of you” I’m using it a lot.

  30. I like “hello”, “thinking of you” and I love “sending you hugs”. Wish I had a stamp that said that! πŸ™‚

  31. How wonderful that she is helping out with shipping. I do believe there are angels all around us. Love the cards too!

  32. I would have to say the “Sending you a hug” is my favorite! Thanks for the links I have been searching for some good sentiments to go with my images!

  33. Thinking of you and thank you are two of my favorites. I always can find a reason to use them or someone who needs one of them.

  34. My favourite greetings are ‘Sending love your way’ and ‘A little birdie told me…it’s your birthday’ πŸ™‚

  35. I can’t find many sentiment stamps in Italian and,as not many people understand English here, i HAVE to use very simple words, Merry Christmas, happy birthday…and so on, but I have just bought a sentiment at Hero Arts that I like: you touch my heart
    hugs from Italy

  36. I love to make “happy birthday”. One day to show that person how very special they are. SO a very special card for a very special someone!!!

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