I just don’t know what to say…

You people.

You people have outdone yourselves.

I am in awe of your kindness and generosity.

The cards are just POURING in for the Card DriveWell over 200 already!  I can’t believe how many I have already gotten!  I thought I would get maybe 100 if I was lucky.  OH MY.  I was incredibly wrong.

And I am not only amazed at the number of cards.  But also the time you all put into these cards.  The thoughtful messages, the special notes for the parents of the kids, the little gifts… everything.  Wow.  Really.  Wow.

Jana was over last night as I opened about 20 packages. We were feeling so good looking at them all.  So many people reaching out to these kids that they don’t even know.  Suzanne from IL had her kids write notes to Taylor and Lauren.  SO CUTE. Jayne from CA wrote messages that made my heart just melt. Linda from MI – I so wish I could give you a big hug for the words you wrote to me.  So uplifting. Sandy from CA sent 14 goodies.  Woohoo!  Cherlene from OH had a card full of dentist jokes – so clever!  (The dad is a dentist.) And Tea from Norway made the most fabulous project – they will love it. 

I could go on and on.

But instead, I am going to go dig downstairs for some more goodies to put up for prizes.  It is the only way I know to pass the smiles on.  And one website sent me a box of goodies from her COOL store – can’t wait to share with you.  Just need Colin to cooperate for some pictures first… More soon…

Now, I have two things:

First, please keep in mind that I am unable to keep track of everyone’s names and email addresses.  So, be sure to look back the week following August 15th to find out if you are a winner of a prize. Thank you!

Second, many more cards are coming in then I thought would.  This is such a good thing!  I wondered what you would all think of this:  Some of you have sent cards that don’t have names on them.  Would it be ok if these cards were given to some of Taylor, Lauren and Samuel’s friends in Africa?  Maybe new kids they meet?  Or some of the kids they know whose families are serving on the Mercy Ships?  Passing on even more goodness…  Let me know what you think.  If you want to email me directly, feel free.  (My email is on the sidebar.)

Again, thanks to everyone.  🙂

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13 thoughts on “I just don’t know what to say…”

  1. Jennifer, yes, yes, yes, whatever you want to do with the cards, expecially to a hospital or child care facility. But I would really like to see the “paper clip cuties go to your nieces.” Love. Sandy

  2. I’ve previously sent some cards for the family, but now that you mentioned about the kids’ friends in Africa, I’m sending some cards with no names for them 🙂 I love that idea! Thank you Jennifer!!

  3. So heartwarming! I have a RAK prize I will send you when I send the cards. (It’s the set I emailed you about a while back. If that’s okay…) Hugs!

  4. Jennifer, my cards are on the way, but i didn’t include any childs name on propose so that they could go to whomever needed a little lift that day.

  5. So can I come over every day and be there when you open the cards? It really did touch my heart. I think it’s a wonderful idea to share the love with other kids. Can you imagine the excitement of receiving mail from the US?

  6. Jennifer…your amazing for doing this. WOW that total is fantastic. I added some extras for them to hand out, i thought that was a good way for the girls to keep up with their writing and stuff! I say go for it…i have more stuff to ship that my ds picked out for them!

  7. SO glad the card drive is such a huge success! I promise I am going to mail out my cards soon! It has been crazy around here! Hugs!! 🙂

  8. mine are probably on their way. I just put sticky notes on them but no name inside so whatever you and Keith and Kristin think is best i’m sure will be a good way to share the encouragement around.

  9. Great idea! My cards will have messages that will work for anyone, so please mark them as you see fit. It feels wonderful to help out in little ways like this…

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