Happy Momma’s Day!

Happy Momma’s Day to everyone!  Hope you have a great one.  I usually like to spend the day planting flowers with my mom, but it is too early this year to plant and it is pouring buckets.  So, instead, I got to go to Ikea and pick up the last bit of stuff for my reorganizing. I guess that comes in a close second. 🙂  I am going to do some scrapbooking, too.  Seeing this stuff on your desk is a good thing…


Supplies (hee):
Starbucks Peppermint Mocha
Fiskars super-sharp scissors
Colorbox Chalk Ink (the best)
New stamp from Hero Arts coming soon…

I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway to celebrate the day.  And since every momma deserves flowers, I am doing a giveaway with lots of flowery-kind-of stuff.  RAK includes lots of fancy Prima flowers, Autumn Leaves ribbon, epoxy stickers and clear stamps, American Crafts flowers, flower felt and some cute stickers from Tinkering Inks’ new Al Fresco line (which I LOVE the colors of)…


Just leave a comment on this post by 11:59pmEDT today telling me what fun things you have planned today and I will pick a winner.

Oh!  And the first person to post (and email me) a link on the last thread was Michelle.  Thanks, girl!  I will send you some treats, my friend.  You are always so helpful.  HERE is the link the the clear stamp article form last year. 

Have a great day!

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151 thoughts on “Happy Momma’s Day!”

  1. Happy Mothers Day !

    today, I came home from a few days off by the sea. I had a wonderful time ! I wish I could live near the ocean.
    I love reading your blog several times a week. It gives me a lot of inspiration. Thanks !


  2. I Just discovered this blog today and all I can say is wow! So many neat ideas! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Our day will be very simple, getting together for dinner and just having a relaxing day!

  3. I got some cool things from my kids and DH. Tried out a new breakfast recipe, which was yummy and hopefully we still get some scrapbooking done…Happy Mother’s day.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day! Beautiful weather we are having in Colorado. I woke up this morning to a delicious breakfast my husband and son made me. Gorgeous flowers, a handmade card, a DVD and the sunday paper with the sales flyers set aside were my son’s gift to me. But the best gift he gave me was the opportunity to take his picture without any eyerolls or funny faces.☺

  5. (this might be my 2nd comment, not sure ;( )
    Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer!!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day with your beautiful baby, daughters & hubby.
    I have had an awesome Mother’s Day weekend with my family. I got a few gifts including a laptop (woohoo) and the 1st place I searched was your blog! Believe it or not. I am loving your blog. You have always inspired me and it is just awesome to have a blog where we can check up on you from time to time…okay at least 3x a day! ha!!!

  6. Today I’m going to sit on the couch, enjoy a good book and hope the kids don’t get too feisty being cooped up due to the rain.
    This evening I’ll be scrapbooking. 🙂

  7. Hi Jennifer and Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

    My teenager actually bought me a chocolate bar with his own money and even gave me a hug without flinching and my little one gave me a flower they started as seeds in her class. Nothing really fun going on today. It’s pouring rain and really windy at times but I’ve gotten to do exactly what I wanted this weekend – nap and read – so although not what I would have done if the weather cooperated, I got to enjoy the weekend anyway.

  8. Be glad it is only raining where you are – we are having snow!!! But it is still a great Mother’s Day – breakfast in bed, flowers, cake and cards! Hope you have a wonderful day too!

  9. I took a walk with my walking buddies, ate breakfast that I didn’t prepare, opened my gift, and read a book…I’m going to high tea with my family and then srapbook!! It’s a great day!!

  10. Hi, Jennifer
    Today is not just Mother’s Day but also our 24th wedding anniversary. My husband and I took a road trip yesterday, had a wonderful lunch al fresco, and then did some wonderful scrap-shopping at an awesome LSS there. Today we took my mom out for brunch.

  11. Started my day with brunch. Yum! Then we’ll probably venture out for some coffee and some shopping and wind down with a nice dinner. Happy mother’s Day to you!!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to you!
    It is a beautiful day here, so I’ve been out working in the yard and planting the first flowers of the season. Yeah! Grilling steaks for dinner later.

