iPhone enabling

Yes.  I have to do it.  🙂

I have to do some enabling. 

I have gotten many emails asking for more info.  So, if you aren’t a geek like me, feel free to ignore this post. 🙂  I rarely stray from the subject of stamping/scrapbooking, but…

Here’s the thing: I truly believe that when a woman delivers a child, the doctor should have the dad cut the cord while the nurse hands the mom an iPhone.  Yes… I believe every mom should have one. 

But, unfortunately, it is pricey.  I know it is an extravagance.  (Not something I would normally get.)  So, here’s the other thing: Sell some stuff to get one. Yep, that is what I did when I first got one.  I sold tons of scrapbooking stuff on ebay.  Even sold some of Colin’s old, too-small baby clothes.  (I know someone who started selling handmade scrapbooking pieces to sell on etsy to make the cash.)  And I stopped going to Starbucks often to justify the monthly expense.  (Yes, I am justifying, but I do love it that much.)

So, without further ado…

Top Ten (Long) Reasons to Get An iPhone:

10. Ever been stuck at the playground or library where you are trying to hang off to the side so that your little ones will make some new friends?  Imagine having internet access right in your little paws.  Full access.  Easy to read – just like your computer at home.  Ah… the best.

9.  Ever come home after a day away and had a ton of emails in your inbox?  Overwhelming, right?  Well, with your iPhone, you can keep up on it all day and come home and watch some mindless TV (or post a mindless blog post like me) instead of digging through email.  And the email is literally one button away on the iPhone and so stinkin’ easy to read.

8.  Ever been out and about and wondered if a store is open?  Or where they are located?  No problem.  Just pull up the number on your handy iPhone via the internet.  Click on the number on the web page and it will dial.  Need directions?  Just click the address and enjoy the GPS service.  Woohoo!

7. Ever been somewhere and heard a song you just love and would love to know who sings it?  That’s easy.  Just push the Shazam application on your iPhone.  Within 10 seconds, it will tell you who sings it and the name.  Also, it will link you to iTunes to buy it, or to YouTube to play the song and video.  In fact, last night at a Mexican restaurant, I was quickly able to identify the obscure music playing.  A good thing.  Oh, and this leads to Reason 7.5: Looking for something for your kids to do while out and about?  That’s easy.  Have them sing a song and see if your iPhone can identify it.  Good laughs are sure to follow.

6. Ever been out and about and notice your kid doing the funniest or cutest thing?  Wish your husband could see, but he is at work?  We can do that!  Just take a photo with your iPhone and with one click, you can put it in an email and send it to him.  He will love the smile – a win-win.  Oh! And want to send a print of that photo to Grandma?  Woohoo!  You can do that – the iPhone photos are so good you can get them printed.  Check out this one I took on the beach in St. John to send to Grandpa back at home.  He was happy. 🙂


5. Ever been with your little ones on a really long plane ride?  Where you feel like you would do anything to keep them happy until arrival?  Never fear.  Just start a movie playing on your iPhone.  The kids will stay happy and so will you. It is like a mini flat screen TV in your hands.

4.  Ever forget your grocery list at home?  Or wish you just had a master list you could add and delete from?  Got that solved.  Just keep your list in your iPhone.  It is easy to follow as you shop. Oh, and I keep my list in the order at which I would find it in the store.  So wonderful…

3.  Ever been in a store about to buy something, but wonder if there could be a better price somewhere else or online?  Or wonder what kind of reviews the product gets?  Oh, yes.  Just look it up online on your iPhone.  In fact, that helped my dear Jana out when she was shopping for new TVs.  (Yes, I enabled her into an iPhone, too.)

2. Ever wanted to feel young and hip again?  It is easy to fake when holding an iPhone. 🙂

And the number one reason to have an iPhone is…


Still don’t believe me?  Watch THIS VIDEO and you will be off to find things to sell in order to buy one…

Oh, and if you have an old iPhone, this one works just like the old one.  But faster!  Much faster.  Uses 3G for internet.  And has GPS goodness.  It feels like the old one (a bit more contoured) and is just a joy all around. And!  This is the best part – you can sell your old iPhone on ebay for over $300, which is MORE than it costs to get a new one!  (Some folks want to buy the old one because you can unlock it to use it with any service, not just AT&T.  However, I just sold mine as is – didn’t feel right unlocking it.)  So, upgrading can be “free!” 🙂  

Have a good day!

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16 thoughts on “iPhone enabling”

  1. Oh Jennifer, you’re sooo right… every mommy NEEDS this phone! In fact, I think everybody needs it! I’ve been waiting with baited breath since the first one came out, but we knew we didn’t want to get the first generation… so I’ve been waiting for months for July 11 to arrive… But when the big day finally came, we were traveling… so the very next day (yesterday) my poor husband stood in line for 4 hours while I stayed home with the baby, only to discover he couldn’t get us each one (one per customer, even if activating a family plan), and they weren’t going to let me join him in line, as that would be perceived as cutting (I have to admit, I’d be annoyed if I’d waited in line and then suddenly people started showing up in front of me…) And on top of that, the person in front of him took the very last black 16G, which was what we really wanted… soooo ours are on order now and we should have them in a week or so!!! Yippee!!! However, he did buy an 8G just to play around with in the meantime… Yes, we are geeks, too, and dang proud of it!!! 🙂 Thanks for promoting the yummy goodness that is the iPhone!

