Spreading some goodness: a card and giveaway…

Well, I just found out that my favorite cardmaker is having a birthday today.  So, I thought I would post a birthday card for her, since it obviously won't make it in the mail on time. :)  Tami, hope you have a great one.  You deserve it.

And, everyone, you MUST go see Tami's gallery at 2peas.  She is amazing.  You can find it HERE.

Here is the card I made for ya, Tami.  It isn't anything fabulous, but please know I adore you. 🙂

052008 Tami

Hero Arts birthday background
Imaginisce flower stamp
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Tim Holtz Crackle Paint
Melissa Frances rub-on greeting
Scenic Route chipboard butterfly and ledger paper
Other: scallop chipboard, jute and sewing machine

Happy birthday, Tami!

And, how about a giveaway?  I have these font cds from Autumn Leaves that I haven't used.  I got all the font files directly, so thought I would pass these on to a few of you.  There are some fabulous fonts on here!  There 6 cds.  Instead of sending them all to one person, how about I draw six names?  Just leave a comment here by Wednesday at 11:59pmPST telling me something that made you smile today.  I love to hear stuff like that.  🙂

And how is this for a bad picture of the prizes?  Ha… was too lazy to go upstairs to get a different lens and a better location.


Have a good night! 

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134 thoughts on “Spreading some goodness: a card and giveaway…”

  1. Watching my daughter Elizabeth (4) comfort her sister Stella (2) at the playground after she fell. :))

  2. Watching my 20 month old grandson Jack sitting on the chair at the hairdressers having his haircut today like he does it all the time.He was so good.I just love him so much.

  3. My daughter (4) had her end of year dance performance today. At the end she ran right up to me and said, “I love you so much mommy!” 🙂

  4. Oh wow one of these would be so cool. I smilled today (in fact I almost cried) when I found out that the little boy two doors down came home from the hospital today. He’s only 2 and has cerebral palsey and his mom found him unresponsive on Thursday morning. He’s going to be ok :o)

  5. My two-and-a-half year old daughter asking to kiss her little almost-one-year old brother goodnight and saying “I yove you, Austeeeen” and gave him a big hug.

  6. When I asked my 5 year old daughter what her favorite part of today was, she said “Hugging you Mommy!”

  7. I agree, Tami’s stuff is FANTASTIC – I always love her cards on the Hero Arts group.
    What made me smile today- hmmmm, hearing my 3 yr old son running down the hallway, opening the bedroom door, coming over to me lying in the bed and saying “good morning mommy!” as he lifts up the eye mask I’m wearing to reveal a big cheeky grin on his face. Mind you, this only made me smile b/c it was 7AM. I don’t think I would have been smiling if it had been 5AM!

  8. Hi Jennifer-

    Not only did i smile, but I laughed out loud today when my 5 year old asked me if the plumber got the bandaids she’s been putting down her bathtub drain out when he came today because of the slow drain!

  9. yeah for our Tami! I am another fan of hers!!!
    No fonts for me please… only because I know I won’t use them, but will share my smile moment…
    My 10 year old daughter is so responsible.. she is doing some big chores, feeding 4 lambs, along with other critters.. She is not one to ask for help, no matter how hard she is struggling… So I went to help her anyway.. She said ‘Thank you, mommy, I love you’.. And I said “I love you honey”.. And then she said “Even when I am a teenager?” And, I said “I will love you forever, and when you are a teenager I will love you extra special too”!
    My kids are convinced teenagers are animals from another planet!

  10. My 6 year old planting tons of kisses all over my face and a big hug before she step up to the bus. PLUS the grin and the wave while the bus leaves. What a nice way to start my day. 🙂

  11. I think I missed the deadline by 4 min. But love sharing moments that make me smile. I covered in Smaland today for 30 min. (at IKEA) and a little 4 year old informed me I needed to jump in the “pool” of balls, because it was really fun. I informed them I didn’t meet the height requirement, and I might injure someone or myself. LOL….

  12. My 8 year old daughter made me smile when she held an umbrella over my head after seeing me struggle with a loaded garden cart. And thinking of an IM conversation I had with my deployed husband also made me smile all day long! : )

  13. What made me smile today? Goofing around with my co-workers during the breaks at a conference. I love where I work!

  14. I was sitting with my son (5) while he tried to read his new Dick and Jane book, he is so excited that he can actually sound out a word and know what it is. It makes me smile seeing how enthusiastic he is to learn and knowing the whole new world that is opening to him.

  15. Watching my girls try to bowl tonight and seeing them get so excited when they knocked down any pins even if it was only one. Great memories and great fun.

  16. Don’t laugh – my cat purring, sitting on the dryer, watching me completely wash out his litter pan, put fresh litter in and then…him running in to enjoy a super clean box. He has a way of brightening any day – gotta love that in a pet!