  13. I have been spending today relaxing…. I went to my father in laws where the men grilled burgers and played in the yard.
    I did the dishes and served lemon meringue pie… (felt more like fathers day than mothers day! lol)but enjoyed the time being together…
    spending the rest of the day thinking about my momma who passed away 4 years ago.
    Happy MOthers day to all!

    Kim FAucher

  14. Hi Jennifer-
    Happy mothers day to you. I have had a lovely day with my mother, my daughter and my husband. We went to a lovely brunch, DD had a bday party to go to, I took my mom and daughter to a “Mother-Daughter Yoga class and now DH is cooking dinner….
    Life is good!

  15. Happy Mother’s Day! Unfortunately for me my son had to work all day and my husband had to go out of town for work . . . so I am getting some projects done in my scrapbook room! Hope your day has been great! Thanks for the chance to win!!


  16. I’m kinda bumped, because i can’t spend the day with my mom. I’m away at school finishing up finals. I have an Organic Chemistry final tomorrow morning so i’m up all night studying for that:-(. I sent my mom a card, and plan to clean the house for her when i get home. I love how you always give away yummy gifts!!!

  17. happy mother’s day. today for me i’ll be staying home with kiddos and my hubby will cook…should say order in pizza…but hey i don’t have to cook…works for me! have a great day!

  18. Yup, raining buckets. We’ve ripped up the carpet in the scrapbook room and are laying wood laminate flooring. So excited. Hubby ran out for a few supplies. So when I’m not pulling up nails, tacks, etc. I’m reading “The Organized Scrapper” and the latest issue of CK that also had great ideas. Happy mothers day to you!

  19. Nothing super fun planned for today here. It is raining, we had planned on a mini scavenger hunt but that will have to wait until sunnier weather. I did get some beautiful roses this morning and a sweet little card that my sister made and had my little almost 2 year old son “sign” himself. It is so cute. I do have four hours of “mommmy time” booked so I am going to catch up on picture organizing and maybe try to finish a scrapbook page. Happy mama’s day to you!

  20. Happy mommy’s day to you too!!! I worked this morning ugh!!! But now I get a few hours to relax BY MYSELF!!!! Yippy!!!! Then we are headed to dinner & maybe a movie ;O)

  21. Happy Mother’s DAy, Jennifer!
    I am enjoying my day with my family…my first as a mom of 3 kids! My husband and dad made breakfast for us this morning…yummy! Now, just enjoying the day and playing with my new camera…a birthday gift (my b-day was Friday!).
    Amy in CA

  22. I spent the day with my mother, my dad past away 5 years ago, and my family was all together….We were hoping my one neice would come, but you see, in March 08, she was delivering her baby and it died….and so, she didn’t want to spend the day because she is very much grieving. I am not a mother either, but I do enjoy my family. And we had a wonderful time together…life is too short…


  23. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! My DH spoiled me today – breakfast in bed, took DS out to the park to give me time to sleep in and then made me a wonderful dinner! We also visited both our mothers and went for a drive.

  24. It’s autumn over here in Aust, so we have been spending our day running through the leaves! We also went on a bushwalk together. It has been such a great day! Happy Mothers Day to you too Jennifer!! 🙂

  25. I have been spending Mother’s Day with my family. We are working in the garden and planting flowers–perfect springtime activities!

  26. Happy Mother’s Day! My husband made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I got to take a nap :). Later my father-in-law came over for dinner.

  27. Happy Mother’s Day to you!! I just had 35 people in our home to honor our 85 year old mother. I am the youngest of 8 children, so all of my siblings, their spouses, their children, and a great grandchild was here to celebrate. As I was cleaning after everyone left I was reminded of how much time, effort and love my mother put into ALL the family gatherings I’ve enjoyed over the past 44 years! It was a great day to finally let HER sit back and enjoy the day!

