The famous stamp cases…

Ah… the famous stamp cases.  πŸ™‚

I remember when I taught at my LSS, these were a must-have.  We all searched to find them – the perfect case for our little alphabet stamps. The answer?  Aummunition cases. And if you know me, placing an order with this company is a bit out-of-character for me.  But I had to have them.  πŸ˜‰


You can buy them HERE.  Something seems wrong on their website, so I can’t link you to the exact one.  But the big case (that holds 2 of the Hero Arts alphabet sets) is product number 4H-100W.

They also have a smaller case that holds one set, but you have to have a rubber band around it to hold it closed.  But it still works great!  I actually have 6 of these smaller ones that I don’t use anymore.  (I used to teach classes with these before I worked for Hero Arts… the cases were perfect for classes.)  Since Stacey Dahn and Michelle (who posted at 4:41) asked about it, I would be happy to send you both one of these that I don’t need… with the stamps included.  (Email me your addresses.)  And I will save the other 4 for a drawing next week.  Sound fun?

ETA: A few folks have asked were to get Gamsol.  I got it at my local store, Stamp Your Art Out.  They may be willing to ship – they are great about doing that – you can find them HERE.  Otherwise, looks like you can buy it HERE, too.  And for Tim’s Crackle Paint, you can get it HERE.  Hope that helps!

More later… πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “The famous stamp cases…”

  1. How sweet are you!!!
    I have a quick question for you Jennifer. What type of store would one find Gamsol? I looked at a big box craft store and found the paper stumps but no Gamsol… Do you buy yours from the online store you mentioned or a brick and mortar store. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I was just looking at the website you linked to thinking, “If they only knew that scrapbookers were shopping here…then I saw that they have a scrapbookers link at the top!” Crack me up!! This is the direct link:
    Those boxes are great…I have the Mimi alphabet stamp case, but it has 25 slots. Hello??
    Oh, and you’re so sweet to give those stamps away!!

  3. Hi Jennifer-
    I so LOVE your site….if anyone is looking for Gamsol in Central Maine you can go to the shop where I teach listed on my blog including phone number. We also got a Ranger order in yesterday with all kinds of goodies! Whoo Hooo gotta love new products!

  4. I remember those boxes! My brothers had a bunch (they make their own bullets) and I was trying to get them at one point. But, I never really stamped, so it wasn’t worth me fighting them for the cases. LOL! (oh – and just so nobody thinks my brother’s are nuts, they go target shooting at a range – they teach others gun safety)

  5. What size are those stamps or the slots that they fit in? I have two sets of Hero Arts Alphabets,but they may be smaller than the ones you show: LL399 Tiny Cabaret Letters and LL377 Tiny Carival Letters….the wood handle is 3/8 of an inch. I’d like to oder an ammunition case for them if you think it will work…thanks for your help!

  6. New to the blog…so cute. Wierd question..Just got my issue of Parent magazine(May 2008), is Collin featured on page 165? If not, check it out! The little one featured looks sooo much like your little guy.
    Thanks for all of your inspiring work.

  7. Jennifer~ I love your blog– so much info.
    I guess as far as ink pads– mine are mostly SU- dye and water based– I need to venture out of my box and do some of the others.. I do have a couple of Versamark.Have a wonderful day..

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