Crayon Resist


Just sharing a card I did in a class a few weeks ago.  I wish the photo showed the colors better!  This uses the Crayon Resist technique.  This is a fun one!  Shari did an awesome VIDEO TUTORIAL on this.  Just click HERE and scroll down to watch it.

Hero Arts stamps and gems and notecards
Cuttlebug embossing for dots
Glossy white paper
Colorbox Chalk Ink
White crayon “borrowed” from my son’s stash

There will be a new video tomorrow.  Was going to load it tonight, but we were without power for a few hours.  (This is one of the joys of living in a neighborhood with lots of giant trees: powerlines get hit a lot in storms.  Argh.  But my brother rocks and went and got me a hot fudge sundae.  Love that dude.)  So, it will be up tomorrow!

Night, everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Crayon Resist”

  1. I love crayon resist! I “steal” the wax crayons from the easter egg coloring kit – perfect for resist techniques, but admit I have not been too creative with them. Great card and will have to play more with my crayons. (LOL)

  2. I know what you mean. We live in Cincy too, and have a tree down in our back yard from the storm that rolled in out of NOWHERE! Crazy.

    Love the card!

  3. What a pretty and simple card! I like it a lot. Will definitly watch the video tutorial!
    I’m new to your blog and have to say that I enjoy it SO much. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tutorials! They’re so neat!
    What state do you live in? Here where I live in Orange County, California…’s smoking hot over here! Power outages are EXTREMELY rare here in Orange County! But those hot fudge sundaes are really popular on hot sunny days!…ummm hot fudge sundaes!

  4. Jennifer

    Sorry you lost power last night. It was really hot too.

    This card is so much fun to make. I made 11 of them all a litle different, but the same colors. Such a treat to learn from you.


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