The card to go with the page… and a giveaway!

Back to that old saying of mine: "Every time you make a page, go ahead and make a matching card."  Might as well since you have the stuff out!

This is the card to go with the page I did for 2Peas using Close To My Heart productsCTMH is wonderful – they make high quality goodies and are incredibly generous.  Simply good people.  I like that!  This is a card I used with my leftover/unused pieces.

060708 CTMH Card
All supplies from Close To My Heart.  For more details, and a matching layout, look HERE.

And, since CTMH is so generous, I ended up with two of my favorite sets – the Spot On Backgrounds.  (It was used for the the background on this card.)  If you leave a comment here by 11:59pmEDT on June 20th (you have a long time!), I will draw a random winner to send this set to!  In it, tell me what your favorite TV show is.  (I am looking for something new to watch.)

Have a good one!

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360 thoughts on “The card to go with the page… and a giveaway!”

  1. Today, it’s Army Wives. Even though it’s about the women, there’s just something about a man in uniform. Thank g-d for TiVo!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    at this moment there are two programma’s i love: House and Cold Case. The reason why is that House’s humor is so …… i can’t bescribe it.
    Cold Case because i don’t know how it’s possible to solce a closed case with a little bit of evidence.
    xo Simone

  3. Cute card! I love Bones and Numbers – great shows. I also love Mythbusters – those guys are crazy!

  4. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy. I used to love the Mole, but I’m not so much a fan this season.

  5. My husband and I love HOUSE. In the past, our favorite show was 24, but with the writer’s strike they canceled it this past season.

  6. i love “armywives” it’s amazing how they can put all the emotions that military families go through in one hour! it’s great but you should probally rent the first season and then watch this season because you really will fall in love with the characters!

  7. My absolute favorite show is (like many others) Grey’s Anatomy. I also like America’s Next Top Model.

  8. Very Cute Card Jennifer!

    The few shows I love to watch: Grey’s anatomy and 2 new shows with short lives so far: Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle (with Brooke Shields). I hope they come back in the fall!

    Hope you’re still enjoying the great weather on the beach!

    Louise C.

  9. My favorite TV show is NCIS. How could you not love a show that has Mark Harmon in it!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  10. What a great stamp!! I have so many favs!! My absolute fav is House, then my others are CSI (original), Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters and Weeds (that show is a riot!!).

  11. Love the card! My favorite TV show is Deadliest Catch, I’m amazed at the effort that goes into crab fishing.

  12. I just got me first CTMH cataolgs and saw that background stamp- very versatile!

    anyway- my new favorite show is John and Kate plus 8 on TLC- it’s absolutely amazing to me how they survive with the set of twins and the set of sextuplets. Love it, love it!

    Also- I’ve been addicted for a long time to the show Clean House on the style network. I love to organize and that show always encourages me to purge…

    ps- I’m jealous of your fab vaca….

  13. HGTV’s Design Star just started. Season 2 of Saving Grace starts in July as does my guiltiest of pleasure…Big Brother. I resisted watching BB for so long but started last summer and now I’m hooked!

  14. I love Monk and Psych on USA!They are very funny shows and clean (well mostly…it is cable)! 🙂 They have new episodes starting in July. Can’t wait! Adorable card!! Love it! Janel

  15. Hi Jennnifer!

    I’m a big House fan, and I normally don’t like medical dramas, but this one keeps me watching!

  16. I really enjoy watching “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. It never fails to make me cry and then be overjoyed at the family that gets a beautiful new home to start their lives over! 😀

    I’ve never seen these stamps before I’m just glad to have the link so I can discover another bunch of stamps to obsess over! 🙂

  17. Hello. I love your blog so much. My favorite shows this summer are Army Wives, So You Think You Can Dance, and Design Star….

  18. Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC. The kids are adorable, just like all of the cards you make.
    Watch Mondays at 9EDT

  19. I like Psych… it used to be on the USA network and recently NBC picked it up. It is a great show… it has comedy, it’s witty and it has a bit of suspense. My favorite one to watch in the summer is So You Think You Can Dance.

