Hello from the islands…


We are here in St. John having a good ol' time.  Thought I would share a layout I did with lots of pictures.  This isn't the island we are on now, but I just stumbled on it on my computer.  This layout shows two things I love tons: a large photo and a series of small photos.  (I have a video of how to photoshop little photos coming up soon.)

Ch0401.Jennifer.Stamp With Chipboard
As seen in CK's 101 Things to Do with Your Scrapbook Supplies.  Features stamping with chipboard and paint.  You just temporarily adhere chipboard to an acrylic mount and just use it like a stamp!

Hope you are doing well.  I think I am going to go sip on some rum punch.  Cheers! 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Hello from the islands…”

  1. Jennifer

    I am so glad your vacation is great on St. Johns.

    This looks like another wonderful spot to vaction on too. The water is so clear and the trees take your breath away.

    As always looking forward to videos from you. They rock!!!

    Sandi N.

  2. Wonderful page – and I soooooooooo want to learn how to get several small photos on a page in Photo Shop. Looking forward to your video (when you return from vacation). Hope you are kicking back and relaxing. Gorgeous scenery!:)

  3. Glad you are relaxing with a rum punch….and I’m not the least bit jelous…no, not one bit!
    Yay! Another video on the way!

  4. Went to Jana Millen’s blog right after I was here and she said it was your BIRTHDAY yesterday! Happy, Happy Birthday Jennifer! The card she posted that you sent her a check in is so beautiful…no, never a “normal” card from you! ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK!

  5. The blues in those photos are out of this world amazing! Love the layout! Hope you are having the time of your life. Cheers girl! **enviously clinking my glass of water to your glass of rum punch** 😉

  6. what a great idea to get more out of the stash! And the video sounds great, can’t wait. Looks like a fabulous holiday place- all that beautiful blue!

  7. Wow – the colours in those photos are awesome and your layout really uses that to great advantage. Hope you continue to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

  8. Happy belated birthday. Those pics are certainly breath-taking! That’s nice that you are still keeping in touch with us on your vacation1

  9. And to think we had snow in the Mtns. this week. Belated Birthday Wishes, dear Jennifer ! Have a wonderful fun time.

  10. Cheers! to your rum punch! Glad to hear you’re having a grand time in St. John. Ate any conch chowder? Aren’t we terrible–
    checking in on your blog, hoping you’re having a relaxing vacation and yet wanting to see a “how to” or video….Belated Happy Birthday, too!

  11. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!! But, how could it be anything but being in gorgeous St. John!!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  12. Happy belated Birthday! What a great place to be spending it! Have another drink for me. 😉 Love the layout! Beautiful location!

  13. A little birdie mentioned it was your birthday – Happy Birthday Jennifer! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

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