Following their Mum’s footsteps…

… and making me proud. πŸ™‚

The kids in this house are big time craft/art/coloring/painting/scrapbooking/cardmaking/stamping addicts.  Many free moments are spent in my scrapbook room, creating everything from cards for loved ones to painted jewelry boxes to decorated rocks to anything you can think of.  Such fun.

Well, Sandi suggested I share some of the kid's cards here.  She got to see Kay demo with me at Stampaway last weekend and saw how creative she is.  In fact, the owner of Stamp Your Art Out asked if she wanted to teach a kids class next year.  Cool, huh?  And, since Kay learned all about iMovie at Apple Camp earlier in the summer, she decided to do a video, too.  She loves sharing.  Check it out…

Kay Card 

Supplies: (Card and video created by Kay McGuire, age 13)
Hero Arts stamps (big trees and baby trees), notecards and gems
Creative Impressions ribbon
Sharpie Markers

She rocks, eh?  I have more of her cards that I will share again soon.  But I gotta share one from Audrey.  I really wanted to post the adorable "get well" card she made for Kay when she was sick earlier in the summer.  Inside, she wrote, "Kay, I hope you feel better fast.  Love, Audrey.  P.S. Please don't puke on me."  Nice, huh?  But, I couldn't find that one.  (If you know Audrey, she is known for her funny lines.}  So, instead, here is another one.  In it you will see her new trademark way of signing her cards…

Audrey Card 

Supplies: (Card by Audrey McGuire, age 10.)
Hero Arts stamps (background and flourish)
Silver ink (and Audrey favorite)

Yes, she signs each of her cards "Love, Audrey (is awesome).  Too cute.  I have more of her clever cards to share, too.

Then, there is Colin.  He often comes up with his own creations.  (No one will ever forget the wooden cross covered with google eyes that he made for Grandma.)  However, for this one, he added his own touch to one I made…

Colin Card 

Supplies: (Card "enhanced" by Colin McGuire, age 2.)
Hero Arts stamps (background and critter) and notecards
New 3" scallop punch from Fiskars.  Ah, my new baby.
Google eyes

So, even though I am taking a day off, the kids stepped in for me.  They are very excited to share… hope you like them!

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44 thoughts on “Following their Mum’s footsteps…”

  1. Wow – those cards rock! I’m already trying to figure out in my head if I’ve got some stamps that would work with the pop-up trees card. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. wow kay … you totally rocked that card! i don’t even get that creative with my cards. lol! and such a good job on the video too! audrey’s card is so cute … love the “is awesome” touch! and colin … love how he found a way to add his own little touch to mommy’s card! what great kids you have there jennifer!!!

  3. Wow! What awesome cards and that video was wonderful! She’s a professional already! I can see why you’re so proud! Too cute! I’m LOL at the way Audrey signs her cards. Hee hee! Love it! Great work Kay, Audrey and Colin! πŸ™‚

  4. Wow Kay…your card is AMAZING! I’m sure your class will be fun and enjoyed by so many kids! Love Audrey’s humor. She sounds like a cutie. Colin is on his way to being a superstar too! Your kids rock!

  5. Excellent card by Kay. I loved it. I also love how manicured Kay’s nails are. Adorable. The video was awesome. I’m still trying my hand at the pop-up style card..Thanks for the inspiration Kay. Audrey’s signature reminds me of so many of my friends when I was young and the comments they would attach to their names..always made me laugh. She’s fantastic. And really, Colin is just delicious just by mentioning his name. Jennifer, you’re a fabulous Mum and Mom and teacher. I just adore you and your clan. Next time, get Ken in on the card making…then again, his would probably involve blue prints, holographic images suspended by scaffolding and being run by little computer robots! (I’m kidding..from one woman married to a nerd to another my friend!)

  6. Way to go, Kay! Your video is so cool!
    And Audrey…Yep, you are awesome!
    I love googlie eyes,too, Colin!

    Jennifer, I just love stopping by your blog! It’s so great that your kids share a passion with you. I’ve recently just made room in my craft room, so my kids can share with me, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. A wonderful video and fabulous card, Kay! I’m so impressed! All this creative energy must just flow through the McGuire household! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I’m sending you a package with four cards in it today. Sorry about being to late. I hope it get to you before you send out your package.


  9. I think it is great that the girls (and even Colin) have that creative flare. I hope my girls love paper crafting as much as I do! Thanks for sharing the kids creations!