  20. Favorite has to be Brothers & Sisters. Love your card (as always!) I just started doing the “make a matching card when I finish a layout” and I’m so happy! I have alot less in my scrap pile and my collection of cards is really growing. Thanks!

  21. Hello~ I would have to say Grey’s Anatomy, House and my favorite Desperate Housewives (kinda feel that way sometimes LOL)

    Really like the card and layout! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love love love Private Practice, Gossip Girl, and the Hills. These are my vices, but I haven’t had much time to indulge lately…

  23. Love the card!! My favorite TV show is The Office. I watched it once last year, and was hooked ever since:-) The only other TV I watch is on HGTV.

  24. My fav show is Grey’s along with everyone else….lol! I am a reality TV addict (my guilty pleasure) so I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance and am looking forward to the new Big Brother season in July. Love not having to think!

  25. right now its so you think you can dance on fox, for sure. every episode i have various moments when i laugh, get goosebumps, eyes get teary, and my spirit soars– definitely a feel-good and inspiring show.

  26. I have been tuning into HGTV more often. I am an interior designer by profession so most of the shows interest me, just started getting into Design Star on Sunday nights.

  27. I have been tuning into HGTV more often. I am an interior designer by profession so most of the shows interest me, just started getting into Design Star on Sunday nights.

  28. Have you ever watched So You Think You Can Dance? So fun to watch!! These people have been training for most of their lives and it is so amazing to see what they can do. It comes on tonight I believe at 7:00 CST on FOX.

  29. Fab card! My favorite show is Everybody Loves Raymond- enjoy watching it on the DVD sets with no commercials! 🙂

  30. Love the card! We only have 6 chanels but I still manage to watch way too much t.v. I’ve been watching America’s got Talent mostly because I’m easily ammused. My favorites like Grey’s Anatomy and the Office aren’t on right now.

  31. When I’m not watching how to’s on
    Jennifer McGuire Ink… I really enjoy The Closer.
    Love learning from you….thanks!

  32. When I’m not watching how to’s on
    Jennifer McGuire Ink… I really enjoy The Closer.
    Love learning from you….thanks!

  33. Gorgeous card Jennifer.
    I’m in Australia so not sure I can be of much help in the tv department! I really like English comedies such as Black Books and the IT Crowd.
    Cheers 🙂

  34. My viewing time is generally limited to watching tvd’s, but there are a couple of shows each week that I MUST watch. One is LOST, which I’ve been faithfully watching since the first day it aired. The second is Supernatural. I love that kind of stuff, and besides, the eye candy (eg. actors) is not too shabby!!

  35. wow, you are so generous but with more than 200 comments, I haven’t much a chance. Regardless, my fav tv show is The Mole — too fun!!!

  36. Unfortunately I don’t watch TV much, doesn’t seem to be any time to do that and other pastimes I love. But my girlfriends swear by Grey’s Anatomy. However, if you like more guy humor, a male friend of mine is a “The Office” freak and showed me an episode; it is good if you need some laughs! Myself, I am partial to movies and like to take the kids to movies too. We went to see Kung Fu Panda. I didn’t think I would necessarily like it, but I was wrong, it is a really cute movie with loveable characters! My last recommendation is the Sex in the City movie, although I didn’t see it yet, I will soon. I missed the girl’s night out on opening night and my friends loved it! I going to go now and read the other posts to get some ideas for myself! Ha! Thanks for a chance to win! Love your site!

  37. My favorite summer shows- So You Think you Can Dance, Project Runway (It’s coming back in July- YAY!), Bones, House, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Parctice will be don’t miss for me when they come back, too.

  38. A show on right now? Not much to choose from, but if you can find some reruns of Eli Stone…that moved to my number 2 spot. Lost is still my favorite…
    But as for now, I haven’t found anything yet that holds my interest.

  39. hi jennifer –
    my favorite show right now is “jon and kate plus eight”, it is very family friendly and funny.

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