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Sounds like you all had great Mother’s Days.  So glad.  It’s amazing how one day can lift our spirits so much, huh?

I will post a winner tonight.  I just wanted to post quickly before I take Colin to art class to share a link to one of my videos.  I am the host again this week on the Hero Arts blog.  I will be sharing lots of videos there, so be sure to go look often.  Today I posted one on creating embossed resist backgrounds.  I will have videos throughout the week here, too.  (Click HERE for the blog.)

Hope you have a great day and more later. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Morning! A link…”

  1. Yay, more vidoes to look forward to this week. Look forward to seeing them Jennifer, I love it when you host the blog at Hero’s!

  2. Jennifer- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card. Also, I’ve now changed my storage and use of my embossing powder because of your idea. I have those powder pal plastic tray thingees, but they are a pain to clean everytime I use any embossing powder. Thanks for another great idea.

  3. Posted this on the Hero Arts blog but thought I’d post here too. That card is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I honestly think it’s the most beautiful card I’ve ever seen! You’ve truly outdone yourself Jennifer!

  4. Jennifer-I Love Love Love the cards you make, and I love the videos. Thank you so much for sharing them. I’m a big fan of yours! 🙂

    I love it when you host the Hero Arts’ blog, another great week to look forward to. Thanks!

  5. Jennifer thank you so much for all your stamping and card making instructions. I have learned so much from you already. I thought that I had all the tools that I would ever need … you have proved me so wrong!!!!:)

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