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I am so excited to start this.  I love any excuse to make a card and I love any excuse to do something nice for someone.  So, why not combine the two? 🙂

Here is the info:

This card drive is for 3 adorable little kids living in Africa… Taylor (9), Lauren (7) and Samuel (3).  Their family just moved there and are building a home and dental clinic.  They are living there unselfishly – totally to provide dental care to those who would never get it.  To find out more information on their work, click HERE and HERE.

As you may expect, starting a life in Liberia has it’s challenges, especially for the kids.  I thought it would be such fun to send them tons of cards from people across the world – cards that would just brighten their day.  You can simply send the cards to me.  I will then box them up and pay to send them to the kid’s parents – my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  Their parents will give them each a card a day, just to make them smile.  (I am having you send them to me since it costs a lot to get it there.)

The details:

  • Cards can be anything cheery: “sending you a smile”, “happy day”, something silly, “thinking of you”, etc.  The more cheery the better. 
  • Please sign your name in the card, along with any message you want.  It would be fun to also say what state/country you are from.
  • You can put a sticky note on it telling who the card should be for: Taylor (9), Lauren (7), Samuel (3)… or it can be for all three kids.  That way I can make sure it gets to the right person(s).
  • Mail the card to me as you would any card.  (If you have more than one, you can pack them together – whatever is easiest.)  When I get it, I will put each card in a separate envelope with just their name(s) on it.  This will save in shipping for you since you won’t have to double-envelope.
  • If you have a few extra stickers you want to throw in for them to play with, great!  But please don’t send anything heavy or big, though – shipping really adds up.
  • You are also welcome to do a card for their parents, Keith and Kristin. (I have their permission to do this card drive for the kids, but a few cards for them would be nice, too.)
  • Please send the cards to arrive to me by August 15.  This should give enough time for those overseas to play along.  The cards should be sent to:

                                     Jennifer McGuire
                                     Card Drive
                                     PO Box 428612
                                     Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

And… how about some prizes as a thank you for participating?  For each card you send, your name will be put into a basket.  At the end date, I will draw names for prizes.  You can see a complete list of prizes HERE.  Please keep in mind that I am unable to keep track of everyone’s names and email addresses.  So, be sure to look back the week following August 15th to find out if you are a winner of a prize

I cannot thank you enough for participating in this.  Means the world to me… but mostly to three little kids a half a world away…


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52 thoughts on “Card Drive for Kids!”

  1. Be prepared for alot of cards coming your way! Card makers are just the nicest people on the planet so I’m thinking you’ll get lots of them.

  2. This sounds like it is going to turn out to be SO much fun for the kids! Can’t wait to see what I can come up with! I guess I didn’t realize until now how close you are. We are also from Ohio and my husband grew up in Middletown!

  3. What a wonderful idea, Im in and will make some cards for you to pass on…will get them done asap as im in New Zealand and not sure how long it will take for them to get to you

  4. such a great idea jennifer! and i never seem to give out the cards i make … so this is a good place to start. lol! will be getting some out to you soon!

  5. Sounds great, what a lovely thing to do! I will start planning my cards now and hope to have them to you soon!! 🙂

  6. I’m in! We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, so it will have to wait a week. But I’m definitely in…

  7. This is such a wonderful thing to do. I’m so happy to be a part of this, Jennifer! Thank you and thank you to Keith and his family for what they are doing by giving back! What a wonderful thing! Off to make some cards and gather them up! Hugs! 😀

  8. WOW this is fantastic…let me see if i can whip some out. I am not ver good at making cards but i think at this point it doesnt matter!

  9. What a great idea! I don’t have kids and have all these cute cute stamps. One friend has a 2 year old and I already inundate her with cards, so this will be fun to make cards for your 3 nieces and nephews. The family looks so happy. What a nice thing to see!

  10. I’m really excited about making these cards. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this. You’re a doll and I’m sure your Brother-in-law and sister-in-law are so appreciative. Those kids are going to go bananas when they see all the great cards made just for them. Will you take a group photo of all the cards when you get them so we can see the loot? Just a thought!

  11. What a fun summer project to do with my oldest DD. She knows the story and said she wanted to help. We have lots of little stamps to give too. Thanks for posting this!

  12. What a great idea! I’m in too. I have other friends who have kids out there in Africa and they love getting something like this! Don’t forget to recruit your fellow card-markers/scrappers too! I’ve got a couple already hyped about this!

  13. You’re heart for your family is so big and thoughtful that it shows through all you do. Count me in. My 10 year old daughter and I would count it a priviledge to participate in lifting up your family not only with our cards but with our prayers as well.

  14. Thank you for getting all the details out~ this is such a great idea, Jennifer! I have six & nine year old kids that I will have help me write two of the cards. Time to ink up!

  15. This should be fun!! They are such a cute family. Wishing them th best. Liberia is a war torn country and I’m sure it’s not easy for them.

  16. I’m in. I’m going to a crop tomorrow with some Lancaster area CK board members. I’ll make sure to tell them about this and hopefully everyone there will participate, too.

  17. I just printed this and am putting it in my to-do folder. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this! Feels good to do something, even if it is a tiny thing in the grand scheme, for people who give so much. Bless your sweet sweet heart!

  18. This is a wonderful idea Jen – plan to make cards and pass this on to my sister and her crop group!
    You have also inspired me to do something for the orphans of McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope in Malawi – my best friend serves as a missionary there, so I am bouncing some ideas off of her of what we might do.
    Thanks for having such a big heart and for the inspiration!

  19. hi jen my cards and stickers are postal and i have to say again how sweet and awesome for you doing this it just beautiful

  20. Oh! how sweet this is. Such a wonderfull idea. I do anything for a child just to bring a smile on there precious little faces. You can count me in! :o)
    Yaneri – Cypress, Ca

  21. Oh My!!! I was really excited….until I saw the cards already made. NOthing like raising the bar!!!! Am still relatively new to cardmaking, but I will give it a try…

  22. What a fabulous idea! A great way to use up our scraps, practise our cardmaking skills, AND give support to three little ones that could use a smile or two!

  23. I saw this on Rita’s blog and I think this is so awesome! I’ll work on cards this weekend to get sent to you. How awesome too that you’re giving away prizes for sharing some love! You rock!!!

  24. What an incredible thing to do for these kids! I love this idea and am definitely in! I will have my cards in the mail to you tomorrow.

    Thanks for hosting this card drive!!

  25. Jennifer, Is there any way to continue this drive after you run out of cards? I would be willing to help you with the postage. I just think it’s a wonderful thing you are doing for your family. My email is
    [email protected].
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  26. I would love to make cards for the kids also. I live here in Columbus, Ohio. Card making is one of my favorite things to do.

  27. Hello…Can I still join you with this lovely idea?
    It’s a wonderful thing to bless and be blessed, and making cards is just about that!

    God Bless!

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