  28. Hi Jennifer – Happy Mother’s Day! I had a great day! This year is my first as a mother and what an amazing thing it is to be someone’s ‘mom’! My day started sleeping in and thanking the powers that be that my 9 month old son slept through the night! (doesn’t usually do that!). I hope you enjoyed your day!

  29. Hey girl! You don’t need to put me into the drawing, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you have a great one! Hugs!

  30. I visited my mom for a bit today. and then went out to dinner. And now we’re going to watch Twister…a movie I’ve seen at least 10 times and my DH has never seen.

  31. Jennifer – love the products you shared.
    I am not a mother myself, but I did manage to create my mother’s day card and sent it to my mom in Florida. I called her today to hear her sweet voice. I miss being near her, so the phone and email is the next best thing!

  32. Happy Mother’s Day. My boys took me to breakfast and then behaved all day while I got to shop for myself. Something I rarely get to do. I even got my husband to drive me to a new scrapbook store and he waited patiently while I shopped.

  33. My DD made me Boston Cream cupcakes for my Mother’s day treat! I am sitting down now to try out some new clear stamps on a few cards!

  34. Hi Jennifer – Happy Mother’s Day!
    My husband, me and our two boys went to church, then to McD’s for breakfast (the “nice” restaurants were all too full), and then played baseball with our boys at the park. I am such a lucky mom!
    Last night I went to a late night crop and created my own version of your pop-up card and it turned out so cute! Thank you for all of your inspiration and helping me to scrap beyond my pages. I have made more cards since finding your site then I have ever made – I even got myself some watercolour pencils and now I know how to use them!
    Thanks again, Jennifer – can’t wait till the next video!
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

  35. Such cute flowery goodies. Love it!

    I have a longer post on my blog about the day, but the short version is that we’ve just ended up having a mellow day at home. Slept in a bit, skipped church for the first time in a long time, watched movies while folding laundry and re-organizing my scrap room. Yes, seeing the desktop is a good thing! Got a really cute card and coupon for a movie of my choice from our host daughter. DH ventured out into the rain for Chinese takeout, and I’m planning on making a couple of cards tonight and taking a long hot bubble bath. A day well spent to be sure!

  36. Happy Mother’s Day! I spent a wonderful relaxing day with my husband and wonderful son Grant. We also went to see Grandma. Grant made me some wonderful homemade gifts. We had just a lazy family snuggle day. Thanks for a chance to win! Love your blog!

  37. My 7 yr old dd made me a “scrapbook”…it was the sweetest thing ever. She drew pics of all the family members in it and said that she knew that a handmade scrapbooking gift would be my favorite thing to get today! It was!

  38. Today I went to my daughter’s house for a gathering of all the mother’s she has in her family (and their families)… sister, in-law, sister-in-law, myself, co workers, etc. A lot of people… a lot of fun!

  39. Today I went to my daughter’s house for a gathering of all the mother’s she has in her family (and their families)… sister, in-law, sister-in-law, myself, co workers, etc. A lot of people… a lot of fun!

  40. Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer! After Sunday School, my daughter, husband & I had breakfast at Panera. About mid-afternoon my husband’s father & Grandmother arrived and we all went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Back to the house after for coffee and yummy dessert. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed being spoiled.

  41. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!! Today we ad our family over for a BBQ. It was a great day! Now we are just relaxing, watching a movie.

    Kristen D.
    Peabody MA

  42. My dear hubby gave me a wonderful Mother’s Day gift…a day alll to myself! 🙂 I went shopping and scrapping. The perfect combo! 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  43. My dear hubby gave me a wonderful Mother’s Day gift…a day alll to myself! 🙂 I went shopping and scrapping. The perfect combo! 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  44. Happy Mother’s Day! Today the sun was out for the first time all week – My kids and hubby helped me spread mulch at my Mom’s, mow her lawn and tidy up her yard. When we returned home, I finished weeding and mulching our garden beds – I just love the look (and smell!) of freshly mulched gardens! I hope you had a great day as well! Tracy

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