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Old layouts by request… and a giveaway link


I have gotten a few emails about a couple pregnancy layouts I did long ago.  Thought I would share them here.  I do have a video coming soon, but have to get some work done today.

On this one, I hand-drew and hand-cut all those designs.  What was I thinking?  Crazy me. :)  I would SO die cut them now! πŸ™‚

(c) Creating Keepsakes magazine

I loved being pregnant.  I loved loved loved it.  Every twisted, strange, miraculous moment of it. :)  I would be pregnant all the time… if it didn't result in another child each time.  Ha!  It will be a long time before we have another, but I sure do miss being prego.

(c) Creating Keepsakes magazine

And… I know of a giveaway you may be interested in.  My dear friend, Jana, has a wonderfully cool sister named Julie.  And, since Jana and I are like sisters, Julie is a sister of mine, too.  Anyway… Julie just became the owner of a store in Michigan.  To celebrate, Jana has a giveaway on her blog HERE.  Julie… I am very proud of you!

More later…