Woohoo! Here are the prizes!

I am so excited.  I finally went through all the prizes for the Card Drive!  And there are 10 good ones.  And, I am guessing, I will probably add more. πŸ™‚

Remember: For each card you send in for the Card Drive, you get an entry into winning one of these prizes.  The deadline is August 1.  (For details, click HERE.)

Here are the prizes!

Prize 1: Goodies from the Scrapbook Bakery!  (Please visit Heather’s site HERE.  Her support in this ROCKS and she made LOTS of incredible cards for the kids.  She put so much thought and time into them.  If you want to see all the awesome cards she made, look HERE.  Wow.)

Prize 1

Prize 2: A TON of Autumn Leaves Buttons 

Prize 2 

Prize 3: Stampin’ Up Set and Ribbon

Prize 3

Prize 4: Lots of Chipboard Goodness (Bo Bunny, American Crafts, Scrapworks, Anna Griffin, Elsie)

Prize 4

Prize 5: A Mix of Goodies (Close To My Heart papers and inks, American Crafts album and shapes, MAMBI chipboard stickers)

Prize 5

Prize 6: A Bunch of Rub-Ons (Heidi Grace, American Crafts, Doodlebug, Autumn Leaves and Foofala)

Prize 6

Prize 7: Basic Grey Clear Stamps

Prize 7 

Prize 8: Complete Alphabet Chipboard Letters (3 per pack, all A-Z, Hero Arts)

Prize 8 

Prize 9: Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps

Prize 9 

Prize 10: Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps

Prize 10

I am sure I will be adding some things.  To keep track, I will be adding a Prize list over on the right sidebar.

Oh, and I haven’t added all the names to the participants list.  I have A LOT to add – hope to do that tomorrow. 

And – I can’t believe I am saying this – Deanna is crazy!  Jason was perfect.  So not what I expected.  I hope Jason is the next Bachelor.  He reminds me so much of Ken.



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29 thoughts on “Woohoo! Here are the prizes!”

  1. so many great prizes!!! i have to get some cards started! and i agree … heather came up with so many fun and creative card ideas … loved them all!

  2. I sawyour comment about the Bachelorette and I couldn’t agree more. I really thought Jason had it in the bag – I was disappointed.

  3. WOW what wonderful prizes! Just for making some cards for some special kids!!! πŸ™‚ I am hoping to get some made for you. πŸ™‚

  4. Isn’t she though!! Sad ending for Jason. Loveing the prizes too. I need to get my cards off to you soon. Will you be at Scrapfest this year again? I didn’t get a chance to talk to you much last year. Talk about a fast, sun filled weekend.

  5. Really yummy goodies! I just knew about the Card Drive yesterday and posted it in my blog (i hope you don’t mind) Such a sweet endeavour to bring smiles to those kids. I already did a few and I’ll finish them tonight so I can post it tomorrow.
    Warm regards,

  6. These are great prizes, Jennifer. I need to get my cards in the mail. I think this goes without saying but we would send cards even if there were no prizes. I think it was a very thoughtful idea to do this for your nieces and nephew. Just the thought of cheering them up is enough.

    And you are correct in saying that it should have been Jason!! I was stunned. I just cannot see Deanna with Jesse. And the fact that he was dry heaving the day of the proposal I think says a lot.

    Regardless, I hope they are happy and would love to see Jason as the next Bachelor.

    Take care,

  7. Oh goodness!! That’s so sweet!
    I’d be in anyway – but I must admit seing those buttons made my eyes sparkle extra. LOL

  8. I wish I was better at making cards, that sounds like a lot of fun, maybe I’ll try a few this weekend. What a sweet thing of you to do!

  9. WOW!!!! that’s alot of goodies you have there. my cards are in the mail!!!!!

  10. WOW!!!! that’s alot of goodies you have there. my cards are in the mail!!!!!

  11. Jennifer

    Oh my the prizes are amazing!!! You are so wonderful.

    Heather’s cards are perfect for the children. She really put a lot of thought and love into her cards. Thanks for showing us her cards!!!

    Sandi N.

  12. I thought for sure it would have been Jason. I was in shock and I thought the same. I hope he’s the next Bachelor although it would be hard for him to leave his son again for a length of time.

    Great Prizes!

  13. awesomeness! I’m totally sending you a big envelope of cards on friday to have a chance at those yummy autumn leaves buttons πŸ™‚

    good luck!

  14. What a great bunch of prizes! I’m going to look at the card donator list… from what you wrote yesterday (three trips from the P.O. Box), you have received A LOT of cards for the kids! Yay!

  15. (Drooool…..) What great prizes! And Heather’s cards are awesome! I can’t wait to see how the card drive goes and how many entrants you receive.

    Also, I think Deanna went with her heart and seemed genuinely in love with Jesse. I hope Jason gets to heal and I’m sure he’ll make a great “Bachelor” in time…

  16. WOW you are just the great bearer of such wonderful gifts. I hope you are blessed by your generosity and May God Bless these great kids and family for being so helpful to others. Now I need to get busy making cards to send to these children. They also will be on my prayer list. Thankyou for your time spent on this. From Mary in Poland Spring, Maine

  17. I have to say- I had a sick feeling in my stomach half the way through the show…you could see her body language with Jesse…then they’d trick us into thinking she was into Jason. Jason was definitely the PERFECT pick, poor dude. I think she wanted someone that was a bit unavailable, a little bit of a challenge since her personality was so strong. Jesse definitely had that going for him. Soooo sick of the “D” references. I agree that Jason should be the next Bachelor- he would be so dreamy. Anyway, I’m getting too involved in this “reality” show that has no direct effect on my life! lol

  18. Is it too late to join? My computer’s been on the fritz and I wasn’t able to sign up earlier πŸ™

  19. Hey Jennifer!
    Am I the only person who wanted “D” to choose Jesse? Maybe its the rebel in me.. but he grew on me. Friends first.. what a concept.

    I’m thinking that Jeremy will be the next bachelor, I can’t imagine that Jason will have ANY problem finding a date in the next year.

    Julie (jana’s sis)

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