Just a quick post to see if anyone will be going to Scrapfest this year.  It is a HUGE and amazing event.  So excited to go with Carol, Leslie, Shari and Jana. 

Kay and I thought it was funny how they put Tim and I together on the photo on the site.  (Scroll down a bit to see it.)  She said, “I bet that makes A LOT of women jealous.”  Hee… 🙂  (I love Tim – good guy.)

More later!

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16 thoughts on “Scrapfest”

  1. Hey Jennifer!! You already know I’ll be there. I’m excited about your tag class. I need more mini albums in my life! LOL!! I’ll email you that picture later today. Talk to you soon.

  2. I’m on the fence about coming. I will if I can get away from campus for a day or two! It sounds like such a wonderful time.

  3. oooo- SO excited that you are going to be here for that. I WILL be going for sure now. It would be great if you could post in September which classes you will be teaching that way we’ll know where we can see you in action! I’m getting a couple of my girlfriends to come with me- I’ve already turned them on to your videos so they will be game.


  4. My husband just offered the possibility of my attending for a gift for my 50th birthday. I have never been, but it looks awesome and I would love to take one of your classes, I learn so much from your blog.

  5. I will be there for sure!! Looking forward to hopefully taking another class from you. I met you at Scrapfest ’07 when I took a card class. It was great!! I still use those card designs to this day – and your blog has a lot of similar ideas. It’s great.
    I blogged about meeting you. I’m not a stalker, really 🙂 It was just so cool to meet you. Here’s the link to that blog post, scroll down 1/3 of the way to see a picture 🙂

  6. I am planning to come, it is in my backyard after all. I haven’t been able to go the last few years so I am looking forward to this one.

  7. Not the books for me… sounds like a good time though. BUT if you EVER make up to Canada do let me know…. or even Detroit.

  8. You already know I will be at Scrapfest. I can’t wait to get my Jennifer and Shari fix the year. Your classes rock.

  9. Jennifer-YES! I will be at Scrapfest, hurray for living an hour from the Mall of America! Last year I passed you, and said to myself “is that…??? It is!” And never got to a chance to get back to meet you, but this year I plan to take one of your classes and say hi in person. Archivers just posted the class list yesterday, and I’m so excited to register for their amazing classes.

  10. Hi! I’m so excited to go to ScrapFest again this year. I’m especially looking forward to your class again. 🙂

    I met you briefly last year at your class on creative cards and it was so great! All the gals at work here just loved all the cards I brought back to MN–in particular the clear one! So cute!

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