Want to meet an angel? And win a giveaway? :)

(Warning: This is a long post.  But keep reading – it is worth it. 🙂

Know any angels?

I know one.

Her name is Connie Williams.

She owns my local stamp store, Stamp Your Art Out.  And owns a stamp company called Verses Stamp Company.

Why is Connie an angel?  She is extremely giving.  She is constantly doing fundraisers to support Hospice. She is thoughtful in many ways.

So… a couple days ago, I got an email from her offering $100 to help pay to ship the cards for the Card Drive to Africa.  I was floored!  That will be so very helpful.  (I had intended to cover the costs of shipping the prizes and shipping the cards, so this was a nice gesture on her part.)

I encourage you to visit her online store.  She has all greeting stamps for every occasion… even those hard-to-find ones. Here are some cards I did with Verses stamps…

Verses 1
Verses Thinking of You Stamp (I covered the tops of the flowers with paper flowers)
Black Memories Ink
Doodlebug flowers
Hero Arts pearls
Bo Bunny paper
Stampin' Up punch
Creative Impressions ribbon

Get Well Verses7
Verses Get Well Vertical Stamp
Hero Arts Bird stamp and gems and clear card
Black Memories Ink
Doodlebug flowers
Bo Bunny paper
Creative Impressions ribbon
Prismacolor colored pencils
(For a video showing the coloring technique on the bird, click HERE.)

Hug Verses
Verses Sending a Hug Stamp
Hero Arts heart stamps (hearts and circles), notecards and gems
Cuttlebug Embossing
Black Memories Ink
(This card is short on the front. The top of the front half is at the green line. The pink is on the inside of the card.)

This one I have shared before, but it has a Verses stamp…


Verses Thoughts and Prayers stamp
Making Memories, Bo Bunny and Scenic Route papers
Hero Arts pearls and flowers and notecard
Creative Impressions silk ribbon

Here are some of my other favorite Verses stamps:

  • On THIS page, "BB0601-E Twinkle, Twinkle" is a clever birthday stamp. Oh, and I LOVE vertical greetings like "BB0424-C Happy Birthday Vertical."
  • THIS page has great stamps about faith.
  • On THIS page, I have to get "S0117-B Even More."
  • "Get Well" cards are tough.  THIS page has a great ones: "W0626-F Cozy & Comfy."
  • On THIS page, "QQ0837-F Souls in this world" is fun for a friend. Another good one is "QQ0833-D Friends Beside You".  This was in FABULOUS for any Christians out there: "QQ0834-D God's Promise."

She also has cool card and envelope templates HERE. This is my favorite…


And $2 rub-ons?  Woohoo!  Look HERE.

Thanks again, Connie.  This world needs more angels like you!

Now… time for a giveaway!  Connie gave me a few stamps to give as prizes here.  So, leave a comment telling me what your favorite greeting message is (can be as simple as "thank you") on this post by Thursday at 11:59PM and I will pick TWO winners of theses TWO stamps:

Picture 2   Picture 3

Oh, and a big thanks to a few others, including Cass and Jill, who have sent a bit of money to cover the shipping costs.  I appreciate it more than you know! 

Come back tomorrow – it's Card Drive Prize Time! 🙂

OK… off to veg a bit! 

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217 thoughts on “Want to meet an angel? And win a giveaway? :)”

  1. Great cards as always! my favorite saying is Sending you hugs! Love it because it can be used for many things. Who dosen’t love that right?!?

  2. This post is proof that by being an angel you draw other angels to you – this card drive has really given a lot of people a chance to do something good for others – and it’s all thanks to you!
    My favourite greeting message – “Thinking of You” is great as it covers so many situations, both happy & sad. And another fav is “May your birthday be as special as you are”.

  3. My favorite greeting messages are: “hello” and “sending you a hug”. Very usefull!!!

    Thank you for the change and all your inspiration. You are the best!!!!


  4. my favorite cards to make almost always say THANK YOU! i believe we could all thank those around us more.

  5. I’ve had a hard time choosing my main one is Just For You and my second is To A Special Friend. There’s just too many favs for me!!

  6. My favorite for a birthday greeting is a quote by Lincoln “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
    As always thanks for all the great inspiration!

  7. Hmm I think my favorite sentiment is definitely “hello”- just because I don’t think people say it enough. And, definitely, “smile” because people don’t do enough of that either!