  10. dear msguire kids,

    wow! a bunch of talented kids! i loved the video, kay. audrey, you have great one liners! and collin, nice drawing! keep up the good work!

    smiles to you, jennifer!

  11. Well that is quite the talented family you have there Jennifer!! Great work from all of them!
    I think Kay did a fabulous job with her video too!!
    WTG McGuire Family!! TFS!

  12. I was at stampaway this pass weekend and your daughters do ROCK!! I was in you Holiday card class and they were helpful and fun. I have boys and only one will stamp with me.
    Good job girls!!!
    Terri from Fl.

  13. Jennifer and Children

    Kay I loved seeing your cards at the convention. Thanks for making them for us here on the blog. On my home I stopped and purchased a set of pens like your. I wanted to be able to color gems and pearls just like you:) Congratulation on teaching next year. I will be sure to sign my daughter up for your class. She will be nine. Great job on the video!!!!

    Audrey love your colors they look so cool together. We think you are “awesome” too!

    Colin you have a great eye for color. Little man you knew just the perfect card to color on. You will be doing videos soon.


  14. Wow…thats really great!!!!Gratulation and Thanks Kay, for this Video!!!Sorry, i can`t not good to agree….my language is german(swissgerman) ;-)))))
    I hope thats so ok!!!!!!!Greetings from swiss GabiB.

  15. Amazing cards Kay & Audrey… Kay love your videos & ideas. You would never know they were made by a teen if you didn’t put that on the video. You ROCK. Thanks for sharing Jennifer

  16. KAY!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous card and video. You have inspired me to do my very 1st pop-up card so *THANK YOU* Please tell us you’ll continue to make them. Stay creative. Hugs πŸ˜‰
    To Audrey & Colin: YOU ROCK, dudes!!!! You are *awsome* I would love to see that cross too.
    Dayami πŸ˜‰

  17. OMGoodness, those are beautiful cards!!!!!
    KAY YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! I’ve seen Jennifer making pop-ups before, but this time I need to try them! Thanks You for sharing your talent with us! and the video is soo coool!
    Colin, that is just the ”special’ touch your mom’s card needed :)!!!!
    Audrey, I think you ARE awosome!!! I can’t wait to see more of your cards. keep the funny lines!!!

  18. Go Kay, go! Your card is FABULOUS. You’re gonna rock that teaching job! πŸ˜‰ And I love Audrey’s card too – totally cracked me up. And of course Colin’s contribution is awesome, too! LOL Great work, guys… the talent certainly runs in the family! πŸ™‚

  19. Kay,
    Your card is sooooo- creative!! I love how you added all the glitter and bling.
    Thanks for shareing. hugs, Anne S.

  20. kay, your card and video talents are just sooooo amazing!!! way to go girl -keep up the good work πŸ™‚
    audrey you crack me up, keep up the good work too πŸ™‚
    what an awesome family jennifer, isn’t it truly such a blessing to have your loved ones near?!!!!!

  21. Wow! I am amazed at these girls and their creativity. The pop-up card is beautiful and I love Audrey’s signature – I’m glad she has no self-esteem problem! Each girl’s personality shows up well in their artwork. Keep up the good work.

  22. I’ve never done a pop-up card – bit I’m thinking that I need to try this one. Soooo cool. Jennifer the girls have your talent, and Colin, I see a budding artist there too. Thanks for the inspiration, and hope you share more.

  23. I just want to say that you have such a talented group of kiddos! Kay, what beautiful cards you make, and also, what amazing videos!! Seriously! And Audrey and Colin, your cards are fantastic, too!!! You are a wonderful family πŸ™‚

  24. wow and wow. Kay that is awesome. Gee the whole family is awesome, I wish my kids were interested in doing stamping. Keep it up and please keep sharing.

  25. These cards are just adorable! Kay, your video is awesome.

    Jen, it’s amazing how similar Kay’s gestures and movements are to yours! Talent definitely runs in the family.

  26. Jennifer, I got such a kick out of seeing Colin’s “help” on your card!! I laughed out loud!! TFS!! You daughter’s cards are so creative………it must be so much fun seeing them spread out with thier talents!
    I missed going to StampAway this year…….I was so bummed to hear that you were going to be there, and I couldn’t! Any chance for another visit for NEXT year by you? πŸ™‚

  27. what a great video, Kay!
    Just love seeing what the kids create (and I can so relate to the kind of “help” Colin used on the card!) hee… So cute!

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