  2. Oh Jennifer, that sounds soooo good! I’m about to go on a 24 plane ride with a 4 year old and 2 year old, and playing a movie on the phone sounds pretty neat! Will sure look that up!

  3. OK, so I have bought electronic devices in my life that I have loved but THIS ONE? My favorite ever ever, hands down. And yes, it stopped me from buying an item that Consumer Reports was not happy with by stepping out of the store and checking reviews like Jennifer said. Worth the price of admission for that alone as far as I’m concerned.

    Listed my old one today to upgrade to the new one Jennifer got. Of course I have to be just like her! 🙂 She buys it, I buy it! Heehee

  4. Well, thanks for the laughs! 🙂 This is one post my hubby will not be privileged too!!! (He’s a geek, too). Unless of course you want to email him an tell him the mother of his 4 young children really needs this thing. 😉 He would have to teach me how to use it (I have no patience for manuals) and we could consider it much needed ‘bonding time’. 😉

  5. Oh yeah, you are so bad!! They have just come out over here, and I seriously begged the IT Guy at work to let me have one, but he is oblivious to my charm. Whats that about? Unfortunately Vodafone over here ahs decided that they will sell the Iphone at a reasonable price but then absolutely kill you with the monthly contract. I couldn’t quite justify the $250 a month they are asking for! Stink bum. But one day I hope I will have one of these baby’s.

  6. yup, i got mine in march??? it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! for real! i love the way i can look up phone numbers and then it dials it for me. i always feel like queen bee. and, i can check my e-mail at recess time. sssh, don’t tell my principal!

    oh, i now text my kid all the time. she was in AK for two weeks, and we texted one another ten times a day! it got me over the missing her.

  7. okay..I am in TOTAL agreement with you..I LOVE my new iPhone!! However, I do have a couple of questions for you…let me preface this by saying that I am a Treo 650 convert (I have to admit a little disappointment on a couple of things that Palm had going on that iPhone lacks:( like a search option, the ability to cut and paste, and my biggest one is NO MEMOS..ARRGGHHH!)..so I’m all new to the iPhone..but we have a Mac laptop @ home and I use them @ school..so I’m not totally new to the MacWorld…but I’m still learning and switching over my Treo stuff to my iPhone. So this leads me to my questions…
    First of all what exactly is Shazam? And was this something that you downloaded onto your iPhone or something in iTunes? Pardon my ignorance…but I just don’t know..
    Secondly, in your post you mention keeping lists..so you know as a Palm user I am seriously MISSING my list keeper in MEMOS…I know I have notepad…but that doesn’t sync with my laptop…and I have a need to have a backup for *ALL* of the info in my PDA..b/c it contains info for the entire family…so I’d absolutely LOVE to hear how you manage your lists on your iPhone with a backup option if you have one??
    THANKS SO MUCH! Can’t wait to hear!

  8. Ohhhhh how you tempt me! Love your list…I see the value in every single reason…especially numbers 2 and 1…ha! 🙂 Stupid Sprint contract. 🙁

  9. i admit to knowing nothing about this phone. lol! we have a simple cell phone … that me and my husband actually share. lol! but you have me intriqued now!

  10. i am so not into all the new tech but had to tell you your enthusiasm and all round excitment writing this post had me smiling! Happy iphoning!!

  11. Geek here as well… 🙂

    You are SO right on all points… LOVE that I can have my web fix at any time, anywhere… that my lists are right with me when I shop – and that I have several scrapbook/stamp shopping lists aside from just groceries! :)… The GPS has already saved me when I was lost driving… you can find the nearest scrapbook store to get a fix (you can bookmark your favorite stamp set or papers and show them/ask if they carry them)… downloading apps are AWESOME and handy stuff is out there… love listening and watching video’s and podcasts (you can take them to a crop for inspiration and try something new)… too hard to just list a few things to love!

    BEST thing ever! 🙂

  12. All you bargain hunters out there, my Palm Centro does nearly every single thing mentioned, too, and costs a lot less! Even has the touch screen–Love it! Jennifer, you are so right about these phones being awesome! Have a great week…

  13. I am sure IPod is the coolest gadget any mom can ever have…. But what about a BlackBerry? I use it to send e-mails (during our family trip to Paris) to anxious grandparents, monitor the whereabouts of my teenage daughter and tons of stuff. I still have a Palm and it’s just sitting on the bookshelf…collecting dust, sadly.

  14. I WANT one too! Hubby has been researching new cells. He has a Treo now & we were looking at the new ones BUT now since I’ve been sharing these Jennifer iphone updates w/him & we just watched the 30 min video! (I think two iphones are in our NEAR future! shh…)

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