Time to enable (and answer a few questions…)


Time to do some enabling.  Why?  Because I have tons of kitting to do tonight and I would rather procrastinate.  Anyone else that way?  Maybe some of you are checking out this blog as a way of procrastinating.  If that is the case, I am happy I could help. :)  Hee.

Let's let the enabling begin…

The Quicker-Picker-Upper Thingy:
I got this when I was at Carol's rockin' store, Stampers Corner.  What is this little tool?  Well, it is intended to pick up Quickutz die-cut pieces.  But I use it for lots of things.  Wet stamped images.  Little gems.  Brads.  I am not a big tool collector (I like to keep it simple), but this one is one I reach for often.  You can find it HERE.  It's real name is the QuickStik.


American Crafts New Goodies:

Oh my.  I love this company.  They are good people – I love to support companies with good people.  And how could you not love THIS ribbon?  Or THESE puffy letter stickers?  I used them on a card a few days ago…

65481mid 65526mid

New Hero Arts Goodies:

Oh, yes.  There are some fab new things.  Especially the new inks queues that are exclusive to Hero.  You can pre-order the new Hero stuff HERE.  They should ship soon!

Icon-14245679 Icon-26866829 Icon-45559906

OK… now for Q&A's.  I added a Q&A thing to the sidebar that I will slowly fill up.  In the meantime, here are some others.

Q: How do you keep the crushed velvet flocking powder from rubbing off so easily? Im trying to use some on a card and I accidently smeared it with my finger…boooo! Can you help?
When I apply flocking stuff, I use Diamond Glaze.  It is just a clear glue that holds BIG TIME.  It is awesome.  That way the stuff doesn't come off.  You may want to try a liquid glue like this – it may work better.

Q: Can you Any chanve my local store could talk you into coming out to teach?
A: Oh boy, this is a question I hate to answer.  I wish I could say yes, but I can't.  I never have travelled to teach at local stores.  I simply would hate to say yes to some and not to others.  Also, I am trying to travel for work as little as possible, so I really only go to big shows, CHAs and rep shows.  I LOVE to teach, so I get my fix by teaching locally… and by doing videos. 🙂

Q: Hello! This isn't about the blog, but I was just just wondering if you could do a card for a man. Somebody asked me to make one for them to give to an adult male. Hee. I have no idea what to do. Help me!
Ah… the "male cards."  Those can be tough. :)  I will try to do some in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, try these for inspiration: HERE and HERE.

OK… no more procrastinating.  Have a good night!

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17 thoughts on “Time to enable (and answer a few questions…)”

  1. I love your enabling…and I love your two peas challenge. I finally finished my project tonight…so much fun, and I got to use the new Stampin Up scalloped border punch you were talking about!!
    I’m a fan of those AC letters too. Already used them and they’re yummy!!

  2. Isn’t that quicker picker upper the best. I use it for mainly my gemstones. I like the vinyl letters from AC and the new paper they have coming out is yummy!!

  3. I misread kitting as “knitting” and thought dang!…the girl knits too??!! 😉 Always appreciate the enabling. And hey, GREAT video at Hero today. 🙂

  4. Hehe – I’m totally procrastinating! Would rather be kitting than doing what I am avoiding (I’m at work reading a paper about valuation of livestock for tax purposes!!). Thanks for giving me more things to add to the list of things I can buy if I win the lottery this weekend! Guess I should get back to work now…since they’re paying me to be here!

  5. it’s like you knew exactly what i was doing right now … totally procrastinating on what i should be doing by farting around on the computer. lol! love american crafts goodies … always so fun!

  6. I am here procrastinating on your blog~ LOL! My kitchen is a mess… laundry needs to be folded ~ yet here I sit… WELL I did share your class info at some of the scrappy sites I like to visit, and I did go shopping for new stamps at 2peas, and sharpies at the store tonite.. THANKS again for a fun class tomorrow is transparency FUN day at my house!!!
    Have a GREAT night!!! Play time is over! 🙂

  7. Jennifer,
    When were you out at Stamper’s Corner? I live about 20 minutes from that store. Wish I would have known when you were there. Love all that you do. Your Hero Arts video is great. You are an awesome teacher! Thanks for enabling me tonight. Time to finish the laundry. It’s a multi-tasking evening.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  8. Couldn’t think of a better way to procrastinate though. No wonder our parent generations houses were always spotless, they had no computers,lol. Love the new stuff, those ink colours are gorgeous.
    PS. cards are posted from Australia, I hope they arrive in time for you to send them off to your family, fingers crossed.

  9. Yes I am procrastinating trouble is I am suppose to be going to bed, since I have an early start in the morning but I am also chatting to my friend on Skype who is in Scotland, so two great things at once really so thanks for a great blog and awesome tips/enabling/cards and layouts!!

  10. The question about flocking reminded me that I had a question about glitter. How do you get it to not rub off? I’m using a glue pad to stamp and them shake the glitter on top of it, shaking off the rest. If I was to put it in an envelope or even in a page protector, it seems like the glitter would just rub off. Is there something to spray on top of it to hold it on? Thanks for answering in advance!!

  11. Jennifer

    I have the tool you are talking about. I also use it for beading too. Works great!!!

    I love American Craft ribbion. I have a bunch, I find on sale for 99 cents.

    Have a great day!


  12. Just a quick question: Is the QuickStick a pokey thing or a sticky thing? I couldn’t tell from the photo, even if I enlarged it. Also, I made some circle cards for the Hero color challenge and I want to thank you for showing that on the video! They are so quick to make and fun, too!

  13. Love the picker upper thingy – would not be able to live without it. Love the tip on flocking as well. I have used a glue pen as well, but the glossy accents will work better, I am sure!! Love the enabling – however, not sure if my husband does!!! hehehehehehehehe

  14. Hi Jennifer,

    Love your blog and all the cards you make. I have a question for you. Where did you find your new colors of Sharpie markers? I have looked at JoAnns, ACMoore, Staples and Michaels – no luck. Have also looked on the internet and still no luck. Please point me in the right direction.



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