A giveaway, a cool link, a layout and some Q&A’s…

Well, I am hoping to squeeze all that in before bedtime. 🙂  But watching the goofs on the Bachelorette may be too distracting.  (I can’t believe I just admitted to watching that. Ha.)

First: a giveaway.  Jana is giving away something you know I love – a Cuttlebug embossing folder.  Click HERE to play!

Second: a cool link.  The remarkably talented, incredibly thoughtful and fabulously funny Shari is the lead blogger on Hero this week.  She has lots of giveaways planned!  Be sure to go check out her cool projects.  Go HERE to play.

Third: a layout.  Actually, this is part of a Q&A, too.  I had someone email me and ask what I do with 8×8 pages.  I sometimes teach them for make and takes or mini classes.  But I don’t actually have any 8×8 albums.  So when I come home with an 8×8 page, I just plop it on a 12×12 page and add photos.  Here is a good example.  This was a 8×8 page I did as a make and take in the Hero booth at CHA.  I just stuck it on a background and added some favorite photos.  Easy peasy.


Hero Arts stamps (border, greetings and circles), flowers and pearls
White Memories Ink
ArtPrint Brown Memories Ink
Marvy punches
Strano ribbon
Bazzill cardstock

So, really, whenever I want to turn any page size (such as 8.5×11) to 12×12, I just plop it on a background and add stamping or photos on the edge.  Easy, huh?  Nothing fancy.

Fourth: More Q&A’s. These are some I got in emails.

Q: I was just wondering….what is that brown square surface you do all your work on? Is it a craft sheet (like the one Tim Holtz uses?)

A: Hee… mine is just a 12×12 piece of Kraft paper that I was using for scrap paper. 🙂  My desktop is actually Home Depot cheapo countertop with a giant piece of glass on it.  So, I have to put something under my projects when I video or I get a glare in the shot.  I normally work on glass.  I LOVE THIS.  I highly recommend it.  When it needs cleaning, I spray it and scrap with a knife and it cleans perfectly and fast.  Love love love it.  My dad had the glass cut for my table.  Bless his heart. 🙂  I do like Tim’s craft sheets, too.

Q: I just discovered your blog – very nice! Thank you for doing it. I saw there that you did extra articles online at CK. I followed your instructions: "You can find new articles by going to creatingkeepsakes.com  But the links weren’t there. Which isn’t your fault, I don’t think – you’re supposed to be able to click on any issue (in the archives) and see the table of contents for that issue – but it doesn’t happen!  So I think the site is bonkers. 🙂 and clicking the "magazine" tab.  In the middle, it says "more articles."  The articles can be found there – Technique Corner."

A: Well, I think they are working on things over on CK’s site.  This month is a bit different – you can find my clear stamping article HERE.  Once things get worked out over there, I will link you to new articles. 🙂

OK… I think that is all I have in me tonight.  I need to get caught up on email.  I am hoping to work on finishing my scraproom tomorrow – it is killing me to have the mess!  If there is anything in particular that you wanted to see in the finished room, let me know.

Have a great night.  Be sure to come back tomorrow.  I am thinking it is getting to be time for another giveaway… 🙂

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18 thoughts on “A giveaway, a cool link, a layout and some Q&A’s…”

  1. I’m commenting ahead of time so I don’t miss the deadline for the giveaway. I don’t even know what you’re giving away, but I want it.

    Also, I was looking through your blog this morning with my two-and-a-half year old daughter and she said “Who is that little boy?” I said, “That’s Colin!” Then she said, “He’s cute. What’s he got there?” I said, “Legos,” and then she said, “I got Legos too!” When we watched the video where you put together your “garden buddy” page, she kept wondering if you had a head or a face. She just kept saying. “She’s got hands and she talks…” I think the fact that she couldn’t see your face threw her. Have a good night.


  2. Can’t wait until you share your scraproom with us!!

    …I’m a closet Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher myself 🙂 My husband just shakes his head and walks the other way!!

  3. I look forward to checking out your blog each day for more wonderful inspiration. Makes me wish I didn’t have to work full time so I could just play full time LOL.

  4. This is the 1st time I checked your blog out and I am addicted to watching your how-to videos. So cool how you can put a layout together so quickly and love your awesome techniques. I always read your articles in CK but never thought you did how-to’s on your blog. Now I’ll be checking out your blog daily. Don’t have a Cuttlebug but I love the embossed look! (maybe now I should get one, eh?)

  5. love how you made your 8×8 page into a 12×12 page … it looks totally planned! can’t wait to see your scraproom … i love seeing how others organize their stuff! and i’m realizing that i actually create better with a mess around me. the past few weekends i have really cleaned up and organized stuff … and then i feel so lost, like i don’t know where to start. i think having stuff all over the desk makes me create better! lol!

  6. Love the idea of how you transform 8×8 pages to 12×12. Never thought to do that! Thanks for the idea.

  7. Aaaaw thanks Jen for that tip to convert smaller LO’s to the 12×12. That’s going to help me a lot at my SU! Workshops when we can’t make the bigger size at the time. Cheers!

  8. Love the 8×8 on top of the 12×12, simple and easy to do.
    I remember, what seems like ages ago, when you had pictures on 2peas of your organization…do you still use cubes for your paper? How do you store all your stamps?
    What is the best way to store ink pads?
    How do you store your embellishments that are small and easy to drop? 🙂
    (can you tell I have issues with dropping embellishments? hee hee!)

  9. Thank you for sharing your ideas and projects, they truly give me inspiration (and tempt me to buy a lot of Hero Art stamps as well;))!
    I really would like to see how you store your stamps. I constantly change my stamp storage in seach for the ultimate way to store them, but I am never satisfied with the result. So it would be so nice to see how an expert on stamping like you store stamps!
    Thank you!

  10. great tip on converting an 8×8 to a 12×12…never would have guessed that was an 8×8 layout to begin with…awesome!!!

    can’t wait to see your newly reorganized room. 🙂

  11. I would have never guessed that was an 8×8 just “plopped” on there…looks like you designed it that way…love it! Have fun finishing up your scraproom! I’d love to see everything…heehee ;)…but especially where you store your magical creativity potion. Jars? 😉

  12. Oh yes, the Bachelorette – I said I wasn’t going to watch it this season, but I got hooked last night. Need something to watch this summer anyway —

    Love the layout!

  13. Wow! Fabulous Layout! You integrated it into the 12×12 page so seamlessly! And thank you for taking the time to answer so many Qs. 🙂

  14. I love your blog, especially the videos! Can you do a video of you WHOLE scraproom for us? I’d love to see it!!

  15. Thanks so much for answering my question, it realy means a lot. I have the stazon white so I must pull it out and use it more often. It’s one of those things that I love but forget I have (naughty me,lol)

  16. Well, I must say..the thing that made me smile today was finding this site. I can’t wait to LEARN all these great things, and of course I can see some $ spending in my future.

    Thanks AEF

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