How-To Video: Embellishing Scalloped Edges

Hello, stampers and scrapbookers…

Another simple video for you.  It is another card (sorry… I will get back to scrapbooking soon) with a good basic design that would work for anything.  Just change up the colors and greetings.  Use up some of your scraps.  You could even make a set of these as a gift.  This is just a basic design I go back to often.  The scallop edge was cut from Bazzill scallop edged cardstock.  I keep strips of this in a drawer to use.  And, by the way, this uses reject pieces from two other cards: HERE and HERE.

Oh, and sorry for the interruption in the video. 🙂

061208 Sunshine

Hero Arts stamps (flourish background, little flowers and greeting), gems and notecard
My Mind’s Eye and Bo Bunny (dot) patterned paper)
Ranger Ink
Marvy Punches
Black Memories Ink
Ranger Pool Ink
Bazzill Scallop Cardstock (the holes were already in it)
A big honkin’ flower that Colin found on the floor
A cute dude to join in on the fun

By the way, 2peas still has 20% off their stamps – great deal.  Check it out HERE

And I must say thank you for the kind, positive response to my idea about sending cards to the kids.  I will organize something and post the info this week for you all.  And, for each card you send, you get entered into a drawing for some prizes.  Working those out, too.  And I will give enough time for you overseas folks to play, too!

Thanks, all!  Off to watch Camp Rock with the girls… again. 😉

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32 thoughts on “How-To Video: Embellishing Scalloped Edges”

  1. Jennifer…your little Dude is the Cutest!! Thank you for sharing…Glad he likes to stamp!LOL!
    Great card…maybe I should start saving scraps and rejects…I am so wasteful!!

  2. A future stamper, for sure! He is just the cutest!! Love the card, too. Things are so easy to do with clear stamps but I just never thought of doing that…until now!
    I’m glad it’s a “go” with the card project. It’s got me inspired to create some cards now that I’ve ordered a lot of HA products.

  3. Thank you, and Colin, for the “interruption”. What a cutie!! Tim Holtz, watch out…
    Very nice card. Love the colors. I noticed that you put the size of your punch on the front…I do that to! Saves time trying to figure it out!

  4. Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad the card-making project is going to work out, and I’ll be honored to be a part of it 🙂 Thanks for sharing that fantastic card, and also for sharing little Colin with us! He’s just beautiful! What a treat 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, what a cute little man, it must be hard to day ‘no’ to those big brown eyes, he’s so adorable.. So glad you are going to allow time for us OS people to get cards to you, thanks

  6. Thanks for the new video…have not watched yet, waiting for a commercial break in the gymnstics trials!! Keep doing cards, I love cards!!hanna

  7. colin is so cute!!! you’ll have to share one of his stamping masterpieces with us!

    it’s all about “camp rock” right now, isn’t it?!?! lol! i’ve already seen it twice … and the cd has been playing nonstop too! my oldest thinks it’s better than “high school musical” … one that is still MY favorite. lol!

  8. Great job stamping, Colin!!

    Jennifer – I love watching your card videos – please don’t stop making them completely. Pleeeeease . . . 🙂

  9. i was just watching this again … and realized you did show one of colin’s stamping masterpieces. lol! i must have looked away for a second the first time! tell him he’s a great stamper!

  10. Thanks for the video.

    Regarding the cards, I’m eager to make the cards but please count me out of the drawing. This one is just for the kids.

    (I’m living in Europe, so it’ll take sometime for the cards to arrive – after I have the address).

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    How was your trip recently?
    Love Colin he is at that so so cute age.
    The card is fantastic what a great way to use your scraps thankyou for showing us such great things to make. Love from NZ

  12. Love the video. That card is so cute and so easy. Your “interuption” was great – what a cute little boy.

  13. great video as always. my 3yr old likes to be by me when i’m stamping/scrapbookig, he says mommy i gonna crapbook too.who could say no to that.

  14. Oh, I just love your little boy. Just seeing his cuteness made me smile this morning. 🙂

    It is so funny to me when you call some of your cards simple, because they still look like masterpieces to me. There is not a single thing you do that I don’t absolutely love. I know I have told you this before, but I love your blog, it is the best!!!

  15. Colin’s giggles made me smile – he’s too cute & turning into a great stamper like his mom….

    Such a cute card thank so much for sharing as usualy – I love your style & your videos are a relaxing treat – great inspiration & such wonderul music just destresses me from the first second.

  16. Oh My Gosh! He’s so adorable! My both girls wanted to see him over and over again and….do I hear “The Soup”? hehe

  17. Cute “simple” card, and even cuter little boy! I loved hearing his sweet voice and giggles, and how his eyes got a little bigger when he was thinking of his favorite color. You flashed his art by us pretty fast, but I caught that fish stamp you used on the last card and some direct pad-to-paper inking technique on there ~very nice!
    I was happy to make cards for the kids before, but a chance at a cool prize from you just sweetened the deal. Kids always like interactive cards, so I’m going to make 3 Spinners, 3 pop-ups and brush up on other interactive designs… this is going to be fun! I’m going to include some stickers for them, too, if that is OK.

  18. Oh “interrupt” with your adorable little sidekick anytime…he’s quite the scene stealer, hehe! 😉 Tooooo cute! LOVE the card. Always. 🙂

  19. Loved the video, Jennifer. What tool were you using to pick up the gems and transfer them to the card? Thanks for sharing your talent and the music, too. Oh, and your little sweetie.

  20. You better watch out Jennifer – Colin is going to be a great stamper too!!
    Super card idea. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who changes her mind in the middle of a project.

  21. Colin is adorable.
    Thanks for another great card idea.
    BTW – the stamps don’t seem to be 20% off anymore at 2Peas.

  22. Love the card and that you included Colin in the video. I love seeing his cuteness! Thanks as always for sharing with us.

  23. I’m not sure how I missed this video the first time around, but that has to be the CUTEST little “interruption” I’ve ever seen. How sweet when he says he wants to stamp right NOW! Hee. A true stamper at heart. 🙂

    Fabulous card, too! You always make it look SO easy…..

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