  8. My favourite greeting message that I received on a card from a certain someone (cough, cough) was “I appreciate you.” It meant the world to me to hear those words, words I don’t think we often say enough to others.

  9. …and I LOVE all the cards you made too. Beautiful as always. Know that we all appreciate you and your generous spirit… sharing your talent and knowledge with the rest of us.

  10. Beautiful cards and thanks so much for linking the store….I hope she ships to Canada because i’m loving what I have seen so far!

    I think the message I have used the most has to be “thinking of you” but the message I wish I had on a stamp was one of your suggestions on the first post about the card drive. Who wouldn’t love a “sending you a smile” stamp? If anyone can link me to one i’ld appreciate it.

  11. You are inspiring. I love your cards. I think my favorite card was one that my daughter (7yrs) made me. It said “my mom rocks.” Definately my all time fav.

  12. Those cards are just beautiful! I just love Verses stamps and have several of them. My favorite greeting verse is Thinking of You because it is so versatile.

  13. I always like, “sending you smile” or “just thinking of you”. We don’t let those that we think of know that we are thinking of them enough. I have been trying to pick up the phone and call, but a card and bring a smile to them just as well!!

  14. That is so kind of her to offer to help out in such a meaningful manner! AND to offer these fantastic stamps, too! Wow! Thanks, Connie!!! My favorite sentiments are the short and sweet ones. I love “Hi.” and ” For You” because of their wonderful versatility!

  15. Wow — how generous on your friends part and yours too!!!

    I love the “Sending you a Hug” verse!!! Probably my favorite verse is “Thinking of You” b/c who doesn’t like to receive a note in the mail “just because”!!!

    Thanks so much!

  16. Connie is trully and angel and so are you!
    My first set of sentiment stamps are from hero arts Friendship set, and one of my favorite is “You make my heart happy”

  17. My favorites are :
    “The cure for anything is salt water
    Sweat, Tears or the sea. …”
    “The only way to have a friend is to Be one.”
    Jenn, thanks for sharing your work and for being my inspiration everyday

  18. Beautiful cards (my favorite is Thinking of You) – and what wonderful stamps! Two of my favorite are the “Sending you a hug”, and “Every Year – I appreciate you more”. So many great sentiments!! Thank you Jen for linking this site.

  19. Wow, Jennifer, you sure know many, many giving people! And you are so generous, too! My favorite greeting for a card is a stamp I have that says “sending happy thoughts.” I love it because depending on the colors, patterns or accents you use, it can be as versatile as sympathy, happy birthday, or just a hello type card! Again, thanks for being so generous!

  20. Wow … what a wonderful giving lady Connie is. Along with all the others that have helped you out with the Card Drive. Friends like that make your day don’t they.
    I like all those verse stamps you have made cards with, just lovely. If I were to 2 between the 2 I think I would go with the Sending You a Hug as I don’t have one like that and I could have done with it last week :-} Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. My favorite is Thinking of You because it is so versatile. It could be a sympathy card, a birthday card, or a just because card!

  22. I like the sympathy verse used on the “Verses thoughts & prayers” card that you have shown in a previous post.
    She has quite a few that I would like, what I really like is the different fonts used.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. dang – I want your creative brain. Just for one day – can you loan it to me? You always make the best cards.

    My favorite message. Hm. I like the ones that can cover lots of ground like the two shared here. I mean, you can send a hug for so many things, yanno?

    One that I’ve been using lately says, “You’re in our thoughts and prayers” I like it because it can be used for sympathy – but can also be used just for a friend having a tough time. It’s not too feminine to be used for males – and its not overly religious for those that are uncomfortable with that….but it’s still heartfelt.

    You can tell I think long and hard about my sentiment purchases, hey? LOL

  24. Oh! how exciting! Another fun give away!
    Some of my faves are:
    1. A little bird told me….
    2. simply said from the heart…thank you
    3. Happy Bird Day
    4. Wonderful You
    And those r just to name a few.
    Thank you sooooo much for all the fun giveaways. Crossing my fingers! xxxx
    Yaneri – Orange Co, Ca

  25. I’m a “hugger”, so I often like to send just a “sending hugs your way” type of card.
    I love these cards Jennifer! What a sweetheart Connie is! I gladly patronize someone who goes out of their way to be so thoughtful.

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