  17. Hi Jennifer!
    What made YOU smile today??? 🙂
    My son made me smile {and LOL} today when I heard him yell a big, “Hi DUMP MAN!” to the garbage truck driver…then he ran inside and yelled to me, “Mommy! The dump man is here! The dump man is here!” He makes me laugh every single day!!! 🙂
    I LOVE it!!! 🙂
    Thanks, Shari 🙂

  18. I do love me some fonts…
    What made me smile today was a conversation with my aunt, in which she asked if I want to go to lunch tomorrow. About a month ago we had a FANTASTIC meal at a local restaurant here in my neighborhood of Spanish Harlem (NYC)…the most tender steak smothered in onions, pink beans and rice, avocado salad and “mofongo de pernil”. So when she suggested we go back there, I was grinning from ear to ear! YUM!

  19. Something that made me smile today was my 2 year old hlping me make tags for a Layout. She is soo into scrapping already. I can’t wait till she can enjoy it without me having to help her.

  20. Attending a card making class at my lss–that’s what made me smile today. The instructor is so creative and each month she creates 5 new designs for her class. I look forward to this class every month and it always puts a smile on m face.

  21. great giveaway!
    i’m a font addict…

    so, something that made me smile today was taking my daughter and her friend to the dancewear shop to pick out their first leotards and tutus! so cute! i posted pics on my blog 🙂

  22. Seeing you having a giveaway made me smile LOL
    But besides that, my hubby cracking jokes before he leaves for work makes me smile 🙂

  23. Fun giveaway!! 🙂 I smiled today when my DS called me mommy… I’ve been “mama” for a few months, so it was bitter sweet, but I like the upgrade to Mommy 🙂

  24. First time visiting your blog – very cool! The latest thing to make me smile this evening was Kristi Yamaguchi winning Dancing with the Stars…I know, so cheesy!

  25. What makes me smile is coming to your blog to see what beautiful cards you make….Love your blogs last week with the videos…..those make me smile everyday!


  26. What made me smile this morning was you, being so modest about your card not being anything fabulous, while it is nothing but fabulous!

    Do you even know how inspiring your creativity is?

    Love everything you make!

  27. Great card Jennifer!
    Oh I love giveaways and those font cds look fantastic!
    What made me smile yesterday was watching my 12 yr old at her band concert last night. She did a trio with two other flutists of the Star Spangled Banner and everyone in the auditorium rose while they played. Made me so proud and I don’t think I stopped smiling through the whole concert.

  28. OMG, this post just took my breath away (as well as made me smile biiiiiiig!) Huge hugs girl! The card is simply and absolutely gorgeous Jen…always, always. You are amazing. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and for devoting a blog post to little ol’ me! Hugs!

  29. I have the biggest smile – my third grandchild was born May 19th and he is a real cutie. I think that my children are wonderful but grandchildren ROCK!!!

  30. I love fonts!:) Thanks so much for your fun (and generous) blog.

    It is early morning yet – but I have a smile thinking of my new grandson coming from out of state to visit this weekend (with his brother too:)) – I have the crib set up and ready to go!:)

  31. It’s my friend’s birthday today. I can’t wait to give her a bag of goodies with a homemade card inside! Technique: compliments to Jennifer Mcquire INK! Thanks for all your great ideas…they always make me smile!

  32. Tami’s work is wonderful! Thanks for sharing her work, Jennifer! Happy Birthday to ya, Tami! 😉 I think your card IS fabulous, girl! Something that made me smile today – my daughter coming up to me out of the blue and saying, “I love you so much Mama.” That always makes me smile. 😉 Have a Happy Wednesday, Jennifer!!

  33. After my 2-year-old daughter’s nap, I brought her down stairs with me to sit on the couch and watch Ellen. Alanis Morissette was on and singing a song… my daughter jumped off my lap and started to dance saying “song show” 🙂 how could I not smile after that!

  34. I am so glad that I finally found your blog. I love your work. I just love the clean, clear, pure look of it. I love that you take the basic stuff that we all have (buttons, ribbon, etc.) and turn it into artwork. This made my day!!!! Thanks so much

  35. I smiled this morning to see the bright sun after too many dreary days of rain. I am ready for some spring!

  36. Waking up my kids this morning and the first thing they both said was “I love you mama”. Also, brothers sharing a breakfast bar (sharing is key).

  37. Jennifer

    My yougest daughter had her thrid birthday. After everyone left she came up to me said she loves me, and kissed and hugged me too. This is still bringing a smile to my face.

    Sandi Neumann

  38. Two things made me smile today: going on a
    morning walk and eating breakfast while
    viewing the Hero Arts blog. Then an added
    bonus, I tuned in to your blog for a how to
    video. Thanks.

  39. Jennifer —
    Hearing my 16-month old daughter say “mmmmm” while she was eating her dinner made me smile. She certainly enjoys her food!

    Jennifer McGuire in Fishers

  40. having my little boy sleep through the night for the first time in a week, then waking up and yelling, “hey, momma!” in a cheery voice really made me smile this morning. 🙂

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