Old layouts by request… and a giveaway link


I have gotten a few emails about a couple pregnancy layouts I did long ago.  Thought I would share them here.  I do have a video coming soon, but have to get some work done today.

On this one, I hand-drew and hand-cut all those designs.  What was I thinking?  Crazy me. :)  I would SO die cut them now! 🙂

(c) Creating Keepsakes magazine

I loved being pregnant.  I loved loved loved it.  Every twisted, strange, miraculous moment of it. :)  I would be pregnant all the time… if it didn't result in another child each time.  Ha!  It will be a long time before we have another, but I sure do miss being prego.

(c) Creating Keepsakes magazine

And… I know of a giveaway you may be interested in.  My dear friend, Jana, has a wonderfully cool sister named Julie.  And, since Jana and I are like sisters, Julie is a sister of mine, too.  Anyway… Julie just became the owner of a store in Michigan.  To celebrate, Jana has a giveaway on her blog HERE.  Julie… I am very proud of you!

More later…

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11 thoughts on “Old layouts by request… and a giveaway link”

  1. awww cute layouts!
    i loved the parts of being pregnant that were fun, like feeling them kick and stuff but the sickness, YUK! okay, so i have an idea, you go through the pregnancy, and then just give me the kids LOL!!!!!!! that would work so nicely for me! ha ha!

  2. you look beautiful, no wonder you loved being pregnant!!

    hey! I just order that red trimmer…you are such an enabler (I love it)!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. What beautiful layouts, Jennifer – not to mention you are absolutely beautiful in them, but you’re beautiful when you’re not pregnant, too! 😉 Thanks for sharing them! Congratulations to Julie, too! How neat!! Hugs! Happy Thursday!

  4. Such beautiful layouts! I think it the hand cut pieces make it all the more special. I know I was the healthiest when I was pregnant and remember feeling like it was the best time of my life. Thank you for sharing…

  5. Great layouts! I hadn’t seen the second one before and reading what you wrote ALMOST makes me want another. I loved being pregnant too (in some ways). 🙂

  6. I really liked your pregnancy layouts. And the “perfect” layout looks familier to me when I saw it yesterday. Later, I was flipping thru one of my older CK magazines, and guess what, the “perfect” layout was published in that one! Wow !!

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